Keith Hunt - Ezekiel's Message To Us - Part 1 Restitution of All Things

Ezekiel's Message To Us - Part 1

                        FOR WHY WILL
                      YOU DIE, O HOUSE
                         OF ISRAEL?

Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one
according to his ways, says the Eternal God. Repent, and turn
yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be
your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby
you have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new
spirit.......For I have no pleasure in the death of him that
dies, says the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live.

                          Part One
      (all scripture quotations from the KJV, unless otherwise


                         Keith Hunt

     Will you listen to the voice of the Eternal, O you people of
the British Commonwealth,  United States of America, and nations
of North-Western Europe?  Will you open your ears to the word of
the Almighty?  He speaks to you with power and certainty through
the prophet Ezekiel, with end time, this time, the age of the
21st century predictions of what WILL befall your nations, unless
total humble repentance with a turning away from sin to 
ighteousness, is accomplished on a national scale.  
     You, as a collection of prominent nations of the world, with
the British Commonwealth and the United States of America
spear-heading this family of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon peoples, are
mentioned in the pages of Bible Prophecy MORE than any other
peoples on the face of this earth - believe it or not. And yes, I
know that most of you will not believe it, though it be told you.
     Listen, you nations!  You are THE PEOPLES AND DESCENDANTS OF
SPIRITUAL peoples of the ancient house of Israel.  Most of you
will laugh and scorn such an idea as that, most of your religious
leaders will vehemently deny that the nations of North-Western
Europe, the British Commonwealth, and the United States of
America, are the peoples of Old Testament Israel.  Yes, I know
this will be the case - utter denial by most in your nations.
     I do not come to you in this series of messages to try to
prove or to convince you that such a statement by myself is
correct.  I do simply come to you to TELL you quite
dogmatically, whether you believe it or not, that you are the
nations of the House of Israel, in the prophecies of Ezekiel and
others contained in the Old Testament(OT).  There is ample proof,
volumes of proof, that my statement is absolutely correct.  
     What I am about to begin to relate to you from the Eternal
God through the words that Ezekiel was inspired to write so long
ago, the words that God spoke many centuries ago, to be given to
THE SUN, if as nations you will not repent.  And if that will be
the case, if you will not as peoples turn and repent from all
your wickedness, then when these prophecies of the Lord do indeed
come upon you, then you will know you are the children of Israel,
and the Eternal did send His prophets to warn and to teach you,
just as the Lord had promised (Amos 3:7).

     The time is at hand, O house of Israel!  Will you not give
ear to the admonition and cry from the Lord God, to mend your
ways, and return unto Him with all your heart, mind, and soul, to
worship Him in spirit and in truth, to hunger and thirst after
righteousness? Will you choose to live and not to die? For the
Lord has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the
wicked should turn from their iniquity and sin, and LIVE!

