Keith Hunt - Passover Study #18 Restitution of All Things

                 JESUS DID NOT OBSERVE THE 

                          Part Two

     The second Scripture given by the House of Yahweh (as
presented to us by Kevin Richardson) is: 

MARK 14:14

     " And wheresoever he shall go in, say ye to the goodman of
the house, The Master saith, Where is the guest chamber where I
shall eat the Passover with my disciples?"

     Then we are told:

     " The literal word for word translation for this scripture
is:  '.....Says to you the Teacher: Where is the guest room in
which the Passover together the disciples of Me may eat?'   Or,
correctly translated:  ' And wherever he enters, say to the owner
of the house: The Teacher says, Where is the guest room in which
My disciples may eat the Passover together?'  "

     Once more the reader may want to look at this verse in
various translations, the more the better. Please remember to
read the CONTEXT - before and after.

     I presume the argument is that this verse does not
SPECIFICALLY say Jesus will PARTAKE WITH the disciples of the
Passover, hence He did not (according to the House of Yahweh)
partake of the Passover that night. Let them so argue and let
them so delude themselves. Other verses in the Gospels show Jesus
did partake with His disciples of the Passover that night. And
even if we go along with the idea that He did not, we can still
clearly see from the NT that Jesus DID PARTAKE of the NT Passover
symbols - the bread and cup. He introduced to them that NT
ordinance - established it - explained to them what the NT
Covenant symbols of the bread and fruit of the vine represented.
And further, this verse is as clear as a sunny day in the
Canadian Rockies, that it WAS the PASSOVER the disciples would
observe and partake of.


     " And on the first of the unleavened, when the Passover they
killed (this is all explained in another study of mine - Keith
Hunt), say to Him the disciples of Him, Where do you wish going
we may prepare that You eat the Passover? And He sends two of the
disciples of Him, and says to them, Go into the city, and will
meet you a man a pitcherof water carrying; follow him. And where
ever he enters, tell the housemaster, The Teacher says, Where is
the guestroom where the PASSOVER with the disciples of Me may
eat? And he you will show an upper room large, being spread
ready. There you PREPARE FOR US. And went forth the disciples of
Him, and came into the city, and found as He told them, and they
PREPARED THE PASSOVER " (Mark 14:12-16).


     " And on the first day of unleavened, when the Passover they
killed, (Fred Coulter also explains this fully in his book on the
Passover - Keith Hunt), say to him his disciples, Where desirest
thou going we should prepare that thou mayest eat the Passover? 
And he sends forth two of his disciples, and says to them, Go
into the city, and will meet you a man a pitcher of water
carrying; follow him; and wherever he may enter, say to the
master of the house, The teachers says, Where is the
guest-chamber where the PASSOVER with my disciples may eat? and
he you will show an upper room large, furnished ready. There
PREPARE FOR US. And went away his disciples, and came into
the city, and found as he had said to them, and they PREPARED THE
PASSOVER. And EVENING being come he comes with the twelve. And as
were reclining they and WERE EATING  said Jesus.......AND AS THEY
WERE EATING, having taken Jesus a loaf, having blessed he brake,
and gave to them, and said........And having taken the cup,
having given thanks he gave to them.....And he said to
them......." (verses 12-24).

     I submit to you that any young child reading this passage
will see and understand from the words written that Jesus DID
PARTAKE with His disciples of the PASSOVER that evening (of the
14th of Nisan).  
     Is it PLAINLY STATED a number of times, so we would GET THE
POINT, that it was the PASSOVER the disciples went forth to the
upper room to PREPARE, for the rest of the disciples and Jesus to
come a little later and observe. It is clearly stated that while
and during the eating of that Passover, Jesus instituted the NT
Passover symbols and their meaning, of the bread and cup.

     There it is in CONTEXT.   Now you have the "rest of the
story" as one well known fellow is famous for saying.

     To think and believe that Jesus sat around NOT EATING AND
NOT DRINKING of this Passover while His disciples were so doing,
is deceptive mind folly to the utter outer limits. But people
will believe what they want to believe in order to hold to false
doctrines.  They fulfil the prophecy of Paul who wrote that in
the last days some would turn away from the truth, turn to men
with itching ears, ever learning but never able to come to the
knowledge of the truth, yet their folly he said would be manifest
unto all.

     One more verse is given, that of Luke 21:11.  I shall look
at that next time, in part three.


Written April 1998
Keith Hunt

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