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Sabbath Arguments Answered #3

The Worldwide Church of God has abolished the Sabbath commandment - I answer their arguments



1. We see New Testament examples of Sabbath keeping, but we don't
see commands  like the Old Testament had: Do not gather food, do
not carry a burden, do not travel out of the city, etc.

2.  The conservatives should not condemn the actions of others, 
and  the  liberals shouldn't despise the rule-keepers. We should
welcome each other based on faith in Jesus Christ.
The point is that we should not be sitting in judgment of how
others observe the Sabbath.
Some will be extra careful to be home by sundown, while others
will not. Some will work  on  the  Sabbath because they have an
ox in the ditch, while others will not view their situation as an
ox in the ditch.
It is not for us to determine for others whether their situation
is an ox in the ditch. It is for each person to determine for
himself or herself.

3. There is nothing in the new covenant that says we are required
to keep the Sabbath according to the rules of the old covenant In
the New Testament, we see examples of people keeping the Sabbath,
and we see statements that tell us the Sabbath is a shadow
pointing to the reality, who is Christ.
That doesn't mean that the Sabbath is done away, but it means the
Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ. It means Christ is more important
than the Sabbath. It means the Sabbath rest for Christians in
Hebrews 4 is the new life in Christ, not just a day of the week.
And Paul tells us in Romans 14 that we should not be involved in
disputes over days.
It is wrong-headed to think that achieving an accurate and
balanced understanding of this issue is watering down the truth.

4.  It is not the Sabbath itself that is changed, but the precise
way this holy time is to be observed. It is holy, of course, in
that we dedicate it to God, not in the sense that it is binding
on Christians. The Sabbath has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

5.  It's true that the Sabbath is not commanded as part of the
new covenant in the way it was under the old covenant. Not
keeping it doesn't make them any less Christian, as I've
tried to make plain.

6.  But it is not a yoke of bondage around our necks. And God
does not expect Christians to go into a poverty cycle to keep it.

7.  We are saved by faith, not by rules, and certainly not by
judging one another.


8.  Colossians 2:16-17 tells us that the reality, or substance,
is Christ, and now that he has ncome, now that we have the
reality and have entered into it, there is no more requirement
for the physical figure, just as there is no more need for the
physical sacrifices.                                     

I  have  pointed  Tkach's  comments,  and  I  will  answer  them 
in  turn.

Take the  time to  look  up all  the verses  in  the  first  FIVE
books  of  the Bible   concerning the   Sabbath.   These  books 
contain  the  laws  of God.  Use Strong's   Concordance  for your
study.  As  I  have  said  before,  you  will  find very   little
in   the way of  specific commands  for Sabbath  keeping.  I 
have commented   on   the law  in  Exodus  16  about gathering 
food  on  the  Sabbath,  a law that  ended when  Israel  entered 
the  promised  land under  Joshua.
See  if you  can  find  in  those  five  books  of Moses  any 
law about  "carrying a  burden't or  "travelling  out  of the 
city."   Those  laws  are  not  there!  What was   written  
later  by others  concerning  such  practices  as  Israel  or 
Judah had   laid   upon  themselves  for Sabbath  keeping,  has 
nothing  directly to  do with  any  law  given  by  God  in  the 
five books  of Moses.
By the time  Jesus  came  in  the  flesh,  the  Jews (scribes 
and  Pharisees)  had 600   laws  for what THEY  considered 
correct  Sabbath  keeping.  Most  of  these  Jesus   said    
were  man made  and  He  cast  them aside.  The  verses  on 
Sabbath observance   found   in  the  books of Moses  are  VERY 
CLEAR  on  one  thing  -  you    must     not    WORK    AT  YOUR
Those who would not comply   were   to   be   put  to  DEATH!   I
would  say  God was  very  SERIOUS  about His  Sabbaths.  You 
may want  to  look  up  all  the  laws  that  carried  the death 
penalty if   broken.   Sabbath   keeping was  among  those  laws!

Do you think  God  takes  this matter lightly?
Someone   is   bound   to   bring  up the  law about  "no  fire" 
on  the  Sabbath, found   in Exodus   35:3.  The  Bible
Commentary  by Jamieson , Fausset,  Brown  Vol. 1,   page  419, 
gives  the truth  of the matter  -  quote:   
"CHAP.XXXV.1-35. Contributions   to   the   Tabernacle.  1. 
Moses  gathered,  &c.  On  the occasion referred    to   in   the

opening   of   this   chapter,   the   Israelites   were
specifically   reminded  of the  design  to  erect  a magnificent
tabernacle  for   the   regular worship  of God,  as  well  as 
of the  leading  articles  that were required   to   furnish 
that sacred  edifice....... 3.  Ye  shall  kindle  no  fire
throughout   your   habitation   upon  the sabbath  day.   The 
Sabbath was  NOT A  FAST   DAY.  The  Israelites  COOKED THEIR
VICTUALS  ON  THAT  DAY,  for which,  of course,   a   FIRE  
WOULD   BE NECESSARY;  and  this  view of the  institution  is
in  early  times  the Israelites,   while   sojourning   in  the
wilderness  and  subsisting  on manna, received   a  double 
supply  on  the  sixth  day,  which they  cooked  also  on  that
day (see   on   ch.xvi.23),  so that  a  fire for culinary 
purposes was  entirely unnecessary   on   the   Sabbath   day.  
As  the  kindling  of  a  fire,  therefore, could   only   be  
for  secular  purposes,  the  INSERTION  of  the  prohibition  in
PROBABLE that it  was  INTENDED  chiefly  for the MECHANICS who
were to be EMPLOYED  in  that erection;   and  as  some  of them
might  have  supposed  it  was  allowable  to  ply their trade 
in  the  furtherance of a structure to be  dedicated  to 
religious   worship, it  was   calculated TO  PREVENT  ALL  SUCH 
IDEAS,  by  absolutely forbidding any fire  for the sharpening 
of   tools,  for the melting  of metals,  or  any  other material
purpose  bearing  on  the sanctuary."  (emphasis mine).

