With His Help

By Vera G. Mosher

When, through the vale of tears and tribulation

Saddened of heart, I travelled wearily

Heavily burdened, lonely and forsaken

No human friends to help or comfort me.

Ah! but I found the Lord my God was with me,

For it was He who eased my heavy load,

He took my hand, He trod the path beside me, 

And with His help I walked that lonely road.

Be with me Lord, as on life's various pathways

I daily tread, in tears, in joy or pain.

Let not my faith desert me nor forsake me, 

Be every trial for my soul's good gain.

Someday, dear Lord, this vale of tears will vanish,

And I shall walk Thy Kingdom's peaceful ways,

Until that time, 0 Lord wilt Thou be with me

Constant companion for me all my days.