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Ezekiel For Today

Chapters 33 to 34

                             EZEKIEL FOR TODAY

                         The Work of the Watchman!


     Down through the centuries we as a people have had various
large and small wars, many nations have wanted to sink the
British people and those who have sprung from them, to the bottom
of the sea. We've had at the turn of the page into the age of
A.D. those like Boadicea and Caractacus who saw the tyranny of
the Roman Empire. They raised their voice to give warning and
through their leadership the British peoples were delivered and
freedom remained. There was the time when the Spanish with their
fleet of ships like the world had never seen, came across the
English channel. Britain had its champions then who raised their
voice and led the people to victory over their enemies. The Fresh
under Napoleon tried to subdue the British under their heel and
could not. It was people like Nelson, Wellington, Drake, and
others who stood tall and were the watchmen of their time, the
freedom fighters.
     During the Second World War it was Churchill who was the
champion of the time. Winston Churchill was laughed at by the
British government when he voiced his cry that there would never
be peace with Adolf Hitler. Churchill was out working in his
garden when the call came from London and the King to return to
London and lead the British people against the might of the
German army. The British government came to acknowledge Winston
Churchill was correct.

     God has from the beginning of Israel being led out of Egypt
by Moses, had prophets sent to them, to SHOUT and DECLARE the
warning message of punishment and destruction, when Israel would
not repent of their sins and leaving the way of truth and
righteousness of the Lord. We can see the prophets of old as
contained in the Bible, sent to Israel and Judah, the so-called 3
Major (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel) and 12 Minor prophets
(Hosea through to Malachi). They were the WATCHMEN for the first
captivity of Israel and Judah. 
     But ONE MORE great and mighty CAPTIVITY is yet to befall the
modern offspring of Israel and Judah. Most of the Western world
are the nations of modern Israel and Judah. God's original
message to them was to be written down (as we have seen in
Jeremiah 30) FOR the time was to come again at the end of this
age for Israel and Judah to go into punishment captivity.

     When God shows someone the truth of His word, the truth of
the modern meaning of the prophets of old, then that someone has
a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY to WARN the nations, not only of Israel
and Judah, but other nations of the world also, as the prophecy
     If that someone knowing the truth WILL NOT lift up their
voice like a trumpet and shout the warning message, then the
people's blood will be required at the prophet's hands. If the
prophet does proclaim the warning message, then the people's
blood will be upon their own shoulders. The prophet has done his

     I certainly did not plan or even consider as a young man
that God wanted me to be one of His prophets to Israel and Judah.
It was the furthest thing from my mind. I had other plans and
thoughts for my life. But the Eternal brought be to see many of
His truths that had been hidden from me as a young man. One of
those truths is the very fact that the nations of modern Israel
are the nations of North-Western Europe and the British and
American peoples. I was not called to be one of the detailed
expounders of that truth, that was for others to do, and indeed
has been done. Probably the most scholastic research ever done on
this subject can be found on the Website

     It has never been my calling to expound to you the in-depth
details proving that a very good portion of the nations of the
West are indeed the descendants of the House of Israel. But with
that truth, I have been called to be ONE of the watchmen to the
nations of Israel. I have been called not only to be a teacher of
the word of the Lord, but one who has been given the
understanding of the prophetic books of the Bible. So, it is my
IF you as nations will NOT REPENT!

     My duty is then done. Your blood will not be upon my head.
With the modern worldwide INTERNET God is SHOUTING OUT to you
concerning your SINS, your WICKEDNESS, your ABOMINATIONS. All
peoples around the world, in most nations, certainly more and
more every year, have access to the Internet. All are free to
what is on the worldwide Internet. All, from the kings, to the
people on the street, have access to the Internet. People can be
informed, they can pass on to others what is there. From the
heads of state to the kids playing in the back-yard, the
INFORMATION HIGHWAY is out there for all to drive down.  

     Be assured when your blood comes upon you, as it will indeed
in God's own time, you will not have the excuse that you were not
told your sins and wickedness.

     But, God has NO PLEASURE in the death of the wicked. He
would like you to TURN from wickedness, to REPENT of your sins,
and so the evil which He has thought to do to you, He will not
do. For as he has said, WHY WILL YOU DIE O HOUSE OF ISRAEL - TURN
FROM SIN AND LIVE!! If the wicked will turn from sin then he will
not die, none of the sins will be mentioned; if you will do what
is lawful and right then you will SURELY LIVE, says the Lord
(verses 1-20).