This   Sabbath   law   was   for   the   regulating   of the
Tabernacle  and  its physical preparation  and  upkeep.  Even 
the  Holy  place  where  God  would  dwell  under   the   old 
covenant   was   not  an  excuse  for  tradesmen  to  apply 
their  skills  on  the Sabbath   hours.
That  law  was  established  for as  long  as  the
Tabernacle/Temple  of  God stood.           
If there was no  physical  Tabernacle,  then  that  specific  law
was  automatically redundant, just  as  the  law about  gathering
manna was  redundant when  there was  no more  manna  to 
A few laws regarding Sabbath observance in the books of Moses are
redundant and void, but the CONTEXT and PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS of
those laws make it easy (so easy a young child can understand) to
see WHY they are not applicable under the new covenant but to use
that understanding to teach that the BASIC sabbath law as found
in the words of Exodus 20 is "done away" under the new covenant
is like saying black is now white. 
It is TWISTING  and  PERVERSION  of the word  of the Lord,  it 
is  the  fulfilment  of the ancient  prophets  words  when  they 
said  the  leaders  of  the people would "call   evil  good, and 
good  evil"  and when turning  the  people  away from the law of
God  they would  tell them  " we  are  delivered  to  do  this 

I thank the Lord that He still has a few who have not bowed the
knee to Baal and are as little children  in  faith, who can  read
the  easy  to understand  parts of  God's word  and  law and 
FOLLOW  and  OBEY  it.  Truly the Father has hidden these things
from the wise and prudent and  has  revealed them unto  babes. 

2. Jesus was neither liberal or conservative. He did not ply the
oneagainst   the  other  as  in  some  "tug  of war"  match. 
Jesus  was  PERFECTION  and set us an example to follow His
steps. Paul followed Christ and told us to "follow  me  as  I  
follow   Christ."   The   Jews   tried,   but  could  find  no
fault  in Paul. If  he was teaching and practicing what Tkach  is
now teaching  about   Sabbath   keeping, you  can  bet  your 
bottom  dollar  the  Jews  would  have  torn  Paul  apart  for 
religious perversion  and  "wrong  headedness"  in watering  down
the  truth  against  the commandments  of God.                   

See   how   Tkach   keeps   pounding   away   at  "not  judging" 
on  this  Sabbath observance issue.  True,  there  are  liberties

WITHIN  THE  LAW of the Sabbath we   must   all  decide upon  and
not  set  up our  600  laws  as  the  Jews  did.  The Lord  
gives   us  only  BASIC guidelines  for Sabbath  keeping,  not 
600  laws  of do's   and  don'ts.  But  Exodus  20  and other 
verses  are  clear,  no  theological  degree   needed to  read 
them and  understand.  The law  defines  what  sin  IS.   It is  
sin   to   do   your   secular  job on  the Sabbath,  and  that
we  do  have  the right  to  judge.
I  have  commented  on  the ox  in  the ditch  teaching  of 
Sabbath  keeping,  but a   few more words may  be  helpful  for
the  reader.  If you  own  a  tow truck  as part   of   your  
secular work (you  tow cars  for a  living)  and  one  day,  just
after   leaving  home  to  attend  Sabbath services,  you  come 
across  a  car  that has   plowed   into   the  ditch  and 
people  need  help to  get  back  on  the  road, and you  can 
help.  So  should  you help?   We will  suppose  in this  case
you  are  not  far from   home   to   return   with   your tow
truck  and  pull  the  car out.  Yes,  you should   do  so!  It 
is  the  kind  Christian  thing  to  do  and  you  will  accept 
NO PAY   for   doing   good  on  the  Sabbath.   That  and many 
other  such  situations fulfils the  ox  in  the  ditch  Sabbath 
observance.  I  am  not  saying  anything  NEW   here. The 
Church   of   God   has  always  taught  this  kind  of Sabbath
From the  context  of his wordy writings  on  this,  it 
is  much  BROADER than what  the  Church  of God has  ever 
taught,  and  it  goes  hand in  hand with  his  BROADER 
teaching  on  "do not  judge"  one  another.  It  sounds  like
wonderful  liberty he  offers you,  he wants   you   to  think 
it  is  wonderful  liberty  from God's  revelation  to you, but  
he   does   this   while   he   himself   is   the  servant  of
corruption  and  lawlessness.

3.  Just  a  minute.  is  there  ANYTHING  in  the  new  covenant
that  says we  are   NOT required   to   keep   the   Sabbath  
according   to   the  rules  of the  old covenant?  I  see 
the  new covenant  saying  Christ came  not  to  destroy the  law
or  the  prophets  but  to  fulfil and magnify  the  law.  I  see
where  Jesus  said  that   if   the   righteousness   of   His 
disciples  did  not  exceed  that  of  the scribes   and  
Pharisees,  they   would   not  be  in  the Kingdom of God.  I 
see where   Jesus   said   FEW would  be  saved  and  MANY who 
used His  name,  thought  they  were  Christians, did  things 
for Him,  preached  about  Him,  would be cast  out,  would  not 
enter the  Kingdom,  would  be weeping  and  gnashing  their
I   see   where   Jesus  will  tell  them  "depart  from me,  you
that  work  lawlessness." I have before proved that a few Sabbath
laws of the old covenant CANNOT be applied today,as the physical
situation is not there to apply those rules, but otherwise, apart
from those few rules, I see nothing in the new covenant that says
we should not apply old covenant rules to Sabbath keeping.
Once more, Tkach uses the old Protestant arguments of Romans 14
and Hebrews 4 to "spiritualize away" the letter of the 4th
commandment. It should by now be very clear to the reader that
Tkach and the WCG are now a fully Protestant Church, a daughter
of the BABYLONIAN WHORE of the book of Revelation, who may happen
to still meet on the 7th day of the week for church services
(until they move over to Sunday).

4.  There it is, could not get much plainer. The Sabbath command
according to Tkach  is  not binding  on Christians.  It  has 
been  fulfilled  in Christ.   Now  it  is  only  a  spiritual 
something  or  other.  I  guess  this  goes  along   nicely  
with, and   fits  into  their  new theology  about  God  -  just 
a spiritual  blob of  NOTHING!  If the  reader does  not  have my
article  entitled "The  WCG'S  NOTHINGNESS  GOD"  them  please
write  for  it  - it's  free.

It   is   now   we  ourselves who make the  Sabbath  holy.  It 
is  no  longer  God who   has put  His  very  presence  into 
those Sabbath  hours  in  a  unique  way  to  make   it  holy 
time,  but  only  as  we dedicate it  to  God  does  it  become 
holy. I   guess   by  the  same reasoning  then,  if we  do  not 
dedicate  those  hours  to God,   then   it  is  not  holy  and 
so we do  not  break (by  doing  our work  or  own  thing)  a 
commandment  of  God,  and do  not  sin.  The  WCG  have  torn 
out the  4th  commandment  from the TEN,  stood  on it with 
their dirty  feet  and  have  slid  down   the   mountain   side 
into  the  abyss  ofdestruction  and  the  removal  of  their 
candlestick   from  the  true  Church of God.

