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The TRUTH about the Year 2012

But some keep doing it again and again!

The Association of the Covenant People, Burnaby, B.C.
August 2012
A part of the British Israel groups.

Co-editor Brooks Alden of the Association of the Covenant People,
who publish "Thy Kingdom Come" seems to be fixated on "dates of
this year or that year." He's at it again in the following

Ironically, the great Gog of Ezekiel seems content to let the
west exhaust their resources and be the recipient of growing hate
around the world. Without realizing it, I suppose, they are
unconsciously waiting for God to put hooks in their mouths and
bring them forward. It's all there in Ezekiel 38, but fortunately
God will come to our aid as He declares in Ezekiel 39.
Yet, here we are in 2012. The Israel nations are still mired in
recession, China and Japan's booming economies are slowing
rapidly and the EU countries are reeling. Indeed, the world
economic `system has never been more fragile as the burden of
over-valued markets, the frightening danger of derivatives, the
low pace of capital spending and the deficit financing of wars
are proving harder and harder to manipulate because of stumbling
economies.. Something significant is on the horizon and when one
reads the signs and various website articles, it will not be a
welcome something. And as the great Bible scholar, Howard Rand,
wrote, "The judgments of God in the destruction of our property
and prosperity, and our population through storms, disasters [and
wars] and disease have failed to turn the hearts of the people to
their God." In his comments years ago, he also wrote, "Israel's
leaders are guilty".

Now I apologize if I am alarming any reader but I am trying to
point out that the condi tions we face in the world today are
exactly the conditions that the Bible tells us we will be facing
just before the return of Jesus Christ. In fact, all that is
really left to take place before the final pieces come together
is for Babylon to fall and the great Gog of the Bible, along
with its allies, to direct their forces against Palestine, the
United Kingdom and North America, as they swoop over the North
Pole into our lands.

So, is 2012 a terminal year on God's Great Plan? For those who
like to dabble in pro phetic interpretation, here are four
tempting morsels.

* 2012 is 15 years from 1997 when the six days (6,000 years)
expired, as determined by the respected scholar, Bishop
Thy Kingdom Come Ussher, 15 standing for "Rest."
* 2012 marks 15 years from 1997 when Ephraim Britain lost the
last remaing "gates of her enemies" when she turned Hong Kong
back to China.
2012 in September will be 11 years from 911, the beginning of the
Harvest period of the Esau Dominion. Eleven stands for judgment.
Perhaps Esau is in for a surprise, maybe even the loss of the
Dominion as per Ezekiel 34:27
* 2012 is nine years from 2003, the beginning of judgment on the
western Israel powers who invaded Iraq on the pretence they had
weapons of mass destruction, later determined to be not so.
"Nine" stands for Divine completeness.

In conclusion, perhaps a key thought that should run through our
minds is, "Are we as enlightened individuals doing what we can to
sound the alarm, to be a watchman. It shouldn't matter that our
leaders are blind, remember, the prophet Isaiah likened them to
dumb dogs who don't bark [warn the people] and love to slumber
[enjoy the pleasures of their trappings]. He refers to them as
shepherds without understanding, whereas you, the reader, have
had the blindness removed and as the prophet Daniel said of these
days of the end, "the wise shall understand." We didn't have the
blindness lifted to go our merry ways, once it took place, God
has singled us out to do what we can to convey the Gospels of the
Kingdom and Salvation, as well as sowing the seeds of the news of
the Israel Truth. May we all be good and faithful servants!


It is popular among most British Israel groups and with some
Fundament Protestant groups also, to teach that the Gog etc. of
Ezekiel 38 will be Russia, China, India, and Arab nations coming
to invade the Jews in Palestine and then the Western nations.

It is a WRONG understanding of Ezekiel 38 and 39, which in the
context is AFTER the return of Christ the Messiah, as I've proved
in other studies on this website.

Then Brooks Alden plays on 2012. He's done it in the past years
with other years. When 2012 will prove, as it will, that it has
no bearing at all on ANY Bible prophecy, you can bet your last
dollar Alden will figure how to use 2013 and/or 2014 to match
something in prophecy. 

Alden is VERY WRONG in trying to match 2012 with something in
Bible prophecy. 2012 has nothing to do with Bible prophecy as you
will find out as the next years come and go. Yes I'm telling you
very dogmatically 2012 has no connection with anything, any past
date, in Bible prophecy. 2012 is just one more year closer to the
return of Christ, that is all. Any fancy connections with any
fancy past years is purely the immagination of people like Alden,
who are forever trying to put dates with dates with dates, which
dates make a fine desert date-square after dinner, but are
useless and redundant and hopelessly false in understanding Bible

Brooks Alden is just one of many in the past who have been
fixated on date squaring, this year or that year goes with this
or that prophecy. They are forever moving the dice around as they
play with Bible prophecy, which they have wrong in many places to
begin with, hence a sandy foundation means their house of
prophetic date using will always crumble to the ground. But it
seems they just get up, brush the sandy dust off themselves and
start again with another year, and on and on it goes. You would
think after a while they would see the folly of their "this date
goes with that date" and give up, but no, they do not, and on
they move to splash more egg on their already egg-splattered

It is a true saying "Some people never learn." Or as the apostle
Paul put it, "... ever learning but never coming to the knowledge
of the truth."

The truth of Bible Prophecy is on this website. Stick around long
enough and you'll see it all unfold just as I've expounded to you
in studies on this website.

Keith Hunt

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