I've gone over the article.  We know that Satan did put thoughts or spoke to Jesus, when He was in the wilderness 40 days....Satan came along and tempted Jesus. Whether  is  was  audible  or  in  the  mind,  does  not  matter  per  se.  Satan  was  able  to  talk  to  Jesus  in  the  mind,  or  Jesus'  mind  picked  up  the  words  of  the  Devil. Jesus once rebuked  Peter to "get you behind my Satan...." Peter was saying the things of men influenced by Satan.

From the article:

"(1Ch.28:9)… The Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts…  In the spirit realm thoughts are audible to the mind of God and demons.  God and demons can in turn impart the gift to read minds.  I have read the thoughts of men by the Holy Spirit.  A man once asked me if I knew what he was thinking.  At that moment the Holy Spirit gave it to me and for several minutes the man was awed at the power of God.  Also when I first went to a full gospel Church I witnessed Christians exorcising a demon-possessed man who thought he was a woman.  He also demonstrated the ability to read minds when the unbelieving Christians asked for a demonstration.  Familiar spirits or spirits of divination in magicians, wizards, mediums, etc. have demonstrated the power to read minds in front of audiences of people."


Certainly it can be true that the Holy Spirit could give the person what the other person was thinking. It would be a spiritual gift, one of the many gifts of the Spirit, for the use as God saw fit for His purpose at the time. BUT it could also be the working of Satan. It could be also used by the Devil to influence two people, or two people within a "church" setting, and it would for many people, be a confirmation that they are part of the children of God, when they are really a part of the many false and deceived Christians of this world. Satan can work what people would look at as miracles. The book of Revelation shows us that very clearly - Satan in the very last days with work miracles through people. 

So yes, the Devil can and does work through people to deceive others into thinking it is from God or the Holy Spirit. So also then a part of the great deception Satan the Devil is doing in this world.

Also from this article:

"Now here we can use a little Holy Spirit reasoning.  How could Satan insert thoughts unless he knows the text of your thought?  If you went into your computer to edit a text, how could you insert thoughts unless you could read the text of the computer's mind?  If you just inserted a thought anywhere without knowing the text you would make a nonsensical document and anyone would know that someone inserted something.  So it is with us.  If Satan or demons inserted something nonsensical everyone would know that they are at work.  They do their best work undercover and they know it.  How would Satan be able to tempt us if he was so dysfunctional?  We would know it was him immediately.  How then would it be temptation?"


Of course Satan can know the context. When he's working with "mediums" to contact the "departed world" for people who want to talk to their departed loved one, he knows the context of what is going on - they are there to contact departed souls, for the benefit of those still on earth. He obviously knows why these people have come to the medium. 

Satan the Devil has many many ways to deceive people; look at the world and see all the different ideas, different ways people think, different religions, different "isms" as we say; different sects, different cults, different Christian churches [some with huge differences from others]. They can not ALL be right or correct. 

Now we also have to remember the human mind and heart..... without the Devil and demons being around doing their work; the human heart/mind can also tempt us.... bringing us to James 1:13-15.  It also brings us to Jeremiah 17:9,10  "The heart is [not in the Hebrew] CAN BE deceitful above all things [not in the Hebrew], and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the Lord search the heart...."

The heart/mind CAN BE desperately wicked...... but not always; all people though sinners [wicked] are NOT desperately wicked. But indeed the human heart CAN BECOME desperately wicked. And all that does not have to include Satan or the demons working overtime with that individual.

Satan/demons and our own heart are our enemies. It is also then why Paul wrote: "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice....Let your moderation be known unto all men....And the God of peace which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. FINALLY, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK ON  THESE  THINGS" (Philippians 4:4-8).

God is there to help us through His Holy Spirit; Jesus said He is more willing to give it to us than we are to ask for it. And with God's Spirit we can fight the good fight, we can put on the whole amor of God and withstand the wiles of the Devil. We do our part by mainly keeping our minds of what Paul has mentioned. Certainly we notice the evil around us, we sorrow for the world in its pain and evil that is out there; we do not shut out the world; we pray for God's Kingdom to come, and wickedness and evil to be no more. Yes we need to keep our eye on the world, so we can know how to be a good example of living and thinking to others, to be able to help when and how we can. A christian does not cut himself off from the world; the Christian is the "light" to the world - a city on a hill that cannot be hid. BUT in the main we keep a positive mind-set; in the main we think and dwell upon whatsoever is TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY, GOOD REPORT, VIRTUE, PRAISE.

And by so doing we need not fear the power [that for now has been granted] of the Devil or his demons.

I live by the POWER of Christ in me, and I seldom think of Satan and the demons, except when writing such as this short study.