Q. As far as boxing goes, I think it can be alright.  There are many ways to box without guys knocking each other out.  The police practice boxing, and I know someone who got into martial arts because of the police.  He got into trouble, and they gave him the option of learning how to box, and he would have to box the police.  Now, you're going to have to go harder when you're training for a real fighting situation, maybe even sometimes where you might accidentally knock someone out.  If you can't practice hard, then how are you going to handle a real fight?  I know from experience that some martial arts schools don't even fight each other.  All they do is perform drills and kata.  When they go to fighting tournaments, they end up injured because they're not used to getting hit.  I'm not even talking about full contact fighting.  I'm talking about point fighting, which is almost like a game of tag.

ANSWER ***Okay.... a  kind  of  the  Olympic  "sword fencing"  -  if  no  punches  to  the  head;  people  wearing  a  protection  vest..... okay  Olympic Fencing type of thing,  the  vest  would  have  zones  -  one section one point, another section  two  pionts  etc. Yes that kind of thing would be okay for the age to come.

Q. One other thing that's been bothering me: You use the example of needing toilet paper as logic against evolution.  You ask why evolution would have failed to make it so that we need toiler paper.  I've never noticed this as an argument before, but I know how evolutionists would respond.  They'd say that this is proof of evolution, since it's a process that is naturally not always going to be perfect.  They'd say that this is evidence against God.  If needing toilet paper is evidence of imperfection, then why did God create us needing it?  Is God an imperfect Creator?

A***Of course we know evolution people will have an answer for everything we creation people throw at them.

To my logical mind, it is just very very hard for me to if evolution could think [of course it can not otherwise their is a creator behind the evolution thinking] it says to itself, "Now for everything I've done so far there is no wiping the bottom after a bowl-movement.... Hummmm, well for this next creation of mine, one huge step up from monkeys and apes, as I'm going to jump way above them and "presto" - huge mutation and women  I'll make.... BUT just to be different they are always going to have to wipe their bum after a bowl-movement."

Having evolution THINKING this way [which of course it can not] is to me CRAZINESS. Of course evolution cannot  "think" and to think it could just happen by accident, when all other creatures do not have to wipe their bum.....illogical. I mean if evolution had humans wiping their bum, why not a could lift its tail and rub on a tree or sit down [horses are in a sitting position when they rise from a laying-down sleep] and rub on the ground its bum. To think that evolution could do the millions of things it has supposedly done in all of creation, some mighty head-scratching, mind-blow creations in land, sea, and air, and this marvellous evolution creating comes up with ONLY HUMANS  to have to wipe their bottom after a bowl-movement...... to me it is laughable that many want us to believe evolution decided to just have this "human" odesty  of wiping bum only for humans. It seems that from the evolution stand point.....going from sea whatever to land whatever to monkey to MANKIND.....evolution took  a  BACK STEP..... to end up with humans having to bum wipe, and supposedly where we came from DID NOT!

Q. Alright, I'll ask you one more thing.  I'm confused by this whole homosexual and transgender thing.  I don't think that for many homosexuals that it's a conscious decision to be gay.  Some lesbians, for example, are really feminine while others act like men.  I think they may have the bodies of women but the minds of men sometimes.  They have the physical brain structures of the opposite sex, which blurs the lines of what they really are.  Someone was telling me that there was a boy who was only 6 or something walking like a woman, and his mother would yell at him to stop.  It came naturally to him.  This is before he even knew what sexuality was.  It's even more confusing with transgenders.  Some of them may have the bodies of men, except with female genitalia.  When some people are born with a mixture of physical traits, what criteria do we use to tell what they are?  Are transgender operations always wrong?  It's really confusing and it helps people sympathetic to them to make Christians look ignorant and living in a black and white world.

