Keith Hunt - Political Voting and the Christian? Restitution of All

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Political Voting and the Christian?

Should we get envolved in it all?


                                Keith Hunt

     Christians VOTING in secular political elections?....The
whole thing and idea is theologically imbalanced!!!

     Well, not because a "Christian" can not in God's eyes be an
official in Government....for Joseph was and so was
Daniel....BUT, and HERE'S THE BIG HUGE MASSIVE BUT.....but those
men were TRUE men of God, who had the  POWER and the AUTHORITY to
rule those under them...(yes, some will be shocked, but it was in
many ways...dictatorial power they had). Those two men (Joseph
and Daniel) observed the Sabbath, and Feasts of God, and ALL of
the Lord's laws etc. and could dictate (especially Joseph) the
COMMANDMENTS of God. Joseph was and had all things under his
command, the only thing not granted him  was the king's
wife...remember that part? 

     People do not stop to realize that for a while Egypt, under
Joseph, was a GODLY nation, obeying the very commandments of God

     Our nations today are as far as east is from west in REALLY
OBEYING GOD and even "in God we trust" is a laugh. When push
comes to pull, we do not trust in God. We have a form of
godliness yes, but as Paul said, we deny the POWER thereof. 
     We do not hear much about it any more but ABORTIONS are
still being done by the thousands each day. And on and on I could
go with our sins and abominations, while we try to say we are
"Christian nations."

     There is NOT ONE Joseph in ANY government of any nation on
earth today....if there was one in Canada (where I am) then I
would be FIRST in line to vote for him ... but God says in His
prophetic word that our priests are PROFANE and our "leaders" are
MAD! Tough words, but I did not write them, they are there for
all to see in the prophetic word of the Almighty God.

     Now, look at this logically. 

     So one Christian thinks they are led by the Spirit to vote
for this guy for President. But another Christian thinks and
believes God's Spirit leads him to vote for this other guy as
President, or Primeminister.
     Hummmm....only ONE becomes President, or Primeminister. So
the one that voted for the one that did NOT become President, did
he vote then AGAINST God, if we believe the other guy got in
because HE was chosen of God. Then if it was the other way around
and the one we just said did NOT get in as President, did get in
because he was chosen of God, then the first fellow voted against goes in a circle. If you think God is somehow directing
whoever, and whatever "political party." The real truth of the
matter is that God ain't in any of it to begin with. Maybe now
and again God intervenes, for His overall purpose, in some of our
national events. I truly believe the Lord did some miracles for
Britain and America in the Second World War, so His overall end-
time plan for the nations of this world would be according to His
will and to His basic plan. But for Him to do such things at
times, is still a long way from saying or believing God is "into"
our "political form" or parties of politics. If He is then, we
are back to having to admit that some "sincere" Christians have
voted AGAINST God if voting for the man and his political party
that DID NOT gain the power and leadership of our nation, which
the other Christians want to say was the "one" chosen by God, the
one THEY voted for.

     Even if a sincere "Christian" as I suppose Reagan was, and
as Bush Jr. is, got into power, they are in a straight-jacket
pulled by many factors, that are not "godly" and they have to
concede and "go with" or "give into" many of those pulls of the
political world. The political world is, let's face it, often
corrupt, deceitful, often lying, cover-ups, concessionary, and
sorry to say, darn right sinful and evil at times. One modern day
sin of nations is "abortion on demand" - the so-called "freedom
of choice" argument, that has won the day.  Has ANY leader of any
Western nation DEMANDED and PUSHED for, and taken POWER to STOP
abortion on demand? NOT ONE, NOT ONE, whoever you want to name!! 

     The whole thing in our modern world of "politics" and the
corruptions and power of "lobby groups" - the lies, the
cover-ups, the under-cover deals, what goes on behind closed
doors, and the lack of power that even someone like Bush (who
claims to be against abortion, as also did Reagan) do not have to
prevent sins like abortion (and others that will eventually be
here, like gay marriages, in Canada it is just about the law of
the land, and surely will be in the next ten years), makes
Christians entering the political voting scene a complete SHAM.

     Now if you can and are given the opportunity to vote on 
ISSUES,....that is a whole other story. If I was given the chance
to vote on an all nation vote, on the issue of
allow or not allow ... on freedom demand idea ... then I would be
FIRST IN LINE to cast my vote. In Canada, we are allowed to vote
on "issues" with a big FAT ZERO .... we never have any national
vote on "an issue."
     The fact is if the people were allowed to vote on "death"
for certain crimes, Canada would have the death penalty back in
this country ... but we AIN'T given a chance to vote on that
issue or any other issue.

     The politics of our nations of the West are corrupt, there
is no Joseph anywhere in ANY of the parties in ANY of our

     I have NEVER voted, not once, in any Government election.
I'm still looking for a Joseph, when I find him, then and only
then will I vote. And even if there was a Joseph out there I
doubt he would even get out of the dugout in this modern
political world. He would be laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of.
Why, such a Joseph, would not even be liked by the majority of
Christians, for the majority of Christians do not live according
to the way and mindset of a man of God like Joseph.


Entered on this Website August 2004

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