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Ezekiel For Today

Chapters 25 to 32

                             EZEKIEL FOR TODAY

                             Chapters 25 - 32


Prophecy against Ammon and Moab (the Jordan area). 

     We have covered this prophecy in the book of Isaiah and
Jeremiah, so it is repeated in Ezekiel. When Jerusalem, the house
of Judah and the House of Israel fall in the end time, the people
of the Jordan area are going to say, "Ah!" It is an "ah" with a
smirk, a tongue in cheek, a contestable "ah." The Arabs of the
Jordan area are going to smile and smirk and will say in effect,
"The Israelite people are cast off, God does not look upon them
as anything different than any heathen nation." Now, in one
respect that is a truism, for the Lord is no respecter of
persons, but the Jordanians will be saying this with a laugh,
with an attitude that will not be pleasing to God, and so those
people will, at the end time, go into captivity themselves by the
"men of the East." 
     The armies of Russia, China, and others from the East will
come into the Holy Land and will destroy certain peoples there.
The war machine of the East will have a representation dwelling
in the Holy Land during the last 42 months of the end of this age
(verses 1-11).

Prophecy against Edom (Turkey)

     We have also seen this prophecy in Isaiah and Jeremiah. When
the Great Tribulation comes on this earth, as the people of Judah
flee NORTH and try to escape through Turkey, the people of that
land will NOT HELP them, in fact they will kill many of them, and
will "greatly offend" the Lord by so doing. The people of Turkey
were not to be used by the Lord to persecute the children of
Judah, but they will. God will not forget this!
     When Israel and Judah as brought back from captivity at the
coming of the Messiah Christ, as Israel is gathered from the
nations of Europe, and as they exodus from Europe back to the
Holy Land, they will needs go through Turkey. The people of
Israel returning, will take revenge, they will "do in Edom
(Turkey) according to mine anger and according to my fury; and
they shall know My vengeance, says the Lord God" (verses 12-14). 
     This prophecy is given in full detail in the prophetic book
of Obediah, which I will expound later, when we come to that book
of the prophets.

Prophecy against Philistia (the Palestinians)

     The Philistines have long been the enemy of Israel and
Judah, centuries upon centuries the hatred has been there for the
Jews. The Palestinians will rise up in glee and help destroy the
Jews in the Holy Land when the Beast Babylon power of Europe
comes marching into Palestine and Jerusalem, at the start of the
last 42 months of this age. The old Palestinian Philistines will
help destroy Judah. The Lord will remember this and will execute
great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes (verses 15-17).
     We saw in Isaiah 11:10-16, that it is the returning people
of Israel and Judah who shall lay their hand on the Palestinians
and shall execute God's revenge.


Prophecy against Tyrus

     There was a very real past fulfilment of this prophecy, and
all the details of chapter 26 DID HAPPEN. You can see the Bible
Commentaries and Bible Encyclopedias for the historic details.


Prophecy of end-time Tyrus 

     This chapter concerns the prophecy against the coming mighty
world TRADING POWER of the Beast Empire of Europe, as it is now
forming under the European Common Market. 
     Some of the trading nations will be Egypt (v.7); Tarshish
(Spain, Portugal, v.12); Javan (Japan, v.13); Tubal and Meshech
(Russia, v.13); Syria (v.16); Judah (the Jews, v.17); Israel
(most of the West, v.17); Dan (Ireland; Denmark, v.19); Arabia
(the Arabs, v.21); Assur (Germany/Austria, v.23).

     Notice verses 27-36 and compare them with Revelation 18. It
Empire over-ruled by the Babylon Mystery religion - the church
drunk with the blood of the saints.