     In the time past, God chose a man called Abram from the city
of Ur. He told him to pack his bags and head west, for a land
that He would promise him. Abram trusting, obeyed. God told him
that he would make him a GREAT nation. God then changed Abram's
name to Abraham, because he would be a father of many nations and
many kings would come from his descent. The Lord gave Abraham
perhaps the greatest test of all - to give up his son of promise.
Because he was willing to do so, God promises with an oath - "by
myself have I sworn, says the Lord" - that Abraham's seed would
be as the stars of heaven,  posses the gates of their enemies,
and in his seed all nations would be blessed.
     Isaac, was the son of promise, that was born unto Abraham.
He had two sons, namely Esau and Jacob.  Esau was the firstborn
and to him should have gone the birthright of physical bounty and
greatness, but for a bowl of pottage he sold it to Jacob. Isaac
passed on this birthright officially to Jacob with blessing of
the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth, plenty of corn
and wine, with nations bowing down to his offspring, even the
nations of his mother's sons - his own brothers.
     Jacob was also tested by the Lord. He wrestled with the Lord
all night and did prevail boldly, so much so that God changed his
name from Jacob to Israel, meaning a prince of God, for it was
stated that "as a prince hast you power with God, and with men,
and hast prevailed."  Later, God appeared to Jacob or Israel
again, and promised him that of his seed would come a nation and
a company of nations!  
     Israel had 12 sons, one being called Joseph. He was a
favorite of his father's. Joseph's brothers being envious sold
him to the Egyptians. After much trials and tests Joseph rose to
become second in command over Egypt under the Pharaoh. Famine in
the land of his father eventually brought Joseph's brothers and
his father to Egypt where they were all united again in family
love.  There they were given the land of Goshen, where they
greatly multiplied and found favor in the eyes of the Pharaoh.
Before, just before, the death of Jacob, Joseph visited him
bringing with him his two sons that were born unto him in the
land of Egypt, Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob knew this was God's
doing and placed his name upon them as his own two sons, and
placing his hands on them blessed them. The birthright promise
was given to Joseph while the sceptre promise was Judah's(1
Chron.5:2). Joseph and his seed through Ephraim and Manesseh
would become as a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches would
run all over the wall. They above all other peoples on the face
of the earth would inherit the blessings of heaven above,
blessings of the deep, blessings of the breast and of the womb.
They would be mighty in battle strength though many would strive
against them.  When another Pharaoh was king who did not know the
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the peoples of Israel were made
bond slaves, and worked in servitude under harsh task masters. 
They cried unto the Lord for deliverance and He did hear their
cry, sending a man called Moses to lead them out of the bondage
of Egypt to the land of promise.  Even then as today, the peoples
of Israel showed wickedness in rebelling against the word of the
Lord, even when He suffered long with them. Time and time again
they disobeyed His voice, turned their ears away from the words
of God's servant Moses as he led them for 40 years in the
wilderness. Before Moses died he blessed and prophesied about the
tribes of Israel, again the physical blessings of the heaven, the
earth, and the sea, were promised to Joseph through his two sons,
Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob had done the same before his death.
Promises and blessings to fall upon the tribes of Israel in the
last days.
     When all that faithless and evil generation had died in the
desert, God led Israel into the promised land by faithful Joshua.
Under his leadership they served the true God.  Yet, it was not
long after the death of Joshua that the peoples of Israel turned
away from serving the Eternal God with all their heart and soul,
and went whoring after other gods and other nations round about,
doing wickedness in the sight of the Lord.  Often, God would
correct and punish them by being conquered by the nations around.
Then they would again repent and cry out for mercy, and the Lord
would deliver them from their enemies. They would for a while
serve and obey the Almighty, but in the process of time they
would forget the true God and once more return unto practicing
falsehood and carnality. 
     In time the peoples of Israel wanted a king to rule them as
the other nations around. Their leader Samuel, God's faithful
priest and prophet was displeased, as was the Lord Himself, yet
the desire of their carnal hearts was granted.  God chose Saul, a
tall handsome man of valor, to be the first king of Israel. At
the beginning he walked with God, but soon departed from the ways
of the Lord and was rejected as king, the Lord choosing a young
man whose heart was after the heart of God. David was his name.
Under David, Israel continued to serve the Eternal in truth and
righteousness.  Solomon, the son of David, took the throne and
continued for most of his life to follow in the foot-steps of his
father. But he multiplied many wives from foreign nations who did
not know the true God of Israel, and it is written they turned
his heart away from serving the Lord in truth and spirit. He also
burdened the people with heavy taxation.
     Upon the death of Solomon, his son Rehoboam was to take the
throne. The elders of Israel told him if he would lift the
taxation burden his father had imposed upon them, then they would
serve him, but he listened instead to the young men, and rejected
the wisdom of the elders, to which 10 of the 12 tribes revolted
against Rehoboam, setting up their own kingdom and throne in
Samaria, under the leadership of Jeroboam. 
     Up to this time the 13 tribes(the tribe of Joseph now being
two tribes - namely, Ephraim and Manesseh) were known as "Israel"
or "House of Israel."  Now from the reign of Rehoboam, it was the
10 Northern tribes that would be known as Israel or the House
of Israel, the Kingdom of Israel,  and the 3 Southern tribes
would be known as the Kingdom of Judah or House of Judah.  They
would both have their own land, their own dynasty of kings, their
own laws, their own national capital cities, their own religious
worship, with their own priesthoods, and temple service.  It is
written this separation and division was allowed and was from the
Lord, to fulfil His worldwide plan of the ages to the time of the
end. Many prophets from the Lord were sent to both these
kingdoms, to correct and to teach them the true ways of the
Almighty, if they would but listen and heed.
     Immediately, upon the departure of the northern 10 tribes to
form their own kingdom under Jeroboam, this man established a
false counter-part temple priesthood worship practice, with two
calves of gold, one in Bethel and the other in Dan, an imitation
feast of Tabernacles in the eighth month instead of the seventh
as commanded by the Eternal God. He caused Israel to sin a great
sin in the eyes of the Lord.
     The books of Kings and Chronicles contain the histories of
these two kingdoms, their ups and their downs, their righteous
kings and their evil kings, the times they served the Lord in
truth and holiness, and the times they departed from the Lord
into wickedness and sin.  
     The times of wickedness and great evil for Israel or the 10
tribe House of Israel, grew more and more frequent. The patience
and the mercy of the Lord finally came to its end. Mighty
prophets such as Isaiah, Amos, Hosea, were sent to warn the
northern kingdom of Israel, that unless true humble repentance
was forthcoming, then Israel would be conquered, taken captive,
and deported as slaves to the land of their enemy - the
mighty and great Assyrian nation.    With a stiff neck and
rebellious heart, the people of Israel refused to repent and
depart from their wicked ways. So God, as promised sent the
Assyrian empire and armies to enslave them. From about 745 B.C.
to 718 B.C. Israel, the 10 northern tribes, and many from the
house of Judah to the south, were deported as captives to
Assyria. As foretold by Hosea, the house of Israel started to
abide many days without a king, without a prince, and without a
sacrifice. And as Amos was inspired to forecast, the nation of
Israel was to be sifted among and through all nations, as corn is
sifted through a sieve, yet not one grain was to fall upon the
earth. God was still going to be merciful, He was working out His
plan with the children of Israel to the end time, when they would
inherit the great physical blessing of the earth, and when
Ephraim and Manasseh would become the nation and company of
nations as promised to Jacob and Joseph.
     The house of Israel together with much of Judah, left the
land of Assyria, and began their centuries long wandering through
Asia Minor, south-west Russia, the Black and Caspian sea area,
through Europe and on west to eventually settle in Northwest
Europe and the British Isles. The became known as Celts(Kelts),
Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Gauls, Normans, and other names.  The
peoples of Manesseh, leaving Europe and Britain to form the
mighty United States of America, while the Ephraimites settled
England and came to world greatness through the British
Commonwealth of nations and all the other lands upon which at one
time the sun never set.