A***Many things have contributed down through the centuries past to where we are today, especially in the more and more popular "transgender" world. It is like, or to say it ..... well as God said it.... Ex. 20:5, 6..."visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. And showing mercy unto those who love me and keep my commandments." The iniquity unto the third and fourth generation is only a general statement..... it can go on to the 5th and 6th and etc. generation, if sin continues un-repented and un-changed to righteousness. We have MESSED ourselves up so much in the last 100 years, with help from demonic courses.... we are in the mess of homosexual/lesbian/transgender SKY-ROCKETING!! Jesus said before he comes "evil shall abound and the love of many shall wax cold" - true Godly love shall wax cold. So we are in a MESS....mentally and physically in MANY ways today. And it would take MASSIVE NATIONAL REPENTANCE to ever come out of the mess we are in, both mentally and physically.  It could be done, and God would show MERCY to those who love him and keep his commandments, so it is written.

The truly physical "mess up" in a physical person during growing in the womb and birth, to have a mixed "male and female mix" is VERY VERY, AND VERY SMALL INDEED. Yes I've heard [probably in the past people have seen in side-shows featuring "monster people"] of half male half female - woman with features of face and breasts with a male penis. Sure in this space-age we can help such individuals. ALL THAT is totally DIFFERENT than the modern fast rise in transgender popularity. 

THE VAST MAJORITY of modern transgender is a twisted mind-set [more than likely most coming from demonic influence].

Let me repeat....the VAST MAJORITY of modern transgender is from SIN, from twisted minds, from NOT loving and serving the true God and his commandments. A sickness than could be healed in the vast majority, if they would turn to God for healing. Of course the un-converted world just goes along with it all as "freedom to do and be whatever you want to do and be in your physical body." Of course wanted to be the greatest bank-robber to have ever lived, wanting to do that in your physical body.....nope the society say NO such cannot be done in your mind and body....we'll throw you in prison for acting that out.

There are things God simply did not ALLOW for ancient Israel. It was simply black and white IF NOT REPENTED was simply DEATH.

God does not look upon DEATH, as we do..... death to God is nothing, for in his time and plan, ALL will be resurrected and given a clean heart and mind, be healed of anything physical, and then given the truth of God, so they can find salvation if they want to.

Q. Gay marriage is wrong, and I think that homosexuality is disgusting.  Part of me feels guilty, though.  I really don't think they made the choice of what to be, and have physical abnormalities that make them what they are.  I know that you've compared homosexuality to a heterosexual man who has the desire to have sex with many women in expressing how one's desires can be natural and still wrong, but I don't think that these are totally accurate comparisons.  The desire for having sex with many people is common to everyone as part of our sin nature.  Homosexuality is different in that people are born wrong, with the brains, hormones, or whatever of the opposite sex.  Their attraction is not based upon a sin nature, but something physically defective about them.  A man who desires sex with many women doesn't have anything wrong with his brain structure, hormones, etc., but a homosexual does.

A***You can argue all you want from how you want to argue, and it makes no difference to God. First you do not know for 100 percent sure "they were born this way"  Second, it makes no difference ANYWAY with God FOR MANY Homosexuals and Lesbians have proved with God's help they can CHANGE their mind-set  -  they  HAVE BEEN  HEALED!!  THEY NO LONGER PRACTICE IT!!

The mind is being understood  more  and  more  today.  Two new  and  fine, very fine books  are  "The Brain that Changes Itself" and "The Brain's Way of Healing" by Normal Doidge, M.D.  They are books that are REVOLUTIONARY for understanding the brain. They are New York Times best-sellors. SURE these two books are dealing with "physical" things, but with God's Holy Spirit the mind can change in many other ways also.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism and Beastiality has been around for millenniums.  It is NOT NEW. It has nothing to do with what you are in the womb.  God made NO EXCEPTIONS in the Old Testament or the New Testament. God is oblivious to so-called "science" at times.

PRACTICING and UN-repentant individuals who were Homosexual or Lesbian or Beast-sexual.....remember I said, doing, practicing it..... WERE TO BE PUT TO DEATH....just that simple, JUST AS UN-REPENTANT ADULTERY - un-repentant  PRACTICING  ADULTERERS  WERE  TO  BE  PUT  TO  DEATH!