Keith Hunt - The Experience Of Real Repentance Part Two Restitution of All Things

The Experience Of Real Repentance Part Two

                   EXAMPLES OF REPENTANCE

Genesis 50:15-21

     1) Had the brothers of Joseph done evil?
     2) Did they ask to be forgiven?
     3) What was Joseph's reaction?
     4) How did his brothers respond?
     5) Was Joseph willing to forgive and help them?

Note.   We could liked Joseph to God the Father and Joseph's
brothers to repentant  individuals. As the brothers CONFESSED
their sins and asked forgiveness so should every repentant person
do the same before God. As they humbled themselves before the
feet of Joseph, we should also HUMBLE ourselves before God the
     The brothers told Joseph they would be his servants. So
likewise are we to be SERVANTS of God.
     Joseph WEPT when he saw their humble repentant attitude.
Tears of joy must fill the eyes of our heavenly Father when one
sinner repents. As Joseph went on to NOURISH and COMFORT his
brothers, so God the Father will nourish and comfort His
begotten children.

2 Chron.12:1-12

     1) Did King Rehoboam and Israel FORSAKE God's way?
     2) What then happened (verses 2-5)?
     3) Did the King and leaders of Israel then HUMBLE            
     4) What did God say He would do?
     5) Was God MERCIFUL to the King and Judah?

Note.   Some TURN AWAY from the Eternal and His Holy law, but the
Lord is always there ready to FORGIVE and show MERCY whenever
those individuals HUMBLE themselves and REPENT!

2 Kings 22, 23

     1) Was Josiah very YOUNG when he began to reign in           
     2) What is said of him (verse 2)?
     3) Was Josiah still YOUNG when they found the book of the    
        law in the Temple?
     4) What did Josiah DO when he heard the words of the LAW?
     5) What did the King SAY about the words of God?
     6) What did the prophetess Hudah say would happen for NOT    
        doing God's will?
     7) What this punishment to take place in the lifetime of     
        Josiah?  WHY not?
     8) Did Josiah exhibit signs of real REPENTANCE?

Note.   Josiah's repentance was GENUINE as can be seen by what he
DID. The FRUITS he bore, as shown in chapter 23.  He gathered the
people together, both small and great, priest and prophet, and
read to them God's way.  He RE-NEWED the COVENANT of God - to
walk after and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS (verse 1-3).
     Josiah was instrumental in bringing the people back to the
worship of the true God.  He destroyed every sign of False
idolatry worship (verses 4-20).  He RE-instituted the PASSOVER
(verses 21-23).
     Josiah was a TYPE of what all people whom God calls should
do upon having their minds and hearts opened to His word and
truth.  His heart was TENDER - receptive to the Eternal's truth
and ways.  He did not argue with God's word, didn't justify his
own ideas and ways and thoughts.  He was CHILDLIKE.  Josiah
HUMBLED himself before God and FEARED His word (Isa.66:2).  He
even WEPT when he realized how he and Judah had sinned against
the Lord God.

     Josiah experienced true deep-felt REPENTANCE!

Nehemiah 8; and 9:1-5

     1) What did Ezra read to the people?
     2) When was this done (see also Lev.23:23-25)?
     3) What was the people's attitude?
     4) Were the people in a humble worshipful state of mind?
     5) As they understood the ways of God, did they willingly    
     6) What else did the people do (chap.9:1-5)?

Note.   The people of Judah had been many a year without a King. 
They had been in Babylonian captivity and had LOST MUCH, if not
all the teachings of God.  Here they were again in Jerusalem and
were being taught the words and ways of the Lord from the
LAW (first 5 books of the Old Testament).  They were in a
submissive HUMBLE REPENTANT attitude towards God.  They CONFESSED
their SINS, fasted and were willing to DO what the Eternal said
were HIS ways and commands.  

     An example for ALL those that God calls to salvation.

2 Samuel 11; and 12:1-15

     1) Did David commit adultery with another man's wife?
     2) What was the result of this affair (verse 5)?
     3) Did David try to COVER UP his sin (verses 6-13)?  Was he  
     4) Did David devise a plan whereby Uriah would be killed?    
        Did it succeed?
     5) What did Nathan the prophet tell David these activities   
        were (chap. 12:9)?
     6) Was David personally held responsible for killing Uriah?
     7) When David finally came to his senses and realized the    
        gravity of what he had done, what did he confess (verse   

Note.   Ancient King David is a chief example of one who
EXPERIENCED REAL REPENTANCE for his sins.  David's sincere
heartfelt repentant attitude endeared him to God. He is called in
Acts 13:22 a man after God's own heart.

     Psalm 51 shows David's utterly broken-up attitude of mind
concerning his sins. Be sure to read the entire Psalm, and as you
do, ask and answer these questions: Did David attempt to justify
these sins or to explain them away?  Did he freely confess them? 
Did he admit that he was guilty of many sins?  Did he thoroughly
abhor his sins?  What did he ask God to do for him?  Did he cry
out to the Lord to have mercy upon him?

     David was one of the few under the Old Covenant to whom God
gave the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit was not yet made
available (John 7:38-39) except in special circumstances to
certain people. David obeyed God and overcame by the power of the
Spirit, even though at times he did stumble and fall.  "For a
just (righteous) man falleth seven times, and riseth up
again......" (Prov.24:16).

     So David, a man after God's own heart, is soon, at Christ's
coming, to be resurrected and born into the very Family of God,
the Kingdom of God, as a son of the Eternal and as the King over
Israel (Jer.30:9;  Ezek.34).

     God looks to those who are of a MEEK and CONTRITE spirit -
those who TREMBLE before the word of the Lord.  God recognizes a
REPENTANT attitude of mind - a broken spirit, a HUMBLE person who
is seeking for FORGIVENESS and MERCY.  He will honor the attitude
of all who are willing to turn from works and deeds which His
word brands as SIN.

     True REPENTANCE requires a PERMANENT change of DIRECTION -
from the ways that seem right in man's eyes to the WAYS OF GOD as
revealed in His word.

     REAL REPENTANCE is something MUCH DEEPER and vastly more
profound that what is generally being taught today by the
churches and religious preachers.

     Godly REPENTANCE leads to ETERNAL LIFE!!

To be continued


First written in 1987. Re-written and revised in 1997.
				By Keith Hunt 

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