Here are some problems that I've been worried about.  I'm going to be direct, so don't think that I'm angry or trying to be disrespectful.  Sometimes I have to be direct in order to properly express myself.

First, I asked you a year or two ago whether or not American football was sinful, and you told me that it wasn't and that it just involved motion.  People get injured sometimes.  Now you've watched a movie and you've changed your mind?  Alright, what about watching football because of all the injuries?  Is that wrong?

ANSWER***Yes indeed changed my mind. The Lord knows the heart and the situation of the un-covered world. Now and again I will watch a Soccer game.....Soccer like Hockey can be dirty and violent. Cleaned up, they both will be games played in the age to come. Boxing and that free for all stuff is from start to finish brutal violence, if will not be allowed in the age to come....I DO NOT WATCH it!  God knows the situation..... Football is not all violent, same with Soccer.... for the situation of the unconverted world, my judgement with God's Spirit is that it is okay to watch Football  and  Hockey  at  times..... but one should not become drugged on such team games. I will continue to watch the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup final. The games themselves of Football and Hockey are not sin in themselves. It's like this, though I was captain of my High School Soccer team, and I love the game for itself, because it has become so un-sportsmanship and full of selfishness and fouls, I just do not have the desire to watch it that often anymore..... maybe the 1/4  and  the  semi-final  and  then  the  final  of  the  World Cup.  I am a great Olympic Games watcher.....yes there is the problem of doping, nothing I can do about that, I have to leave that up to the officials to discover and give out penalties. So in all such things that will be allowed in the age  to  come, today there can be problems.....the latest on TENNIS  is  a  shocking..... again it is wrong, but I have no control of what goes on behind closed doors. Such bad things in good games per se will all be cleaned up when Jesus comes. So such games I watch NOW AND AGAIN, but I will not become drugged on watching them like some people seem to be. 

Second, are game shows wrong?  People can win a lot of money or prizes.  They're competing in some way, so they're using some kind of skill or knowledge to win.  They are, in a sense, earning the money and/or prizes.

A ***People are using Jeopardy  game  for  sure.  Wheel of Fortune skill must be used.  So not wrong....winning  MILLIONS  on such games [if they can.... just  do  not  have  time  to  watch  them  very  often  at  all]  My judgement.... will not be allowed in the  age  to  come...... winning  a  car,  or  boat,  and  the  less  than  those  things I believe will be  allowed  in  the  age  to  come.

You told me that neutering a dog won't make them live longer.  I'm sorry if I find this hard to believe.  All the veterinary experts say that it will, and then Keith Hunt comes along who's not a veterinarian and says that it won't?  Sorry, but I need some hard evidence of this before I can believe it.

A***Pretty  upside  down  ideas  from  vets  at  times...... probably  want  people,  I  know  they  want  people  to  make  neuter  their  dogs  and  cats,  to  keep  the  sad  situation  down  about  too  many  dogs  and  cats  with  no  homes  and  etc. The vets  as  really  big  on  this  and  I  can  understand  their  overall  love for the situation to  change......BUT  BOTTOM  LINE,  just  no  truth  to  their  the  dog  world  there  are  MANY  different  types  of  dogs,  some  tend  to  live  longer  than  others as  a  type.  And  individuality  is  also  part  of  it..... small  dogs  tend  to  live  longer  than  large  dogs  whether  neutered  or  not.  In  the  horse  world  I'd  laugh  right in  the vets  face  if  they  ever  said  that  about  horses.....I  could  consider  the  vet  to  be  from  planet  Pluto  and  should  go  back  to  vet  school  and  get  it  correct.  Horses  live  on  average  25  to  30  years;  ponies  30  to  40  years.  Whether  neutered  or  not...... female  horses ...mares  are  never  neutered  and  again  live  25  to  30  years  on  average.  This is just the FACT in the horse  world  and  a  vet  coming  out  with  a  statement  that  neutering  a  horse  would  make  them  live  longer..... well  they  would  be  the  joke  of  the  vet  world  as  well  as  the  horsemanship  world,  and  being  so  DUMB  on  that,  any  horse  person  would  NOT  have  them  for  their  vet.

The last thing for now is about this from your web site:

"One day I prayed that God would help Sara attain better speech capability. During this prayer for a "better" child, I began to wonder if my request was right. Looking back, I laugh at how ridiculous the prayer actually was. Help Sara gain better speech?  Sara has a mind, and she has thoughts and ideas.  She verbalizes them in ways suitable to her. If I don't understand her speech, then perhaps I'm the one with the disability.  Just maybe Sara is not the one with the problem. Maybe we are.  Maybe I am. I began to consider that my lack of understanding was the problem. I should be praying that God give me understanding. Perhaps I'm the one with the disability. Society says Sara has a speech impediment, but I have an understanding impediment."

Alright, this woman is delusional.  A retarded child is still a child, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong with it.  Society is right.  Sara has a speech impediment.  She verbalizes her thoughts and ideas in ways suitable to her?  She verbalizes them the way she does because she's too stupid to do it properly.  I know I sound harsh, but I'm being practical.  If you don't believe me, think about this:  How can you properly accept Jesus as Savior when you're retarded?  You can't.  When this girl is dead, how do you think God will resurrect her in the Second Resurrection?  Will she be competent or retarded?  Now, if it's true what this mother says, that there's nothing wrong with her daughter and that maybe she or society has the problem, then why will God raise her to life in a way more suited for her to understand and to be saved?  Obviously, if removing her mental retardation is necessary for this, then Sara has a problem.  I'm not sure how to better explain it than that.

A***I  agree  with  you.  Not  sure  of  the  context  all  this  was  in;  then  again  some  parents  do  learn  how  to  communicate  with  "handicapped"  and  again  some  then  write  as  the  above  lady  writes..... they  have  a  certain  mind-set  and  so  then  look  at  it  all  in  a  way,  you  and  I  would  never  look  at  it. Some like this mother get a twisted mind about it all, and think it's you or me or society that have the problem, and not the child.

But yes some mothers can get to understand their retarded child and so think there is nothing wrong with them, and also if they are coming from a religious stand, they can think God has has given them help, so to them if everyone prayed to God as she has done, they would understand her child and so to her the child is normal, everyone else is retarded ..... it's a  strange  mind-set some mother with "religion" can get into.