The Man False prophet and the Devil behind him

     Read verses 1-2; now read 2 Thes.2:1-12. We have a man at
the end time, who has set his heart as the heart of God, way
above the idea of just turning to love God and His ways; this is
above anything like that; it is making out you are God in the
flesh, as some "religious" mystery of a kind. It is best
illustrated with a real life example. The man who is head of the
largest "Christian" church on earth came to a South American
country a few decades ago. A TV interviewer asked a young lady
(she looked to be in her early 20s), "What do you think of this
man visiting your country?" She replied, "He is God on earth!"
     This is what this chapter in Ezekiel is telling you. This is
what 2 Thes. 2 is telling you. A man at the end time will come,
who is really, according to the book of Revelation, a FALSE
prophet. But he is not going to tell you he is a false prophet; a
false prophet does not tell you he is a false prophet. This man
will come in the name of Christ. He will have MILLIONS believing
as that young lady believed, that he is "God on earth!" That will
be the spiritual deception that will continue to deceive hundreds
of MILLIONS at the time of the end. This false prophet man will
be able to work MIRACLES! Hundreds of millions already believe
this head of the largest Christian church is "God on earth" - so
add MIRACLES to that theological teaching and you have the
ingredients for a power to rule the Western world. 

     It is the last days. We are into the time when this
religious Christian false prophet, with his "church" is once more
riding and ruling the Beast of the resurrected Roman Empire of
Europe. This false prophet's heart is so deceived that it is
quite possible he himself does not realize he is being inspired,
if not possessed, by the very Devil himself. The evil work will
be done, but God says He has appointed the "terrible of the
nations" to draw a sword after this false prophet's Empire. This
Western "religious" Empire of Europe will come crashing down. As
I've already written, the men of the East, the war machine of the
terrible power to the East, will come against her and the power
of the Empire of the false prophet will be smashed down. This is
all given in Revelation 9.
     The prophecy of Ezekiel shifts in verse 12 to the individual
behind the scenes of this false prophet. The individual sealed up
the sum of wisdom, full of wisdom, perfect in beauty. The
individual had been in Eden, the garden of God, certainly not now
referring to a physical man. This individual was covered with all
kinds of precious stones; with the workmanship of "thy tabrets
and of thy pipes was prepared in you in the day that you were
created" (verse 13). This individual is the "anointed CHERUB that
covereth" and was once upon the very mountain of God; he had
walked up and down in the midst of the fire. He was PERFECT in
his ways UNTIL ... until INIQUITY was found in him. He is going
to be destroyed, this cherub, from the midst of the stones. He
was corrupted by the reason of his wisdom and BRIGHTNESS. His
VANITY got the best of him (verses 15-17).

     This is not a physical man here being talked about. This is
the COVERING CHERUB - the one time full of BRIGHTNESS cherub. But
he SINNED, and in so doing became the individual we today call

     This fallen cherub angel, will one day inspire and maybe
even possess, the end time king man, false prophet man, of the
end time Tyrus Empire now forming in Europe.

     At the end of verse 17 to the end of verse 19, the prophecy
switches back to the physical false prophet man. The false
prophet will meet his end. He will be brought to ashes,
literally, as he is thrown into the lake of fire by Jesus Christ
Himself at the battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16; 17; 18; with
Rev.19:20 and context).

Prophecy against Zion

     Zion or Jerusalem will have her punishment, and at that time
she will indeed be no more a pricking thorn to the House of
Israel. Today, as Israel of the West backs and supports the Jews
in the Holy Land, it can be said that they are a somewhat
pricking thorn of adversary to Israel, many other nations,
especially those of the Arab world, do not like the most powerful
nations of the West (Britain and the USA) be-friending the Jews
(verses 20-24).

     Beyond it all, when the House of Israel is gathered and
restored from their captivity, when they are taken back to the
Holy Land, then they shall build the houses, plant vineyards, and
they will dwell with confidence, when the Lord executes judgments
upon those people who are still despising them, at the beginning
of the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth. The first years of
this 1,000 year age will not be a bed of roses for some people.
Lessons will need to be learned by some nations (verses 25-26).