I   do   not   want   anyone to  say  I  teach  things  I  DO 
NOT TEACH,  so  let me  make it  plain.  Keeping  the Sabbath  in
the  letter  and  the  spirit  perfectly will   not   per   se 
get you  into  the  Kingdom of God,  because you may  have  a
wrong attitude against  another law/s   of   God,  or  just  a 
bad  attitude against  God  for  some  reason.  Ancient  Judah 
keptthe  letter of the Sabbaths and  Festivals  and  New Month 
days,  but  God  said  He  hated them because  their whole 
attitude  to  Him  was  putrid  -  they observed  in  the  letter
somethings of   God  but  their  heart  was  far from God.  It 
can  be the  same with  us. Sabbath keeping will  not  save  you,
but  on  the  other  hand, can  you  be  saved  without Sabbath 
keeping  as  defined  by  the whole  Bible?   No,  you  can  not,
for   he   that   will  not  let God  define what  sin  is  and 
be willing  to  serve the  Lord  with  all  his  heart  and  soul
and  mind,  will  not  receive  the  Spirit  of  God  that  saves
you (Acts  5:32;  Romans  8:6-11).
You   can   not   be  saved  BY  keeping  the  Sabbath,  yet  you
can  not  be  savedWITHOUT   keeping   the  Sabbath.  Sounds 
confusing?  Better  request my article "Saved  by   Grace"   and 
get   it   all  clear  so  you  will   never  be  deceived  by 

5. See it for yourselves friends, from the mouth or pen of the
head cookand bottle washer of the WCG.  All the Roman  Catholics 
and  all  the Protestants,   if  they have   an  honest  sincere 
attitude  toward  God  are  no "less   Christian."   There  is 
now NOBODY  in  the WCG  or  any  other  group  that are   less  
Christian   for  "not  keeping it"  -  the  Sabbath.  So  as  far
as  the 4th  commandment  of  the  big  ten,  the  keeping  of 
it  as  defined  by  Exodus  20, or   the   not  keeping  of  it 
you are no less or no more Christian whichever way you choose, so
says Mr. Tkach Sr.

I   can   see   the  hands  of the Catholics  and  Protestants 
being  raised  and saying  "Praise the  Lord,  the members  of
the  WCG  are  one  of  us."
The Catholics/Protestants  will  feel  at  home  now  in  the 
services  of the WCG,  and   manymembers  of  the  WCG  will 
feel  at  home  in  the  Sunday   keeping  churches.

It will only be a matter of time and the WCG will meet for
services on Sunday because it will be  the  most   convenient  
day   of  the  week   to  hold  meetings   on.

6.  There   are   MILLIONS  and millions  of Sabbath  keepers  - 
letter of the law   Sabbath keepers  -  around  the world.  Many 
of them  are  poor  because  of many   factors,  they could  be 
classified  by  our  North  American  standards  as in   poverty,
but  is  it  really due  to  observing  the  Sabbath?   Most of 
them would   never   think   they   are   in   a  poverty  cycle 
because  they  keep  the Sabbath.   Those   whose  hearts  are 
right  with  God are  delighted  to  know the truths   of   God
(the  4th  commandment  one  of those  truths) and  so  live 
their lives   accordingly.   Not   all  by  any  stretch  of the 
imagination,  of Sunday church  goers  are  living  in   physical
richness.   Millions  of  so called  "Christians" around  the
world,  are  living  in,  or  at  times  find  themselves in   "a
poverty   cycle"  no matter which  if  any day  they  set  aside
for God. Poverty  has  a  whole  lot more  to  it  than 
"Sabbath  keeping."  But Tkach would like  his  readers  to 
believe  that  some  in  the WCG who  are  in  the  poverty cycle
can   blame  it  all  on  obeying  the  letter  of  the  Sabbath 
law.  Another falsehood  of  Satanic  deception.  If  we  wanted 
to  argue  our  way out  of poverty from the  Bible,  I  could 
use  the   example of David. During his troubles and poverty
at one time in his life,  he  looked  at  all  the  great 
wealthy  wicked  and  un-godly  persons around   him,  who  just 
thumbed  their  nose  at  God,  yet  accumulated mountains of 
He  at  first  could  not  understand  it,  but  later  came  to 
see  the truth  of  the  matter (Ps.73).
Using   this   section   of  scripture  I  could  argue  that 
your  poverty  cycle can  be  overcome   by   rejecting  God  and
being  a  part  of  the  wicked  of  the world.
Some   say   you   can   prove   anything  from the  Bible,  and 
I  guess  for  the carnal   mind that   is   true,   but   for  
those who  hunger  and  thirst  after  righteousness   there   is
only ONE WAY,  ONE  TRUTH,  and  ONE  LIFE  -  Jesus  and His 
perfect  example.

7.  Tkach  says  we  are  not  saved  by  rules.  He  is  not 
reading  ALL  the  Bible that   is obvious.   What   does  he 
think  Jesus  meant  when  He  told  the young rich  man  who 
wanted  to  know how to  enter  into  life.  " . . .if  thou 
wilt  enter into  life,   keep   the commandments"  (Mat. 19:17)?
Jesus  went  on  to make  it  clear WHICH  commandments  He
was  speaking  about.
Now   I   believe   Jesus,   how   about you?   You  are  saved 
by  grace  through faith   and not  of works,  as  Paul  was 
inspired  to  state,  but  you  will  also  never   be   saved 
without  obeying  rules.  My  article  "Saved  by  Grace" 
explains it  all  in  simple  clear language.
Notice   again   the  "judging"  issue  is  brought  back  for 
one more  punch  in your  face. 

