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Why Study Bible Prophecy?

Here are various Reasons


by Godwin Prospere

     Prophecy and history are the same events described in
different tense. What is history today was prophecy in the past.
What is prophecy today will become history in the future. The two
concepts are inseparable, yet different in time. Consider why the
study of prophecy is important.

* It validates the accuracy of Scripture. The fulfilment of
hundreds of prophecies from various messengers testifies that
God's Word is true.

* It elevates the Messiah to His rightful place in the universe.
From Genesis to Malachi, many predictions of Christ's first
coming, highlighting every facet of His life, have been

* Though given by different prophets at different times, divine
revelation has no discrepancies. In this post-modern age,
prophecy serves as a sanctuary of hope, tranquility, and
spiritual therapy to satiate empty hearts.

* Prophecy purifies the believer. It affords deeper understanding
of practical Christian living, as well as the destiny of
humanity. It propels us to walk carefully in the corridor of
righteousness and escape the pending judgment of God.

* An understanding of Bible prophecy is cutting edge technology
to the believer. New Age teaching, Eastern philosophy, and
Western religion have disillusioned the minds of the masses.
Scientists' theories of relativism, evolution, and naturalism
assault the nucleus of biblical principle. We desperately need
scripturally sound prophetic interpretation.

* Prophecy is an effective tool in evangelism, a fundamental
component of the church's mission (2 Peter 1:16-19). A sound
knowledge of Scriptural eschatology enhances our evangelistic

* Bible prophecy is the single source of understanding God's plan
for Israel. God made a covenant with Abraham, established this
unique relationship with his descendants (2 Samuel 7:24), and
promised its unchangeable nature irrespective of their fidelity.
Prophecy unlocks the mystery of current world events, the Middle
East crisis, and the uncertainty about Israel's future.

     Despite the reasons to study prophecy, some Christians have
abandoned it. They believe, evidently; that future events are
irrelevant to us today.
     Some say that studying Bible prophecy results in
misinterpretation of Scripture, and thus repeating the
miscalculation of many in the past. setting dates and seasons
when Christ will return has effected the credibility of Scripture
for many and has caused the impious to ridicule.

     We should learn from the mistakes of teachers in the past.
We can avoid such errors if we allow Scripture to interpret
itself and if we avoid fanaticism. 

     Putting prophecy on the back burner is like rejecting the
Bible because witches used it to cast spells. Abuses should be
refuted, but we should continue to make a concerted effort to
study prophecy through the Spirit's direction.

     It is also widely believed that the prophetic texts are
mostly inscrutable, so why waste time trying to decipher esoteric
writing? Why read the perplexing symbolic language of Revelation?
It is an exercise in futility.

     God's divine declarations are the projection of His plans
and purpose for the world. God is sovereign; His supreme purpose
will be fulfilled unimpeded (Isaiah 14:24-27). The sure word of
prophecy maintains its validity and authenticity, even if it is
misinterpreted or misrepresented.

     The church needs to pay more attention to eschatological
events but must maintain equilibrium among the various elements
of biblical studies. A glimpse of the future helps us focus and
gives greater urgency and purpose as we press to the mark of our
high calling in Christ Jesus. 


Godwln Prospere serves at the Tower of Faith CoG7 in Orlando, FL.
December 2007 "Bible Advocate" - a publication of the Church of
God (Seventh Day), Denver, CO. USA.

Entered on this Website December 2007

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