Feast of Tabernacles 2012

Here we are during the Feast of Tabernacles, a study you may like to undertake. Go to my expounding of the book of Isaiah. Have your bible by your side with a yellow marker. As you go through Isaiah, you should be able to clearly see where the passages are concerning the age to come. I will be telling you, as you move along in the book, that such and such a section is to do with the age to come. Take your yellow marker, and highlight the passage. When you have finished going through the book of Isaiah, as I expound it, you will have all the passages concerning the age to come in yellow. Then it is an easy reference for you at any time, to look up in Isaiah the passages to do with the age to come. You can also do this with all of the other prophetic books that I have expounded. 

If during a feast of Tabernacles you are having an open Bible study concerning the age to come, and you have all the passages high-lighted in yellow, you will be able to readily add your contribution to the study with ease. I suspect here with the Chapman's in Missouri as this Tabernacles feast continues we shall have a study on the meaning of this great Feast of the Lord - the picture of the age to come.

 Keith Hunt