8.   The truth of Colossians  2:16-17  is  explained  in  my 
article called  Colossians 2:16. It is   free  upon     request. 
Tkach  has  now  adopted  the  popular   Sunday   keepers  
teaching.   He   puts   the   physical letter of  the Sabbath  
law  in   the  same  bag  as  physical  sacrifices,  and  as  one
has  been put   aside   so   the  other also.  The  Sabbath  is 
debunked  to  physical  ritual and   thrown out   with  the 
blood  of  bulls  and  goats.  Another  result  of  his  inept 
reading  of God'sword. Physical  sacrifices  were from the 
beginning  - they were voluntary until God  instituted 
a  rigorous  Priesthood/Sacrifice  system  under  Moses  for  the
Israelites.  But  NEVER were sacrifices  mentioned  with  the 
TEN  COMMANDMENTS.   Many   Bible   scholars   of yesterday
(Albert Barnes,  Adam Clarke,  Matthew Henry, and other famous
writers and preachers) and  today  have  and  do  acknowledge 
that  the ten commandment law  is  the ETERNAL MORAL  LAW OF 
GOD!  They  admit  it  is  a  law of God  for  all  peoples  and 
for all  ages,  the  keeping  and  observing  of  those ten 
points  would  bring  peace, joy, happiness, and  blessings for 
everyone on earth.  The  observing  of animal  sacrifices  would 
do  no  such  thing!      
When   God   first  brought  Israel  out  of  Egypt,  He did  not
say  anything  to them   about a  sacrificial  system.  He  told 
them to  obey  His  voice  (Jer.7). He  personally   spoke   the 
TEN  commandments  to them,  they heard  His  voice (Deut.5).

To   try   and   lump   the   MORAL   law   of   God   into  the 
same mould  as  the sacrificial system   is,  to  speak  politely
- theological  ineptness,  and  to say  it  not  so  politely  -
idiotical  baffoonary.
How  anyone who  pretends  to  read  the  Bible  in  any  serious
way,  can  state that   one or   more  of the ten  commandments 
are  "done  away"  because  animal sacrifices   are  now 
"done  away"  is  hard  for me  to  fathom,  unless  I  realize
it  is   the   mind   of   Satan that is  speaking  and  not  the
mind  of the  Holy Spirit.
Here   is   what the  famous  Bible  Commentator,  Albert 
Barnes,  wrote  in  his comments on  Colossians  2:16;  ". . . 
There is no evidence,  from  this passage,   that   he would 
teach that  there was  no obligation  to observe any holy   time,
for  there  is  not  the  SLIGHTEST REASON  to  BELIEVE  that  he
meant to   teach   that   ONE  OF   THE  TEN COMMANDMENTS  HAD
CEASED TO  BE  BINDING  ON MANKIND.  No   part   of the
MORAL  LAW  -  NO ONE  of  the  ten  commandments  -  could  be 
spoken  of as 'a shadow of things  to come.'  These  commandments
are, from   the   NATURE   OF  MORAL LAW,  of  PERPETUAL  AND 
UNIVERSAL  OBLIGATION." (Barnes' Notes  on   the   New
Testament,  One  Volume  Commentary,  page  1070, emphasis  his 
and mine).                  

I could argue that Hebrews chapter 4 does use the  7th  day 
Sabbath  as  a type   and   "shadow  of things  to  come"  but 
the main  point was  clear  in  the mind   of   Albert   Barnes  
and others   of  his  time  -  the  points  of the  ten
commandments  comprise   the   MORAL  LAW of God,  binding  and 
perpetual  on  all mankind  for  all  times.
These   Ph.D   religious   commentators   of   yesterday   may  
have   sincerely believed   that the 4th commandment was
transferred to Sunday under the new covenant.             
But  they  wholeheartedly taught  all  ten  points  of that  law
was  God's   moral   law of perpetual  obligation  by  all 
mankind,  especially  those who would  call  themselves 
"Christian."   Never did  these  learned men  dream of 
synthesizing  the moral  law with  the law of animal  sacrifices,
never  did they  teach  that  as  the  one  is  void  today
(animal sacrifices)  so  is  any  part of the  other (the moral 
law of  the  ten  commandments).
This  teaching  of Tkach  has  come  about  in modern  times, 
from  the   minds of  some Protestant   funny-mentalists (funny
if it was not so serious a matter)   who   being   faced   with 
the   "Sabbath question"   had   to devise  a  way to  get  rid 
of the  4th  commandment.  The old fellows   taught   the  4th 
commandment was  Sunday,  the new guys  could  not  do that, 
so   other   ways  around  the  problem  had  to  be  invented. 
Tkach  is  now  using   most if  not  all  of them  (including 
"shadows"  and  "animal  sacrifice" ideas)  on  the  membership
of  the  WCG.
All   those  shadowy  ideas will  one  day meet  the  reality  of
Jesus,  and  the shadowy persons  who  have  shadowingly  (excuse
my  pun)  taught  them  will  hear "depart from me, ye  that work
lawlessness."   There  indeed will  be  "weeping and  gnashing 
of teeth."


All  Christians  have  an  obligation  to  live the  life  of 
the  Spirit  as children  of God, but not as slaves of the law
(Romans 8:1-17).                                 


Now   it   is   possible   to   make   a   god   out   of 
anything  -  even  the  ten commandment law of  the  Lord.  The 
Jews  of Jesus'  time  had  become  slaves  to the   Sabbath   by
their 600  rules  of do's  and  don'ts.  So yes,  it  is 
possible to   be   a   slave   to   the   letter of God's  law 
and  forget  or  neglect  love,  mercy,   judgment.   Remember  
what   Jesus  told the  Pharisees  in  Matthew  23. They   loved 
to  obey  the  letter  of the  law of tithing,  but forgot  mercy
and  judgment.   But   did  Jesus  tell  them they  should 
IGNORE  the  letter and  just  live  the  spirit?   NOT AT ALL!  
Read  it  for yourselves  friends.   Jesus  did not "do  away" 
with  the  letter.
Somehow   I   do   not  get  the  feeling  Tkach  is  saying 
what  I've  just  said. His  other words  show a more  sinister
The very section of  scripture  he  sites  contains  these 
words:  "For to be carnally   minded(the   minding  of the flesh,
mrg.  reading)  is  death;  but  to be  spiritually minded  is 
life and  peace.  Because  the  carnal  mind  is  ENMITY AGAINST 
GOD:   for  it  is  not SUBJECT TO THE  LAW OF  GOD,  neither 
indeed  can be....... Now   if   any   man  HAVE NOT THE  SPIRIT
OF CHRIST,  he  is  none  of  His" (verses  6-9).

To  live  the  life  of the  Spirit  IS TO  BE  SUBJECT TO  THE 
Did   the   Spirit  of  life  that  dwelt  in  Jesus  (and must
dwell  in  us  if  we are  to  be  His) lead  Him to  be  subject
to the  law of God?   Did  Jesus  by  His  words  or  life  teach
that the  letter  and  spirit  of the  4th  commandment was "done
away" ?  He   threw   on   the garbage heap many man made rules
and traditions concerning  Sabbath  observance,  but NEVER  in
word  or  action  did He give the  slightest  notion  that the
4th  commandment was THEN  or  LATER  to be   cast   out   along 
with   animal  sacrifices  or  physical circumcision.  He lived 
a  SINLESS  life  in  every way.  He was  perfection personified.
He never broke  God's  commandments  either  in  the  letter  or 
in  the  spirit.  He was  our PERFECT example
We   are  to  have that  very  Spirit of Christ  that was  in 
Him,  IN  US,  if we do  not we are   none  of  His.