Jerusalem falls!

     Ezekiel was told that the city of Jerusalem had fallen.
Remember that Jerusalem was a TYPE of what was going to happen to
Israel in the last days. Ezekiel here is told that Israel says
they have the land and none will take it from them. They are
confident in their own power (verses 21-26). Ezekiel is told that
many people come to him, sit at his feet, hear the words of God,
BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM! They send forth "love" with their
mouth towards God, but in their heart there is no desire to do
anything but what they covetously want to do. Many God says, look
upon the prophets like Ezekiel with favor, look at them as he
that sings a lovely song, or has a pleasant voice, or can play
well on a musical instrument; they will be willing to hear the
words of the prophet, BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THE WORDS OF TRUTH!!

     When the words of the prophet COME TO PASS, and God says
THEY WILL COME TO PASS, then you WILL KNOW a prophet of God was
among you (verses 27-33).

     Are you one that is willing to open up this Website, one who
will read it, study from it, say, "Yes, yes ... tell it to 'em
Keith. Give it out and let them know their sins!" But then do YOU
go away, turn off the Computer, and forget about DOING THE WILL
AND WAYS of the Lord?

     I hope and pray you are NOT one of which the Lord speaks
about in this section of Ezekiel. I hope and pray you are one
that is not a forgetful hearer but a DOER OF THE WORD.


God's concern for His flock

     The Eternal One is very much concerned for each individual
of His flock. He tells Ezekiel to give a WARNING to the
"shepherds" (spiritual and political) of Israel. God asks, "Should
not the shepherds FEED the flock?" the answer of course it a BIG
YES!! God goes on to say that the shepherds of Israel have fed
themselves, lived very nicely thank you, but have NOT healed the
sick, have not bound up the wounds of the injured, have not gone
seeking those who were driven away.
     The Eternal speaks of why Israel was to be scattered and
fallen and driven away in the end time. Why they are to wander
through the maintains and high hills. It is to be because they
had no real shepherds to feed and guide them. And the shepherds
did not bother to search for them. 
     So, God will indeed deliver His flock from the lazy and
"couldn't care less" shepherds. God Himself will search them out. He
will deliver them from the false shepherds and He will search
them out and find them and bring THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN SCATTERED,

     We will see as we read the CONTEXT, that the expression
"cloudy and dark day" is interpreted for us.

     God will gather Israel from OUT OF the countries they have
been scattered in, bring them back to the plenty and safety of
the land, to feed them with JUDGMENT. God will feed them. They
shall no more be a prey, the Lord will be the judge, and they
will have ONE master shepherd, EVEN DAVID, and the Lord will be
their God, and David will be a prince among them! (verses 13-24).

     It is the time of the end, the cloudy and dark day of the
Lord will have come. The judge of the earth will come. Jesus will
return and the RESURRECTION of the saints will take place. David
will be raised up from the dead, just as we saw in Jeremiah 30:1-
9.  There can be no mistaking the TIME of this prophecy!

     We go on to read about the House of Israel and the House of
Judah being sown together, and as God plucked them up and
scattered them, to destroy and afflict, so He will watch over
them to build and to plant. It is the time every person shall be
judged for themselves, individually and personally. It is the
time when a NEW COVENANT is to be made with the House of Israel
and the House of Judah. 

     It is a covenant of PEACE, where people can dwell safely in
the wilderness and sleep in the woods. Showers of blessing will
come down. They will be safe in the land. The heathen will prey
on them no more. They will dwell SAFELY and none shall make them
afraid. And "thus they shall know that I the Lord their God an
WITH THEM, and they, even the House of Israel are My people, says
the Lord Go" (verses 25-30)

     Can it be said that ANY nation has EVER had this covenant
bestowed on them. No nation has EVER experienced such an
everlasting covenant. It is the same covenant spoken about in
Jeremiah 31:27-34; 32:37-44; 33:7-16.

     What a BLESSING is in store for Israel and Judah. We wait
with anticipation for all the promises of the Kingdom of God on


To be continued

Entered on this Website September 2008

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