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God's Plan for You

It may not be your plan


The Master's Plan

Wendy Carver

     There are many clarifying moments in life given to us by
God, where we are set on the path that He wills. But when we live
in between those moments, it is easy to wonder, "What about the
silences?" Many of us spend our days in uncertainty, wondering
when God's voice will penetrate the darkness and let us know just
what He plans on doing with us.
     I have had a lot of uncertainty in the past year. As a
senior in high school, I am expected to know what I am doing with
myself after graduation. My plan is: I am looking for God's plan.
     In the meantime, there are deadlines, scholarships, and
decisions to make every day. I do not know God's plan for my life
at this point; I am simply trying to keep doors open that I am
not sure He will use or not. Throughout all of this, I am
learning things about my God that I have known but never taken to
heart before.
     He is incredibly patient; I am not, but He is working on me.
God knows the plans He has for me, as well as for you too, and He
will wait until the perfect time to bring those about. He is
patient with my frustration and impatience as He uses this time
to teach me how to look to Him for my answers.

     He is all-knowing. A year ago, I was convinced that I would
go to a particular college, have a particular major, and end up
in a particular career. God has changed my heart so that I am
open to His plan, not just dead set on my own.

     He is surprising. Throughout all this time I spent waiting,
I keep being surprised at the little things that God works out
for me to keep some doors open. There were times when my prayers
really were answered before I even asked them. I have received an
answer through the mail to a prayer I had said only hours before.
This affirms that God was putting that plan into action long
before I even worried about it.

     Most of all, God is loving. He cares about the lives of
every one of us, enough to orchestrate all the little details
perfectly into His big plan. I keep being surprised by my God,
but that makes the journey worth travelling. Looking at the past
and how He has always worked everything together for good, I 
cannot doubt that my future will be planned by the Master.  


Wendy Carver writes from Fairmount, Illinois.

June 2007 ACTS, a publication of the Churches of God, 7th Day,
Meridian, ID, USA.

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