Paul   had   just   stated  in  Romans  chapter  seven,  that the
law of God (ten commandment law,   verse  7)  was  HOLY,  JUST
and  GOOD.  That  is  was  SPIRITUAL (verses   12,14).
He  had  said  in  verse  22,  "For  I  DELIGHT in  the  law of
God after  the  inward man." 
The  whole  context  of  this  part  of Paul's  letter  is to  
LOVE,   SERVE,  DELIGHT,  OBEY the law of God.  Go  back to
chapter  6.  Look at   verse  one:   "What   shall   we   say  
then? Shall  we  continue  in  sin (the breaking   of  the  law 
-  1 Jn.3:4  with  Rom.7:7) , that  grace may  abound"?   He
answers emphatically  in  the  next  verse:  "GOD  FORBID"!
Notice  verse  six:  "Knowing  this, that our old man  is
crucified with  Him, that the body of sin might  be destroyed, 
that  henceforth we  should  NOT SERVE SIN."

Verse  12  says,  "Let  not  SIN  therefore REIGN  in  your 
mortal  body,  that ye should OBEY  IT  in  the  lusts  thereof."
Verse   15   asks   and   answers  the  "grace"  question:  "What
then?  shall  we SIN,  because we  are  not  under  the  law, 
but  under  GRACE?  GOD  FORBID"!
Now verse 18,   "Being   then   made   free   from   sin,   ye  
became   the SERVANTS(slaves)  of  RIGHTEOUSNESS."
Do   you   know a  Bible  definition of righteousness?  Here  is 
one:  ". . . .for ALL THY COMMANDMENTS  are  righteousness "  
(Psalm  119:172).
Notice   verse   19,   the   last  part:  "even  so  now yield 
your members SERVANTS (slaves) to  righteousness  unto holiness."
In   chapter   7   and   verse   25,   Paul  said  he  SERVED 
the  law of God.  His attitude  of mind was  to  love,  and  obey
it,  yet  because  he was  still  in  the flesh  he  often  came 
short  of  its  perfection.
In   one  sense,  in  the  RIGHT  sense we are to  be  SLAVES to
the  law of  God.

We  are to  be  a  DAVID!   We  should  want  God  to  be  able 
to  say  of  us  that,  "he is a man/woman  after my  own heart" 
as  He did  of David.
Why  could  God  say  this  about  David?  Read  the  Psalms  and
you  will  see.
One    of   the   greatest   qualities   David   had   was   to  
love   the   law,  commandments, statutes   and   precepts   of  
God,  as  the  Lord  Himself  loves them.
You  need  to take the time friend  and  read  Psalm I;  103;  
111;   and  119  for starters.
Look   at   Ps.119  and  verse  136.  David  said:  "Rivers  of
water run down my eyes,  because they  keep  not  thy  law."
When   you   hear   or  read  about  this  new teaching  from
Tkach  that most  of the  members   of  the  WCG  will  blindly 
follow,  do you  shed  tears?  Can  it  so trouble you that you
wake up  in  the middle  of the  night  thinking  about it? Have
you  had  days  of a  "heavy  heart"  because they "keep  not 
thy  law"?   Can you  still  shed  tears  over this like  David 
Friend,   I  have.   And  as  a  servant  and  minister  of  the
Most  High,  I  must take the time to  answer Tkach  in  fine 
In   the   correct  sense   our   attitude   should  be that we 
are  SERVANTS  -  SLAVES  - to  the  law of God.  We  are  to 
love  the  Lord  with  all  of our  heart,  soul  and mind. 
That,  as  I  have  shown you,  is  commanded  of us  in  BOTH 
old, and  new  covenant.  And the  new  covenant  says:  "For 
this  is  the  LOVE  OF  GOD,  that   we  KEEP  HIS COMMANDMENTS:
The   new   covenant  also  sates:   "And  hereby we do  KNOW
saith,  I  know Him,  and  keepeth  NOT HIS  COMMANDMENTS, is a
liar, and the TRUTH IS NOT  IN  HIM.......And whatsoever   we  
ask,   we receive  of Him,  BECAUSE we keep His commandments, and
do  those things that are pleasing in His sight....... And  this 
IS LOVE,  that   we   WALK AFTER   HIS   COMMANDMENTS....... Here
is the patience of the saints,   here are they that KEEP THE
they that DO HIS COMMANDMENTS, that they may have right to the
tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city."
(1 John 2:3-4;  3:2?;  2 John 6; Revelation 14:12; 22:14).

WORLD-WIDE  NEWS  -  JANUARY 24th,  1995

But  the physical  keeping of the Sabbath  is  not  part  of  our
new  covenant  obligation (Galatians  4:1-31).


Once more in BLACK and WHITE,  right  before your  eyes. There it
is, as clear as day, the new teaching of the WCG - the old
teaching of some (probably most) of the Pro-testant
funny-mentalists, popularly  known as  fundamentalists. 
The Sabbath,  as  written  in Exodus  20  is  "void" -  "done
away"   under  the  new covenant. 
Galatians  chapter  4,  especially  verses  9-11 is  called  upon
to try  and  prove  their  stand  of  "no  Sabbath  observance."
Does   the   Bible   contradict   itself?   Hebrews  chapter  4 
in  the  original  Greek absolutely   proves   there   is  
presently  -  to  day  - still  a  Sabbath    keeping   for   the
people of God,  which  is  the  7th  day  of the week  (verses
4,9),   and  those  that  enter God's rest  cease from his  OWN
WORK,  AS  GOD  DID FROM   HIS (verse  10).  Now  if  this 
is  to be  understood  that we  cease  from our  sins  and  enter
a  spiritual  rest,  then  so  it must  be  understood  for  God
also.   The   very   wording applies  to  both mankind  and 
God.  Did  God  on  that 7th   day  of  creation  CEASE  FROM 
SIN  TO  ENTER SPIRITUAL  REST?   No way!   Not  in  your wildest

dreams!   The Lord,   ". . .  RESTED from all  HIS WORK which 
God  CREATED  and   MADE" (Gen.2:3).
The  immediate context  before  this  verse gives  you  the 
plain  truth what God  had  been  doing  on  the 
previous  six  days - the   work  He  had  been  busy with was 
PHYSICAL  CREATION WORK! God rested on  that  7th  day from THAT
WORK  and  so blessed and sanctified (set apart) the  7th  day.  
It  is  so  simple  a  child  can understand,  I  understood  it 
when I was 7 years old and starting to  read  the  Bible  and 
being taught  to recite the  Ten Commandments of Exodus 20. 

