Keith Hunt - FOR WOMEN ONLY Restitution of All Things


     Among all the talk about this "silent women" issue, I would
like to address just the ladies and try to put this topic in
proper perspective. What, when it comes down to the bottom line
is the TIME length of the issue, as found in the discussion
concerning 1 Cor.14:34 and 1 Tim.2:11,12?
     Paul wrote the letters to Timothy mainly, "that you may know
how you aught to behave yourself in the house of God, which is
the CHURCH OF GOD...."(1 Tim.3:15).
Much instruction on how he should teach, direct and guide in his
ministry within the context of the church. 1 Cor.14 is even more
specific within its context of the church.
Note verses 4,5,15-17,19. Note carefully verse 23-25. See verse
26,28. What could be clearer? Surely a young child can see it.
The CONTEXT is "the whole church come together into one
place.....and there come in one that believes not....when you
come together....if there be no interpreter, let him keep silent
in the church...."  The context is an official PUBLIC CHURCH
     Now ask yourselves: How many HOURS A WEEK is that taking up?
Maybe ONE, maybe TWO, maybe a little more if there are two
Sabbath days in the week(one an annual Sabbath). But on the
AVERAGE, round figures we shall say TWO HOURS. How many hours are
there in the week? Simple arithmetic - 24 x 7 = 168. Two hours
from 168 = 166.  Two hours is just about NOTHING when compared to
166 hours.
     I want you to FORGET about the two hours. I'm not entering
that realm and debate. I want you to FOCUS on the 166 hours.
Let's put things in true perspective ladies.
     Are you women just as much a child of God as I am? Answer as
clear as the sun in a cloudless day, Gal.3:26-29; 2 Cor.6:17,18;
Rom.8:14,16,17. All are to live by every word of God. All will
stand before the judgment seat of Christ. God says He is no
respecter of persons. All will be rewarded according to our
works. When it comes to SALVATION and REWARDS both men and women
stand on EQUAL ground.
     Are the gifts of the Spirit ONLY for MEN?  Oh, not at all!! 
Look at 1 Cor.12. Verse one Paul was writing to the BRETHREN, not
just the males. Verse seven from the Greek reads: "But to EACH is
given the manifestation of the Spirit for PROFIT." And verse
11,"But all these things operates the one and the same Spirit,
dividing separately to EACH according as he wills" (from the
Greek by Berry's Interlinear).
     So putting aside a small little average of two hours a
week(just forget about the debate on that small crumb of time and
focus on the BIG picture), there are 166 HOURS for you to BE USED
that IMPORTANT!  I call that BIG TIME USE for the Lord and His
                       JERUSALEM EXAMPLE

     Turn to Acts chapter 8. A persecution arose against the
"church" at Jerusalem, not the men, but the church. All were
scattered abroad except the apostles. All means all, not just the
men, but ALL! Now notice verse FOUR. "Therefore they that were
scattered abroad went every where PREACHING THE WORD."
     There it is, read it again. Simple to understand. Men(single
and married), Women(single and married), Widowers and Widows,
male and female teens. They were all scattered and they all went
out teaching and preaching the word to others where they went.
This was NOT the context of a 1 Cor.14. This was PERSONAL
evangelism! And how may it have been done? Perhaps some ladies
stopped to talk about Jesus to the merchants along the roads.
Perhaps some ladies talked about the Kingdom to Inn keepers and
their families. Maybe they went to the markets and spread the
word of Christ there to all who would listen. Then they may have
talked about the Lord after the Synagogue services to those
attending. They may have spread the word through the local PTA
club(if they had any back then). Maybe they stood on the street
corners and asked people if they wanted to hear some "really good
news, the best you've ever heard." 
Well you let your imagination run wild for a moment as to how
they ALL spread the word.

                        NOW FOR TODAY

     At least on the average, 166 HOURS (well I know you have to
sleep, if you are like us men, but you get the point) to be used
by the Lord to do His work with the abilities and gifts He has
given you. And for some of you who do not have to work OUTSIDE
the home, that can be quite a bit more than a lot of men are
given or have at their disposal.
Maybe you may want to stand on the corner with literature to hand
out and talk to people about the faith, who may stop(men, women,
teens etc.). Maybe you want to start a neighbourhood Bible
study(with men and women attending) where YOU are the leader
and chair person. Perhaps you prefer to write articles for the
religious page of your local newspaper on Biblical topics. Then
there maybe a religious magazine you may want to write articles
for to teach others the way of the Lord. Perhaps there is some
MAN that could be used mightily of Lord but he needs a little
more instructions in "the way of the God more perfectly"(see Acts
18:24-26), and you can help him find that more perfect way.

     Getting the picture?  I think so!  None of the above are in
a 1 Cor.14 context. 

     Let's suppose you are teaching a class of men and women in a
community college during the evening hours. It does not matter
what the class is, but many are of a spiritual minded attitude.
They know a little about your "different" religion. One evening
for whatever the reason a conversation comes up about religion.
Most want you to tell them about your faith, the others are
willing also to let you speak. Would you? Oh, I HOPE SO! This is
not a 1 Cor.14 context, no need to hold back!  Go for it, ask God
to INSPIRE you, preach forth the oracles of God loud and clear.
Maybe someone will say, "Almost you persuade me to be a
Christian." Perhaps with some personal Bible studies they
will(either men or women).
     Say I am invited to conduct lectures at a Bible college on
"The laws of the first five books."  I have done it  many times
and my wife has been through it all again and again.
She has good notes, knows the course as well as I do. Likes to
attend just to meet others who want to talk about the Bible. One
day she is there with everyone else and I am still to arrive. But
I have a flat tire. I call to tell her I will be late. Now she
knows the course as well as I do. The class must keep on
schedule. There are men and women in the class. I would NOT
hesitate to ask her to take my place and start the class  until I
arrive. No hesitation at all!  This is NOT a 1 Cor. 14 context.
     Writing articles for a religious magazine is personal
evangelism, not a 1 Cor. 14 context. Arranging a neighbourhood
Bible study(with men and women) is NOT a 1 Cor.14 context.
Teaching and instructing over the Internet and through E-mail
clubs is NOT a 1 Cor.14 context. Teaching a religious class in
some college to men as well as women is NOT a 1 Cor.14 context.
Whatever the truth of the matter is concerning 1 Cor.14 and 1
Tim 2 under debate, the above are NOT the context Paul was in.
     Let's get things in true perspective, a few little, petite,
itsy-bitsy hours in the week, is like NOTHING to the rest of the
week in which you can be used in so many ways to do the work of
the Lord.

     Paul deeply appreciated the ladies that did so much in the
work of the Lord, even calling Priscilla "my helper"(Greek means,
fellow-worker or co-worker), Rom.16:3.  Then look at wonderful
Phebe(name means, pure or radiant as the moon), she was a servant
of the church at Cenchrea. Exactly the service she rendered is
not given in detail. But her work was so highly thought of by
Paul that he stated to the Christians at Rome, "That you receive
her in the Lord, as becomes saints, AND that you ASSIST HER in
WHATSOEVER BUSINESS she has NEED OF YOU....."(Rom.16:1-2).

     We also need to get the true perspective about Paul and
women. It was the SAME perspective as that which the Lord Himself
had when walking this earth. A perspective of TRUTH, and

     Now, why worry or fret(I sure hope you do not) over a few
     Go to it ladies, the world is just waiting for you to turn
it upside down and right way up. Thank you for your help,
teaching, inspiration and patience towards us men.

Your brother in Christ,

Keith Hunt  

Written in Oct. 1996
Keith Hunt

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