     Yes, whether you will believe it or not, I tell you with
dogmatic assurance, you peoples of the lands of Northwest Europe,
the British Commonwealth, and the United States of America, are
the very literal descendants of the Old Testament House of
Israel. And the Lord has MUCH to say to you through the prophetic
books of the Bible. The message of the book of EZEKIEL is
especially for you peoples of the above nations.

     The House of Judah was not all carried away with the
captivity and deporting of the House of Israel. Jerusalem
survived the Assyrian onslaught. It was not until about 120
years later that Judah became so wicked and rebellious towards
God that He sent them into a 70 year captivity to the
Babylonians.  Their deportation started about 604 B.C. and
lasted till about 586 B.C.  During that time, Ezekiel, at the age
of 25, was taken captive and in the environs of Babylon, by the
river Chebar He was chosen by the Lord to be a prophet to many
nations, in particular to the nations of the House of Israel. 
Now, remember, the peoples of the Northern Kingdom of Israel had
ALREADY gone into captivity about 120 to 150 years EARLIER!  They
were no longer in the land of Samaria. They never as a majority,
returned, only a few individuals and a few families of Israel
ever came back to live with the peoples of the house of Judah.
Some were, by the time Ezekiel was writing, starting to leave the
land of Assyria and heading west into Europe. They became known
as Celts in history.
     Ezekiel, as we shall see, never got to the nations he was
told to prophetically warn and call to repentance.  His message
to the House of Israel never reached them. It was not intended to
reach them at that time, for it was for a time way beyond the
days of Ezekiel. It was a warning, a teaching, a call to repent,
and what would happen if the nations of Israel did not repent, at
the time of the end, shortly before the coming of the Messiah in
glory to establish the government and Kingdom of God of this
earth for a thousand years.