So   does   the   Bible   contradict   itself?   Many   say   it 
does  and  remain  infidels  and scoffers and atheists. 
Did Paul in Galatians 4 say there was no Sabbath to observe,
contradicting  Hebrew which  says, "there remains a Sabbath
keeping to the people of God"?  And  did Paul  to the  Galatians 
teach  there was  no Sabbath   keeping,  while  to  the  Romans 
teach  they  could  choose whatever  day  they  wanted  as  the 
Sabbath (Rom.14)? Turn   to Galatians  4:10.   Can  you 
find written  the word  "Sabbath"?   Can you   find   written, 
"Ye  observe  the  4th commandment"?   Can  you  find written, 
"Ye   observe  the Jewish  Sabbath'?   Is  it written in  this 
verse,  "Ye  observe old  covenant  days"?   Is  it written 
here,  "Ye  observe  Sabbaths of the  law  of  Moses " ? No  
such words,  language  or phrases  are used!   That  alone 
should  get you wondering  about  the  correctness  of  these 
funda-mental  Protestants  and WCG of  late.
I  have  an  article  that  explains  this  verse  of Galatians
4, correctly!   I have   a  study article  on  the  book  of
Galatians  as  a  whole  -  it  is in-depth., but   it   will 
help you understand  that  book  like you  have  never 
understood it  before  -  the   title   is   "A Study  in  the 
book  of Galatians."   I  must because   of  very   limited  
funds   ask  for  a donation  of  $5  for  that  study paper.
If   you   do   not   want   to   write  for the  article  or 
the  study  paper  for whatever  reason, 
I want to finish my comment  here with  this. The  good  old 
boys   of   yesterdays   Protestant persuasion,  who  still 
upheld  all  the  ten commandments   as  God's  eternal  moral 
law, did  not  believe  Paul  was  "'doing away"  with  the  4th 
commandment  in  Galatians  4:10.
I   will   quote   again   from   Albert   Barnes   (Barnes' 
Notes  from the  New Testament, One Vol.  edition, page 947:  "It
is not a fair interpretation   of this  to  suppose that  the 
apostle refers  to  the Sabbath, properly so called,  for  this 
was  a part  of the  Decalogue,  and  was observed by the SAVIOR
HIMSELF, and by the APOSTLES also.  It is a fair interpretation 
KEPT HOLY IN  THE  SCRIPTURES; and hence the passage is as
applicable to the observance of SAINTS' DAYS,   and   days  in 
honor  of  particular events  in SACRED history,  as  to the 
DAYS OBSERVED BY THE  Galatians. There is  as  real  servitude 
in the observance  of  the numerous  festivals  and  fasts  in 
the Papal  communion,  and in  some  Protestant  churches, 
as  there was  in  the observance   of   the   days   in  the 
Jewish  ecclesiastical  calendar;  and, for anything  that I  can

see,  such  observances  are  as inconsistent  now,  with the  
freedom of  the  gospel, as they were  in  the time  of  Paul . 
PROVED  GOD  HAS   COMMANDED US,  AND NO  MORE"  (emphasis  his 
and mine).

Thank you  Albert  Barnes  and  I  say  "amen"  to your  comment.

You   will   never   learn   the   truth  about  the  book  of
Galatians  from the present  leaders of the  WCG.   You  will 
learn more  truth  about  this  "hard to understand"   writing  
of  Paul from the commentary  of  Barnes,  than  from Tkach.  It 
is possible your  Public  Library will have the one volume work
of Barnes' Notes on the New Testament.


But to say that the Sabbath is a binding command on Christians in
the    New   Testament, and   to   forbid   employment   as   a  
requirement   for membership,  is  to misunderstand  and 
misapply  the  Scriptures.  (On  the  other hand,   to   play  
golf   or go  to  sports  stadiums  instead  of  assembling  for
worship is  wrong).


As goes out the one, so  comes  in  the other.  Naturally,  now
that  the Sabbath   commandment has  been  relegated  to  the
trash  can  by  the  WCG,  they will   not   think  about   it  
much anymore,  nor will  they teach members  or candidates  for 
baptism that  the  breaking  of the 4th  commandment  IS  SIN.
The   theology  of the  WCG will  now be much  the  same  as 
their  other  sister churches  of the WOMAN  BABYLON mentioned 
in  Revelation  17:5.   Her daughters may  say  bowing to  idols 
is  sin,  they may  say  stealing  is  sin,  they may 
say adultery is sin, they may say you should observe 9 of the 10
commandments  but   the   Sabbath command  -  it  is  not 
binding  on  Christians today,   they   tell  you.  And  to 
teach  that you  are forbidden  to  be employed in  secular work 
on  that  day,  is  close  to  out and  out  heresy  in  their
eyes, certainly   it   would   be   classified   as  fanatical. 
How the  truth  has  been turned  upside down,  indeed  black  is

called white  and  white  is  called black in many churches 
You will now begin to see in the WCG a move away from teaching
what the Bible defines  as sin (the   new  covenant  defines  it 
very  clearly),  a move away  from the  Bible  definition 
of  righteousness,  a  move  away  from what  is  true 
repentance,  sanctification,  and  holiness, as  defined  by  the
word  of  the   Lord.  You will  see  an ever  increase of man
made rules,  regulations, traditions,  and  psychological 
philosophies. It  is  already  happening  in the  statement 
above from Tkach.

He   has   been   busy   telling   you   that   the   4th 
commandment  of the  old covenant   is NOT   BINDING   under the 
new covenant,  what  it  commanded then does   not   apply 
today.  He  has  been  telling you  that  you  no  longer  have 
to look into  the  old   covenant to  see  how you  should 
regulate your life  to comply to  the Sabbath  command.  By  his 
very words,  and  his  very  teaching  on  the   subject,   you  
no   longer  have to  use  Isaiah 58:13,14 to  instruct  and 
guide you  in  Sabbath  observance.  
Those  verses  say:  "If  thou turn  away  thy  foot   from   the

sabbath,  from doing  THY PLEASURE  on  MY  HOLY DAY;  and  call
the   sabbath  a  DELIGHT,  the  HOLY  of  the Lord,  HONOURABLE;

and shalt  honour Him,   NOT   DOING   THINE   OWN   WAYS,   NOR 
Then  shalt thou  delight thyself  in  the  Lord;  and I  will 
cause  thee  to  ride  upon the  high  places  of the  earth,
and  feed  thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the
mouth of the Lord hath spoken it."
The very next verses put this in the context of SIN and INIQUITY.
You need to read Isaiah chapter 59, verses one through to
fifteen. Remember in the original Hebrew there was no divisions
of chapters and verses.