Prophecy against Egypt

     Here we come to a few chapters concerning Egypt. Back in the
1960s and 1970s the nation of Egypt was in the news weekly,
sometimes daily. Today Egypt is hardly mentioned in the news. But
it will not be this way forever. Egypt is yet to rise to a major
important nation in the Middle East and Arab world. Egypt will
spear-head the coming "king of the South" as given in Daniel
11:40-45. But God says that the end time Babylon, the "king of
the North" will come against Egypt and her Arab partners. It will
be the time when the horn of the House of Israel will but forth -
the time of the end restitution of the House of Israel (verses 1-


Egypt and her allies DOOMED!

     The prophecy is "even the day of the Lord is near, a cloudy
day; it shall be the time of the heathen" (verse 3).

     No mistaking this, it is a prophecy for the great day of the
Lord, the time of the end of this age. Those allies of Egypt will
fall together with Egypt (verse 5-8). We know from other prophecies
that Egypt and her allies will fall at the BEGINNING of the last 42 
months of this age (see Daniel 11:40-45 and into Daniel 12).

     Great pain is to come on Egypt and on the Ethiopians. It is
Babylon of Europe that will put an end to this Egyptian power of
the king of the south. It is the time when judgment is to be
executed on Egypt and her allies, the time when "they shall know
that I am the Lord" (verses 9-19). 
     The Egyptians and Arab nations do NOT know the Lord. God
uses that expression over and over again in the book of Ezekiel;
it means what it says; nearly all nations today DO NOT KNOW the
Lord! The time is coming when they most assuredly will; when the
knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover
the sea beds.

     Once more God proclaims to Egypt and her allies that she
shall be broken, put to the sword, and the power to do that will
be the king of Babylon, the king of the North - Daniel 11:40-45,
and on into Daniel 12.


Allegory of the fall of Egypt

     God uses the mighty Assyrian Empire (the Assyrians migrated
through Europe and are the German people today) - verses 1-9.

     Because of the pride of Egypt as it will be in that day, she
and her allies will be brought low by the mighty hand of the
"terrible of the nations" - and in modern times the terrible of
the nations has been the German people. They will again spear-
head a resurrected Holy Roman Empire of Europe that will come
against the Egypt/Arab king of the South, in the last 4 years or
so of the end of this age (verses 10-18).


Lamentation over Egypt's fall

     The setting for this prophecy is the "heavenly signs"
(verses 7-8) given by Christ for the end of the age, and also as
given in Revelation 6 and the 6th seal (verses 1-8). 
     This is the GENERAL time frame only, to help us see that it
is a prophecy for the every end of this age. We know from Daniel
11:40-45 and into Daniel 12, that the SPECIFIC time of Egypt's
destruction by the king of the North is AT THE BEGINNING of the
GREAT Tribulation. The CONTEXT of Daniel 11:40-45 and into
chapter 12, proves that point. But that is so near the time of the
"heavenly signs" that God mentions it here in Ezekiel 32 so we
will understand this prophecy WILL HAVE AN END TIME FULFILMENT!!

     It is the sword of Babylon - the king of the North - the
Babylon Beast power of the book of Revelation, that will be used
to bring destruction on Egypt and her Arab allies. It is the time
when all nations will "KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD" (verse 9-15).

     It is also within the time span when not only Egypt will
KNOW GOD IS GOD, but other nations like Meshech and Tubal (the
mighty Russian nation); it is the time when Edom (Turkey) will be
with the dead men (verses 17-32). 

     Yes, it is true, prophecy can have MORE THAN ONE

     That is one very good reason as to why prophecy was WRITTEN
DOWN AND PRESERVED for us, as we saw in Jeremiah 30:1-9. Because
in the last days prophecy will be REPEATED, BUT WITH THE MODERN
OFFSPRING OF THE ANCIENT NATIONS. It is also true as they say,
that if we will not learn from the past, we are doomed to REPEAT
the PAST in the FUTURE! 

     History has sadly and clearly shown that Israel and Judah do
not learn from the past. It would seem we have ONE MORE BIG
LESSON TO LEARN, at the end of it Jesus the Messiah will come to
earth again and pour out His Spirit on us so we will NEVER again
DEPART from His love and the way of His righteousness.


To be continued

Entered on this Website September 2008 

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