     People of America,  people of the British Commonwealth,
people of the lands of Northwest Europe, the message of Ezekiel,
     Through the words of Ezekiel, the Almighty God tells you of
your sins, your wickedness, your wayward ways in departing from
the laws, commandments, statues, and judgments of the Eternal,
into false doctrine of false religions, perverseness, evil, sin,
and utter depravity of rebelliousness and the way that seems
right unto men, but which ways end in death.
     The Lord says through Ezekiel, He is not pleased with the
death of the wicked, but that the wicked should REPENT and turn
from their sins and LIVE!  The Lord DOES NOT want you to DIE, O
house of Israel. He does not want to have to bring these
predictions of Ezekiel to fruition upon you, BUT THEY WILL SURELY

     LISTEN CLOSELY, O peoples of the nations of Israel.  Mark
the words you hear well, for if God must bring them to pass, you
will know He sent His servants to warn you beforehand, and you
will KNOW you are the people of Israel indeed, you will know you
are not Gentiles at all, as you have been led to believe by your
false priests and ministers who come to you in the name of the
Lord, but are in truth wolves in sheeps clothing, and ministers
of Baal.
     Listen now closely as I begin to expound to you the message
of the Lord from the words of the prophet Ezekiel, for in them
contains DEATH on the one hand and LIFE on the other hand.  Maybe
the nations of Israel as a whole will not repent and so save
themselves from the punishment and destruction God will send upon
them, but you my friend, can personally find protection and LIFE.
I pray you will!


Chapter one - the setting:

     Ezekiel is a captive by the river of Chebar. He is 25 years
old. The year is about 597 B.C.  The word of the Lord comes unto
Ezekiel the priest.  He is given a vision of  four living
creatures and four wheels.  There is a firmament above the heads
of the living creatures, and upon the firmament is a throne. 
Upon the throne is the appearance of a man.  The likeness of the
man is expressly and specifically said to be the "glory of the
     This throne is a travelling throne, different from the
throne room in the Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem.
     God begins to talk to Ezekiel, starting in chapter two.


"And He said to me, Son of man, I send you to the children of
Israel....." (verse 3-7).


     Israel had gone into captivity and had been deported to
Assyria one-hundred-and- twenty to one-hundred-and-fifty years
earlier. Ezekiel was a captive of Judah near Babylon. It would
have been impossible for him to literally have gone where the
peoples of the once northern kingdom of Israel were now beginning
to spread out and wander through the nations. 
     God tells him that He is sending him to a stiff-hearted and
REBELLIOUS people. He is not to be afraid of them, although they
be as thorns and scorpions. He is to speak the words of the Lord
to them, whether they will listen or not. Ezekiel is given a
vision of a roll of a book, written on both sides. Symbolically
he is to eat this book. It contains lamentations, mournings, and
     Most in the nations of Israel today will not listen to this
Ezekiel message. Most will say it is not a prophecy towards much
of Europe, the United States, and the British Commonwealth.  Such
denial of the modern identity of the house of Israel, will result
in the very predictions against these peoples, coming to pass. 
As before stated, when these dire events do come upon you who
live in the lands of Israel, then you will surely know you have
been most rebellious, and you will know that the true people and
servants of the Lord within the "Church of God" did WARN you
beforehand.  You will know who were the genuine children of God. 
And you will know or start to know, who the one and only true God
is, and that you are literally the children of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob.

"And He said to me, Son of man, go, get you to the house of
Israel, and speak my words unto them. For you are not sent to a
people of a strange speech and of a hard language, but to the
house of Israel......but the house of Israel will NOT HARKEN unto
you, for they WILL NOT HARKEN unto ME: for all the house of
Israel are impudent and hardhearted. Behold, I have made your
face STRONG against their faces, and your forehead strong against
their forehead......fear them not, neither be dismayed at their
looks, though they be a REBELLIOUS house"(chapter 3:4-9).


