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Festivals of the Lord in Typology #9

Many Layers of Meaning

                      TYPOLOGY PART TWO

                     THE PERSON AND WORK
                     OF THE JESUS CHRIST


     We continue here mainly from the book "The Feasts of the
Lord" by Robert Thompson, published by Omega Publications in
1975. It is the best book I've seen to date on the subject of
typology for the Feasts of God. The insights from typology that
Mr. Thompson gives are truly educational and inspiringly
revealing. Here are most of his comments on the person and work
of Jesus as understood from the feast of the Passover.

     " Of the seven Levitical convocations, the Lord Jesus christ
is seen most clearly in the Passover lamb. 'Behold the Lamb of
God who takes away the sin of the world.'  'Christ, our
Passover, is sacrificed for us.'
     In the book of Revelation, Christ is presented as the slain
Lamb, and the church is presented as the wife of the Lamb.....By
faith we sprinkle His blood upon ourselves.....therefore God
passes over us when judgment comes upon the sin in our land.
     Christ is our Lamb of protection, and also our atonement,
our reconciliation to God, as we eat Him together and drink His
     We Christians are related to Christ as students to teacher,
as disciples to master, as redeemed to redeemer, as friend to
friend. But our fundamental relationship to Him has to do
with our eating of Him and our drinking of His precious blood -
our receiving of Him into our spirit, into our soul, and into our
body.....The church is the wife of the Lamb because she had
become one with Him through the eating of Him. Christ is our
Passover Lamb.....
     By faith we eat His body in the communion bread and by faith
we drink His blood from the communion cup.....If it were not for
the breaking of His body and the shedding of His blood,
no person on earth could hope to escape the wrath of an angry god
whose laws and ways have been violated outrageously.....
     The Passover lamb was slain in Egypt, that is, in the world.
Our Lord Jesus Christ was taken out of the city of Jerusalem and
crucified at the hands of the Roman soldiers. Revelation 11:8
mentions 'the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and
Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.' Both Sodom and Egypt
typify the spirit of the age in which we live - the lust of
the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life.....The world
is no friend of Christ. The spirit of this age crucified the Lord
Jesus Christ, and the same spirit is going to slay the testimony
of the church in the end time. But God will raise up the church
into everlasting life.
     The convocation of Passover was celebrated on the fourteenth
day of Abib. Therefore God made Abib the chief of the months, the
first of the ecclesiastical year. So it is that our Lord Jesus
Christ is the beginning of the redemption of the world.....
     The lamb was selected on the tenth of Abib, giving the
family who chose it an opportunity to examine it for blemishes;
for it was not possible to offer a Passover lamb which had a
blemish. Christ was observed thoroughly by the common people and
by the priests. Yet they could find no blemish. Pilate, the
worldly judge, could find no fault in Him. Neither the priests
of the church nor the worldly judge could find any blemish, any
fault, any cause of blame in Him.....
     The lamb was to be roasted with fire.....There was no part
of Jesus untouched by the fire. Every desire, every ambition,
every thought, was thoroughly burned out of Christ. Desires,
ambitions, thoughts of self, and so on, are not sin. Christ was
not tempted by sin. These feelings and attitudes are not unholy,
not unrighteous. But neither are they divine gold - they cannot
stand the fire which God baptizes His closest servants. And so
everything in Christ was 'roasted with fire.' When Christ rose
from the dead He had been consumed in the fire of God. All our
sins and sicknesses which He bore upon Himself also were consumed
in the fire of judgment.
     The bitter herbs of the Passover meal speak of the
sufferings of Christ in this world. Truly, He suffered more than
any man. He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows,
and acquainted with grief.....
     Christ is our Passover Lamb, and also our Moses. His blood
was shed and sprinkled upon each person who will receive Him by
faith. Just before He comes again, the judgment of God will begin
to fall upon Egypt, speaking symbolically, of this age. Christ
will begin to destroy Egypt with mighty plagues; but the Pharaoh
of this world, Satan and his followers, will become increasingly
hardened. The wrath of Christ will mount in fury until men will
cry out for the rocks and the mountains to fall upon them and
hide them from the anger of the Lamb of God.
     Then, in furious outpouring of judgment, the heavenly Moses
will appear to remove His people from the slavery of Egypt.
Pharaoh and his servants will fight, and attempt to resist the
exodus of the slaves, of the people of the earth who have labored
in the fire, as it were, in the hopeless bondage in which Satan
keeps his subjects.....
     In so doing, the Lord will leave Egypt in shambles, and the
power of Pharaoh (Satan) completely destroyed. The day of
redemption from Egypt is yet ahead of us.....
     No part of God's wrath will touch the believer who keeps
himself under the precious blood of Christ.
     What we have just described is the kingdom-wide fulfillment
of the exodus from Egypt......Each of us as individuals has our
own 'exodus from Egypt,' when we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as
our Passover Lamb. We come out of the spirit of this age,
applying the blood of Christ to our own life and to our
household, by faith. We partake of His body and blood with
other Christians. But we can look ahead with great thanksgiving
and rejoicing to the day of redemption which is ahead of us, when
the Lamb of God will appear and bring His people out of Egypt,
out of the world; and the god of this world will be utterly
     'Behold the Lamb of God,' John the Baptist cried, 'who takes
away the sins of the world!' In the days which are ahead of us,
frightful curses and plagues are going to be poured out upon
the earth because of the anger of God which dates back to past
eons. All people will need the protection of the blood of the
Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, so that every
man, woman, boy, and girl upon the earth can have the opportunity
to be sprinkled with the blood of the Lamb. When the destroyer
comes through the earth, he will pass every person who
is protected with the blood of Christ. "

End Quote.

Next we shall look at the person and work of Christ as found in
the Feast of Unleavened Bread.


Written and compiled in April 2000

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