The   WCG   will   no   longer  use  this  section  of the  old 
covenant  to  teach people   about the  Sabbath  command,  for 
to  them the  4th  commandment  is not binding  on  Christians 
in  the  new testament.
Now, if it is not binding then it is not sin.  If we are
permitted by God to do something then it  is  not  breaking  a 
law,  or  rule,  God  tells  us  to not   break.  That  should 
be  simple to  understand,  should  it  not?   So  if the Sabbath

command is  "no more"  then  there  are no words  to  define what

should  or  should  not  be  done  on that  day.  There  is  then

no definition  of  sin  for  that   command   as   that   command

is  not  a  command  any more, under the  new covenant, 
according  to Tkach .   If that  is so,  and  human  logical
reasoning would  deduce  that  is  so,  WHY  DOES  TKACH  TELL 
YOU THAT "to play golf or to go to sports stadiums instead of
assembling for worship is wrong"?

Paul  said:  "......but  sin  is  not  imputed when  there  is 
no  law"  (Rom.5:13).  And  he   also said:   "....... for  
where  no  law  is,  there  is  no transgression" also,  ".......
for  by  the  law is  the  knowledge  of  sin"  (Rom. 4:15; 
If   the   Sabbath   command   is  no  longer binding  on 
Christians  in  the  new testament, if  that  law  is  "unbound" 
-  "done  away"  -  then  by  the very words Paul   was  inspired
to  preach  under  the  new covenant,  there  IS  NO SIN  FOR
It is just that simple - no law - no sin! As long as you are not
doing other sins (that   the  Bible defines  as  sin)  on the 
7th,  or the  5th,  or  the 1st,  or any  day  of  the week,  you

can DO WHAT  YOU  LIKE!  You  are  breaking  no  Sabbath   law  
or  command   by   doing sinless   activities,  because the  4th
commandment   law   is not  a  law  anymore,  and where there  is

no  law  there  is  no  transgression,  no  knowledge of  sin, 
and  sin  is  not reckoned  or  marked  on  your  tab  when 
there  is  no  law.

You  will  notice Tkach  says  it   is  wrong   to  play  golf 
or  attend  sports  stadiums  instead of worship  services.  He 
did  not  use  the word  "sin"  for he can   not,   for  the 
reasons I  have  just  pointed  out to you.  He  is wiser than 
that,  he hasn't  forgotten  these  verses I  have  just  talked 
about.  He  knows the bottom line of the theology  he  now
espouses  and teaches  -  no  law  -  no sin.   So   he   can  
not   tell  you it  is  sin  to  play  golf  on  the Sabbath,  or
attend  the  local  football  game.  Those things 
he  says  would  be  "wrong "  -  a word  that  to  most  of  us 
is  LESS  than  sin.
He  has  before  stated  in  his writings  that the WCG  will 
continue to meet on  Saturday  for worship  services  so  he
would  argue,  under  the  "spirit  of the   new   testament"  it
would be  "wrong" (in  his  estimation) to  play a  game of golf 
instead  of  attending worship services.
Do you  see what  is  going  on  here?   Tkach  and  the  leaders
of  the WCG  have told   you there   is   no   longer  any
Sabbath  command  as  defined  by the  old covenant   and  the 
4th commandment  of  Exodus  20, so  they  know then  there  is 
no sin  for   breaking   it.   Now they must try to devise ways
to still  get their  members to attend Saturday worship services.

Man  made  philosophies and   teachings  must  be employed  to 
hold  the  people  together for Saturday services.  They will
claim this human dogma is within the spirit of the  new
covenant   -   not   called   sin,   but   "wrongs"  and 
"rights"  -  "better"  and  "worse."   This will  be  the  way 
for  a  while,  get the  people  brain  washed  to it,  get  them

accustomed to  it,  then,  believe me  it will  come,  they  can 
move along  to  the  next  step on  their time table  -  a  
change  from  Saturday  worship  services  to SUNDAY  worship 


The   Sabbath   does   not   appear   in   any   of   the  "sin 
lists"  in  the  New Testament.   Nor   does  it  appear  in  any

of  the  commands or  lists  of  virtues  in the  New 


See,  he  is  telling  his  readers  the  keeping  of the 
Sabbath  command OR  the not  keeping of   it   is  NOT VIRTUE OR
SIN.  It  is  just  "no  there"  any more according  to  Tkach, 
so it  can  not  be virtue  to  keep  it,  nor  can  it  be  sin,
not to observe  it   -  according  to  the WCG.
I could  argue  that  the Sabbath  command  is  included  in  the
"sin  list"  of  Galatians 5:19-21. I could argue that  it would 
come  under  and  be included in  HERESIES (the teaching 
that the Sabbath command was "done away" under   the   new  
covenant   would   have   been huge heresy to James and  the
Jerusalem  church,   and  to  Paul - more  proof of that  later).

I  could  argue that   the   Sabbath   command  could  come 
under  Paul's  words  in  verse 21  "and such   like." I  could 
argue  that  the Sabbath command  is  included  in  the lists 
of  virtues  in  the  new testament,  under the word  "love"  of
Galatians 5:22,  for   "love  is the  fulfilling  of the  law" 
(see Romans  13:9,10).  I could  argue  this  way with many more 
new covenant  Scriptures,  but  to  the mind  of Tkach  he would 
not  be  persuaded on  this point  unless  I  could  show him 
the specific  phrase containing  the  specific word  "Sabbath" 
or  "fourth commandment." I  know how his  mind  is working,  I 
have  encountered  it many times  from  other  Protestant
ministers and members.  This  is just  another  tactic  to  NOT 
live by every word  of God  as  Jesus  said  we  should,  and 
just  plainly  rebel  at  the  one commandment of God they think
is "old  fashioned" and  very troubling  for  our modern 
demanding work-a-world societies.                      