     It is clear, Ezekiel was sent with a message to the HOUSE OF
ISRAEL,  which were away in captivity far from where he was a
captive near Babylon.  They were already moving up to the Black
and Caspian sea areas. The house of Israel and the house of
Judah were STILL at this time TWO SEPARATE kingdoms and peoples.
Ezekiel was a Jew. A good portion of the house of Judah were in
captivity from the invasion by the Babylonians, but the city of
Jerusalem had not yet fallen. God was sending Ezekiel to warn and
preach to the HOUSE OF ISRAEL!  
     He was told by the Lord that the peoples of the house of
Israel, you people of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-Danish-Viking-Jute
ancestry, ARE HARDHEARTED, stiff-necked, and an impudent people
WHO WILL NOT LISTEN to the Eternal, so you will not listen to
Ezekiel. Yet, he was told that God had made his face and forehead
STRONG to withstand your rebelliousness.
     God told Ezekiel to go to them of the captivity, to speak to
them, whether they would hear or whether they would not
hear(verse 11).  Ezekiel could NOT physically go to the house of
Israel, for he was a captive in a prison camp by the river of
Chebar.  So in the spirit of a vision, the living creatures and
the wheels, together with the Spirit of the Lord, lifted him away
to where others were captive at Telabib, on the banks of the
river Chebar. There he remained astonished among them for seven
days (verses 12-15).
     After seven days the word of the Lord again came to him,

" Son of man, I have made you a WATCHMAN unto the house of
Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and GIVE THEM
WARNING FROM ME......"(verse 17).


     You nations of Northwest Europe, the British Commonwealth,
and the United States of America. This message is not from some
human man, with human ideas, that may or may not come to pass. 
The words you are about to read and to hear are FROM THE
ALMIGHTY, ETERNAL GOD of this Universe, the one who created ALL
THINGS by and through Jesus Christ.  He is the author of the
words, not me, not Ezekiel, and He is ABLE TO BRING TO PASS WHAT
     Those to whom God tells them to proclaim the message of
Ezekiel MUST DO SO or the blood of the people will be required at
their hands if they do not. The wicked will die in their
wickedness, but if the watchman has not WARNED them, the blood of
the wicked will be upon them. But, if the wicked have been
warned, the watchman will save his own soul, though the wicked
will die(verses 18,19).
     Sometimes God will TEST even the righteous man, putting or
allowing a snare to be placed before him, and if he turn away
from his righteousness he will die in his sin. If the watchman
has not warned him then his blood will be required at the
watchman's hand. If the watchman has warned him and the righteous
man does not sin, he shall live. The watchman will also deliver
his own soul from death(verses 20-21).

     Was Ezekiel to literally go out from the prison camp by the
river of Chebar and walk, run, ride off to the peoples of the
house of Israel, far far away from there in the land of Assyria
and beyond, to give them the words of the Lord?  Was he to
literally, personally himself, to go out preaching among the
children of the ten tribe house of Israel, that at least 120
years earlier had been removed from their land of Samaria by the
Assyrians, and were now moving North and West? 
     The word of the Lord gives us the answer.

" Then the spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet, and
spoke with me, and said unto me, Go, SHUT YOURSELF WITHIN YOUR
HOUSE. But you, O son of man, behold, they shall PUT BANDS UPON
MOUTH, that you shall BE DUMB, and shall NOT be to them a
REPROVER: for they are a rebellious house. But WHEN I SPEAK WITH
YOU, I WILL OPEN YOUR MOUTH, and you shall says unto them, Thus
says the Eternal God; He that hears, let him hear; and he that
forbears, let him forbear: for they are a rebellious
house"(verses 24-27).


