The unconverted world will say that you can do whatever you want AS LONG AS ITS NOT HURTING ANYBODY ELSE.  Robbing a bank is hurting others, but they don't think that homosexuality is hurting others.  They say that it's none of their business what other people do as long as it's not affecting them.


Homosexuality/Lesbianism  does  hurt  others  -  it  hurts  a  whole  society.  It  finally  goes  where  it  has  gone  today  -  same  sex  marriage,  then  raising  children  within  that  context.  It  breaks  down  the  God  made  and  ordained  family.  God  created  man  and  woman;  he  created  Adam  and  Eve,  not  Adam  and  Steve.  God  made  woman  for  man.  He  brought  them  together,  and  said  they  should  reproduce.  No  where  in  the  Old  Testament  is  same  sex  love  or  marriage  sanctioned,  in  fact  just  the  opposite  is  the  truth  of  the  matter. And  the  New  Testament  upholds  the  Old  Testament  truth  on  this  issue. 

The  UN-converted  world  can  say  all  it  wants  to  say  on  this  matter,  it  does  not  affect  God,  and  his  law  regarding  sex  and  marriage. Anything  contrary  to  God's  laws  and  decrees,  is  hurting  society.


There are obvious problems from homosexual behavior that can hurt those involved, but:

1) It is said that those people involved with the homosexual acts have consented among themselves to put themselves at risk, so as long as nobody was forced into those acts, then we shouldn't have the right to tell them what they can and can not do.


Of  course  this  is  said  by  un-converted  people. Homosexuals  and  Lesbians  want  to  do  what  they  do,  so  they  will  give  this  argument.  It  is  the  same  argument  used  by  those  who  want  "freedom  of  choice"  or  "abortion  on  demand" for  abortions.  Because  it  is  argued  and  done  by  those  who  will  not,  do  not  want,  God's  laws  and  the  Bible  to  rule  them,  it  is  quite  natural  to  use  this  argument.  They  think  there  is  no  risk  but  between  the  two  people,  but  that  is  not  so,  because  same  sex  lovers  will,  like  un-converted  heterosexuals,  have  sex  before  "marriage"  -  have  divorces  -  have  more  than  one  marriage,  have  sex  with  whoever  of  the  same  sex,  before  and  during  periods  of  "singleness"  just  as  the  heterosexuals  do.  Eventually  sexual  disease  is  the  result,  as it  is  in  the  heterosexual  world.  

GOD   does  tell  is  what  to  do  to  live  within  his  laws  and  way  of  life,  and  that  includes  our  sex  life.  Disobey  God's  sex  laws  and  you  get  into  trouble  sooner  or  later.

2) They will say that there are problems with heterosexual intercourse, so this can't be an argument against homosexual behavior.  People can get diseases and such from heterosexual intercourse.


The  gays  look  at  the  heterosexual  world  and  can  rightly  see  that  that  world  also  has  diseases..... of  course  it  does,  because  they  disobey  God's  sex  laws..... no  sexual  intercourse  before  marriage;  no  adultery  in  marriage;  and  under  the  New  Testament  no  flippant  divorces.  If  the  world  was  obeying  God's  laws  on  sex  there  would  be  no  sexual  diseases.  As  God  said  to  ancient  Israel  "obey  my  laws  and  I  will  put  none  of  these  diseases  upon  you" - Ex. 15:26.

3) They will say that whatever physical maladies come from homosexuality, they are societal.  In other words, they don't need to exist per se.  For instance, homosexuals have the highest rate of AIDS carry in the United States.  They'll say this doesn't necessarily need to be that way.  Gays could just give each other orgasms through masturbation or something.  I think that gonorrhea of the throat may be more prevalent among homosexuals, but they'll say that this doesn't have to be the case, either.  They could take precautions just as heterosexuals do, who also engage in oral sex.


Yes,  correct  to  a  point...... but  the  point  is  the  un-converted  world  will  only  do  it  to  a  point;  the  heterosexual  world  only  does  it  to  a  point,  but  will  not  do  it  to  the  full  point  of  God's  laws  on  sex.  The  gay  world  would  be  no  different..... they  would  only  do  it  to  a  point;  when  the  fleshly  appetite  rises  strong,  they  would  make  all  the  same  mistakes  that  the  heterosexual  world  makes  in  its  fleshly  appetite  with  sex.

4) Homosexuality involves more than just sex.  People will say that we have no right to tell people who they can and can not love.  Even those who think that homosexuality brings about physical maladies, or might, will say that love between people is what really matters.


Again,  of course  they  will  say  this,  they  are  un-converted  in  spirit,  they  are  governed  by  their  flesh.  They  do  not  know  what  "love"  is,  or  how  love  should  be  directed  and  to  whom  sexual  love  should  be  manifested,  and  when  it  should  be  manifested.  They  are  governed  by  themselves,  or  as  the  proverb  says,  "There  is  a  way  that  seems  right  unto  men,  but  the  end  thereof  are  the  ways  of  death" - Prov. 14: 12.

The  natural  mind  will  say  you  have  no  right  to  say  whom  I  should  love [sexually - we are speaking in the sexual context].  BUY  God  says  HE  HAS  THE  RIGHT  to  say  how  we  should  live,  but  he  forces  no  one;  choosing  to  ignore  him  and  his  ways,  brings  sin,  diseases,  wars,  sickness,  sexual  disease,  fornication,  adultery,  broken  homes,  gay  marriages,  and  all  the  wrong  ways  of  life,  that  are  contrary  to  God's  ways  of  life.  

Well, those are among the most prevalent views of the world today on this matter.


YES..... the  typical  UN-converted  mind-set  of  the  world;  so  the  world  reaps  what  it  sows.