The truth of the matter as to why the specific Sabbath  command
was not listed in the virtues or  sin  lists  of the  New
Testament  is  the  HISTORICAL and BIBLICAL  fact  that  Sabbath 
keeping  in  those days was  NO  BIG  DEAL!   The need  to 
mention  it  as  some  BIG  sin or some GREAT virtue for God's
people was not relevant to the everyday Christian life of the 
The  Jewish  people were  granted  full  religious  freedom under
the Romans. Any child  can see  that  by  just  reading the 
Gospels  and  book  of  Acts. 
The Jews  were  free  to worship on and observe the Sabbaths of
the  Lord.  They were free to have their Temple and  synagogues, 
free to travel from all parts of the Empire to Jerusalem for the
Festivals. The Jewish societies were built upon, and around, the
7th  day - Sabbath  observance. 
It was not a Sunday  observing society  -  it was  a 
Saturday(Sabbath)  observing  society!
The Gentiles of the Roman Empire were free to became Jewish
proselytes. Again, just read the first  five  books  of  the  new

covenant.   Many  Gentiles did accept  the  Jewish  faith  and 
served  God  as  the  Jews  did,  which  meant  they  observed 
the  Sabbath  command  as found  in  the  old  covenant.   They
attended  the  synagogue services  on  the  Sabbath  and 
heard   Moses  and  the  Law  was  read   to  them (Acts 
15:19-21).  Being  converted to Christ  and  the  new covenant
Church  of God (which was looked upon as a sect of Judaism by
the Romans and  the Jews  -  read the book  of  Acts),  and 
keeping  the  Sabbath was  NO BIG DEAL, no BIG virtue in human
estimation.  Thousands  of  Jews and Gentiles  were  keeping 
the  Sabbath outside of the Church  of God.   The  Sabbath 
question  was  NOT A QUESTION OR  ISSUE  for  the Apostolic
Church of God.  It was a part of life and part of accepted 
society in  those days.

The Sabbath comes around  once every 7 days.  It is by nature a
more physical  law - do not do your regular work, rest and
worship God in reading His word, singing, praying, fellowship
and  attending  Church.   We can  only  break  the  Sabbath  once
a week  as  it  comes  to us.  We can  only  keep the  Sabbath 
once  a week as  it  comes to us.  A society geared around
Sabbath (7th day) observance would make that commandment
EASY to comply with and not  break(unless   you  were  part  of 
the  Pharisees  with their  600  man  made rules.

But  many (if  not  all)  of  the  sins  listed  in  the  "sin 
lists"  of  the new   covenant   were an  EVERYDAY - day in day
out - battle to overcome and put away from their minds, actions, 
deeds, heart, and living situations of daily life in a society
that fed on those sins.  Look  at the sin  list  in Galatians 5.
These were  sins  that  God's  people had  to  fight,  overcome, 
and put away, on a daily living experience. Some of them MUCH
HARDER to overcome than the once a week  Sabbath  command.   Yes,
the Sabbath  can  be broken by wrong  actions,  wrong words, and
wrong  thoughts, and most  Sabbath keepers do break it from time
to time in those areas, but if we are honest about it, and if you

have  been around as many  Sabbath  keepers as  I  have over  the

last  35  years,  you  will  admit  that once  in  the groove of
Sabbath observance,  it   is   easy  to   follow   in   the main.

There are millions of Sabbath keepers around the world, most of
them have the right attitude and love to serve the Lord  in  the 
light  they  have been   given.
Most of them  have  little trouble keeping  the  Sabbath, some
have  lost  jobs, not  been  able  to accept jobs, because of the
Sabbath.  Some have had to observe it secretly in the country
they lived in. But most once in the swing  of  keeping  the 
fourth  commandment  manage  very nicely  thank  you. Most of
them will tell you they have much more difficulty overcoming and 
putting away OTHER SINS that   can   plague  them  every  day  of

the  week.
Sabbath breaking is not found in the sin lists of the new
covenant because it was NOT AMAJOR   PROBLEM  AND   SIN  TO 
OVERCOME  in  the  world  of  the Apostles.

Sabbath keeping is not mentioned in the virtue lists of the new
covenant because it was no BIG VIRTUE to keep the Sabbath in a 
Sabbath  observing  society  at the  time of the Apostles. The
sin of "lying with a beast" (having sex with an animal) is not
specifically named in any of the "sin"   lists  in  the  new
covenant,  not because  it  is  no longer  a  sin (it  was  under

the  old covenant, see Lev.18:23-30), but because it was not a
big problem among  those coming into the Church, just as it is
not preached about or mentioned much in the Church today - it is
not a wide daily sin issue today nor was it at the time of the
apostles. It was a larger problem among the  nations  that 
Israel  would  encounter  as  they  went into  the  promised  

Not practicing such a sin is not named in the virtue lists of the
new covenant, not because it is not a  virtue to refrain  from
such  sins,  but because  it  was NOT A  PROBLEM of  the  time,
and so did not warrant any specific mention as some great virtue
on the Christian's part. The virtues mentioned are obviously
virtues that most people in the Church had problems attaining
and  practicing.  The Apostles felt no obligation in having to
repeat all the sins and virtues and commandments of the old
testament, and the new testament. People could, as James said:
"For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him,
being read in the synagogue every Sabbath day" (Acts 15:12). 
They could, after sometimes being told about specific areas of
sins they had (Acts  15:20), go to the Church on the Sabbath and
learn more - learn how to live by every word of God.  They  could

learn  "everything  about  sin but  were  afraid  to  as"  and
"everything  about  righteousness  but  were  afraid  to ask"
from the old covenant, from attending  Sabbath  services,  and 
from the  true  servants  of the Lord.
If the Apostles were here with us today, in our societies, then
their list of sins and list of virtues, would probably be
somewhat different than when they wrote their lists  in  the
first  century A.D.


At  creation,  God  rested   on  the  seventh  day  and 
sanctified  it.  But  we also  need to  understand  that  at 
creation,  God  gave  no  command  to human  beings  regarding 
keeping  the  day  as  a  Sabbath.  The  day  is  not  called 
the Sabbath  at  creation,  it is  called  the  seventh  day. 
There  is  no  commandment regarding  the  Sabbath  until 
after  the  Exodus.  The  Sabbath  commandment  is  based  on 
God's  rest  in  the creation  account,  but  there  is  simply 
no  biblical  teaching   that  a  Sabbath commandment  existed 
before  God  formed  a  relationship  with  the  Israelites, a 
relationship  codified  at  Mt. Sinai.......   



Written April 1995

All articles and studies by Keith Hunt may be copied, published,
e-mailed, and distributed as led by the Spirit. Mr. Hunt trust
nothing will be changed without his consent.    

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