     Now, does all this sound a little confusing?  God calls
Ezekiel to be a messenger, a watchman to the house of Israel.
Gives him a message and tells him if he does not go and preach it
to those who will die if they do not repent, the blood of their
lives He will require at the watchman's hands.  The Lord tells
Ezekiel he must warn them of their wickedness. Then He tells
Ezekiel He will SHUT HIS MOUTH, BIND HIM UP and he will not go
out among them. He tells him that he will be DUMB and not a
reprover.  But also goes on to say that WHEN HE speaks to Ezekiel
then he will open his mouth and speak to them the words of the
prophetic message.
     Ummm, what on earth can it all mean?  Just this, and I will
prove it to you in the following parts to this series.  Ezekiel
was chosen to be a watchman to the house of Israel, house of
Judah, and some other nations.  He was given a prophetic message
for those nations. He ALSO WAS TO  WRITE it down, to PRESERVE it! 
He was NOT allowed to go himself, personally and bodily, to those
nations. He was to remain a captive by the river of Chebar.  In
that sense his mouth was shut. He was not to be like the other
prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Hosea, who did
personally preach among the peoples of Israel and Judah. He was
to be "dumb" in that sense.  His message to the nations he was to
warn WAS NOT FOR HIS DAY!  It was for a time FAR BEYOND the
time and age of Ezekiel.  He was to be somewhat like much of
Daniel's prophetic messages,  closed and sealed up till the time
of the end.  Daniel would sleep in death, rest in the grave, and
his messages would rest with him UNTIL the time of the end, when
people would run to and fro and knowledge would be increased. 
Then Daniel's messages would be understood and
     So it was to be for Ezekiel.  His warning messages to Israel
and other nations, were for the time of the end, the time just
before the coming of the Messiah in glory and power to rule all
nations on the face of the earth.  Ezekiel was to remain dumb,
his mouth shut, UNTIL THE LORD SPOKE and then the messages that
Ezekiel had written down WOULD BE PROCLAIMED LOUD AND STRONG.  
     The time for those warning cries to go to Israel, Judah, and
some other nations, concerning punishments, mercy, restoration,
and the age of the Kingdom of God on earth through the return of
the Messiah to earth, came in this 20th century, and will
continue to be shouted to them as we head into the 21st century.
Part of that very fulfilment is being done right now as you read
these words, and whenever others distribute these words and this
series of articles, or themselves proclaim this same truth as you
will hear be reading.

     LISTEN CLOSELY, O you people of the modern house of Israel. 
God is sending you His servants who are faithfully telling you
His word of promise.  What he told Ezekiel to write down so many
centuries ago, is now being proclaimed to you.  The Lord has
promised He will not do anything but first He reveals it to His
servants the prophets, who do understand His prophetic word and
the messages contained in books of the Bible such as in the book
of Ezekiel.

     What you shall hear in this series of articles WILL COME
says you are a most rebellious people, an impudent hardhearted
people. He says your lands are filled with wickedness and that
you will die in your sins if you will not turn from your
wickedness and live.  He will show you through the words of
Ezekiel that your prophets and priests are profane, leading those
of you who are "religious" into the way of falsehood, sin,
deception, and Baal worship. The Eternal will show you through
the writing of Ezekiel, that your secular leaders of your nations
are MAD and without the knowledge of the true God and His true
ways that lead to health and life.  The Lord will get quite
specific at times, naming specific sins.  He will get specific at
telling you exactly HOW He will punish you, even to percentage of
numbers who will die from specific things He will bring upon you. 
He will tell you some of your past history,  some of your future
history, how He will bring you to real deep repentance, the mercy
some of you shall find, and the gathering together He will
perform on you, so you will never again depart from His holy,
righteous, honorable, and perfect laws and commandments.
     There is GOOD NEWS for you, but as it seems to be so many
times, the good news must come AFTER the bad news.  It would seem
that you as nations will not repent, so therefore the bad news
will come to pass as God foretells in the early chapters of the
book of Ezekiel.
     May you as an individual reading this, seek for the Lord
with all your heart, soul, and mind. May you acknowledge the
truth, hunger and thirst after righteousness, fall upon your
knees and cry out to the Eternal for grace and mercy, to be
forgiven your sins through the death and blood of Christ Jesus,
and walk in a personal relationship with both the Father and the
Son.  In so doing God says through Ezekiel, He will mark you with
His Spirit so you may escape the destruction that will surely
come upon the modern nations of the house of Israel.

     It is written:  Let him that has an ear to hear with, HEAR
what the word of the Lord does say.  The time has come for YOU to
HEAR and to HEED!!


" You also, son of man, take you a tile, and lay it before you,
and portray upon it the city, even Jerusalem: And lay siege
against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against
it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against
it round about.
     Moreover take thou unto you an iron pan, and set it for a
wall of iron between you and the city: and set your face against
it, and it shall be besieged, and you shall lay siege against it. 
said unto me, Son of man, behold, I will break the staff of
bread in Jerusalem: and they shall eat bread by weight, and with
care; and they shall drink water by measure, and with
astonishment. That they may want bread and water, and be astonied
one with another, and consume away for their iniquity"(chapter
4:1-3, 16,17).


