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Short Biography of Keith Hunt

      Keith Hunt was born in South Wales. When he was 5, his family moved to Yorkshire, England, where he was educated in a Church of England school until the age of 17. The first half hour of each school day was spent in the Bible, reading and memorizing various part of both the Old and New Testament. Keith was also a faithful Sunday school attender in his local church during those early years of his life. He believed and was taught to memorize the Ten Commandments as found in Exodus 20. He believed Sunday was the 7th day of the week, as none of his teachers in school or in church had told him differently.

      He came to Canada at the age of 18. It was not long before he came into contact with what was then known as the Radio Church of God, later known as the Worldwide Church of God, and began listening to their radio broadcast. He was attending a Baptist church, and it was his Baptist landlord that first told him Sunday was not the 7th but 1st day of the week. This was a total shock to Keith, who then spent many hours in the Public Library proving such was indeed the case.

      Shortly after learning this fact, he discovered the Radio Church of God taught 7th day Sabbath keeping. Soon thereafter, he became a member, and was later baptized by them.

      Many of the doctrines being taught by the Radio Church of God at that time were quite acceptable to Keith, as he already believed them from his years of Bible reading and study. He came up through the ranks, being a leading member of his local church, even being trained under the church's system for the ministry. But as time went on, many problems developed in what was then known as the Worldwide Church of God. Thousands of members and dozens of ministers left that organization during the 70's. Keith was one of them.

      Keith, being spiritual leader of two small congregations (one in Oshawa, near Toronto, Ontario, and the other in Rochester, NY) in 1980 and beginning to write various religious articles, was contacted by Fred Coulter (who was a minister with the WCG but left them in the late 70's) and the then Biblical Church of God in California. Fred Coulter came to visit Keith Hunt for a week, meeting the two congregations, in Ontario and NY state. With the approval of the two congregations Keith was leading, Fred Coulter and the other Elders of the BCG ordained Keith Hunt to the Ministry of Jesus Christ at the Feast of Tabernacles in the city of St. Louis. The year was 1982. No sooner was Keith back home in Oshawa, Ontario, he received a call from one Elder, stating they were have problems with Fred. We did a Conference call on Sabbath, I was the last to speak being the new kid on the block. I told all that it was personality clash, and we all need to humble ourselves. After the Elders in California moved into a private room away from the congregation---- 15 or so minutes they all came out smiling, laughing and all was just fine again. A few days later I received a call from one of the Elders, saying Fred had decided to leave. SO I NEVER DID KNOW WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT! I CALLED FRED BY PHONE AND INVITED HIM TO GET AWAY, COME OVER TO US FOR A WEEK, WE HAD NOTHING AGAINST HIM. I WAS VERY SAD WHEN HE TURNED DOWN OUR INVITATION

      Shortly after, Fred Coulter left the BCG to eventually start his Christian Biblical Church of God. Within the next year, 1983, the BCG began to split apart over important doctrinal issues. Keith was flow out to California to present his case. The BCG Elders did not agree though they could not prove Keith was in error; and Keith found himself pastoring the Biblical Church of God in Ontario as a local independent congregation.

      Keith has worked with a number of Sabbath keeping congregations over the years, in various parts of North America, including a three-year stay in southern Florida from 1992 to 1995. It was during those years that the Worldwide Church of God had its biggest splits, the Global Church of God, and the United Church of God being formed.

      At the present, Keith Hunt continues to write articles and studies on Bible topics, which now number over 500. His exhaustive study on the topic of Church Government is more than 200 pages. Keith believes it may well be the most extensive and thorough exposition of that subject anywhere in any church organization in the Christian world.

      He also has a full in-depth study on the subject of Divorce and Re-marriage, as well as many studies on the Passover and Pentecost debate. In-depth studies are also available on the Hebrew Calendar controversy.

      Keith is a fully qualified Orthopaedic Shoemaker and Music Teacher, along with serving the people of God near and far.

      New studies by Keith Hunt will be added to this Web Site regularly.