     Did you find from the above this most important key to
unlock the book of Ezekiel to your understanding?  Most of Judah
were already in captivity to the Empire of Babylon.  Basically
only the city of Jerusalem was still to be captured and destroyed
by the armies of Babylon(this would take place around the year
586 B.C.).  Ezekiel was a captive by the river of Chebar.  He was
going to be taken IN VISION, through the Spirit, many times to
Jerusalem and even the Temple in Jerusalem. There he would be
shown many of the abominations, sins, and wickedness taking place
in the city and in the Temple within the city.  Jerusalem was to
fall to the armies of Babylon in a most horrific and painful
manner, partly given in the verses quoted above.

     The key is: All that was to happen to the city and
inhabitants of Jerusalem WAS A TYPE OF WHAT WAS TO BEFALL AND


     Notice verse 13.  The words are FUTURE TENSE!!  It concerns
the "children of Israel"  who had  ALREADY gone into captivity
some 120-150 years earlier.  Now, with Jerusalem as a type, God
says the children of Israel will eat their defiled bread among
the Gentiles, "WHITHER I WILL(future tense) DRIVE THEM."

     DOZENS of prophecies in the prophetic books declare this
same truth.  The house of Israel and also the house of Judah are,
if as nations they do not repent, going to be destroyed by their
enemies, taken as captives to foreign lands, in a time called
"Jacob's trouble" by Jeremiah. A time approximately three and one
half years before the return of Christ Jesus to this earth. These
many prophecies show that when Jesus comes in glory, the children
of Israel and Judah are in a state of captivity and slavery, that
Christ DELIVERS them out of, and restores them as one people(what
is left of them, which will be one tenth of their present
populations) to the promised land of Palestine. There they
will serve God with a new heart and a new spirit, to finally be
the light of the world that God originally wanted them to be.

     Israel had already suffered, had already been conquered, had
already been deported out of Samaria into the lands of the
Gentiles, over a HUNDRED YEARS previously to Ezekiel writing
these words.  And God tells him that the children of Israel
WILL BE DRIVEN away among the Gentiles.  This is part of the
prophetic message the Eternal tells Ezekiel to tell the house of
Israel.  That a time is YET TO COME when they will eat their
defiled bread among the Gentiles, a time when God WILL - "whither
I WILL drive them."

     Yes, you peoples of the British Commonwealth, North-western
Europe, and the United States, the fall of the ancient city of
Jerusalem, its captivity, and its destruction, the pain, the
suffering, the death, and the captivity of its people, is a type
and an example, as to what is to befall YOUR NATIONS in the time
beyond us, in the 21st century.

     You as peoples, have turned away your hearts and minds from
the word and ways of the Holy One of Israel.  You have multiplied
wickedness and sin in your homes, your schools, your
Universities, your work places, your religious temples, and in
your leisure practices.  As you increased in population and in
material wealth, so you forgot God and increased your whoredom,
unrighteousness, lewdness, vanity, jealousy, lust and greed.
     Even your religious leaders have led you into sin, saying
the grace by which you are saved abolishes the law and
commandments of the Almighty God.  They have turned the grace of
God into a license to sin and to practice those things that are
an abomination to the Holy One.  Your religious leaders have put
no difference between that which is holy and that which is
un-holy. They call black, white, and call white, black. Or they
turn everything into the shade of gray.
     The turning of things upside-down, and not right-side-up,
means there is no real knowledge of the Lord in the lands, and
because you have rejected true knowledge then the Eternal is
going to reject you.  God is no respecter of persons, and what everyone
sows that they will reap.  Even if you do not want to believe you
are the literal people of the house of Israel, still you will
face punishment and destruction as nations of peoples, because
all people who have entered upon the pathway of grave and
plenteous sins, have crumbled from within and finally from
without.  You only have to look at the mighty iron Empire of
Rome, or more recently the falling apart of the "God rejecting"
empire of Russia.
     The hand-writing is clearly on the wall. Soon it will be
time to meet your maker, O nations of the house of Israel.

     Starting in chapter five of Ezekiel, the Lord God begins to
get very specific as to the punishment to come upon you O Israel,
even to the percentage of you that will live(and live what kind
of life) and die.


To be continued


Written October 1997

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