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Festivals of the Lord in Typology #6

Many Layers of Meaning

                               SOME TYPOLOGY
                                OF THE FALL

                                COMPILED BY
                                Keith Hunt

                             Feast of Trumpets

     We have seen in past studies the various typology connected
with the Spring Festivals of the Lord, now it is time to study
some typology connected with the Fall Festivals of God.  I shall
quote interesting and edifying sections from the book by Robert
Thompson called "The Feasts of the Lord."  We shall be quoting
from his section called "The Four Major Types of Redemption."  I
have given you in past studies many of his comments on the first,
second, third, and fourth aspects of Redemption as in relation to
the Spring Festivals.
     Now, it is time to give you some of his thoughts regarding
the fifth aspect, in connection with the Great Feast of TRUMPETS,
and all emphasis is mine throughout unless otherwise stated.


     " soon as the Tabernacle had been constructed
and the Aaronic priesthood set in order, the twelve tribes were
organized into a fighting formation with the Ark of the Covenant
in the middle.They went out and came in at the sound of SILVER
TRUMPETS.....Soon they were going to be fighting their way into
the land which God had given them......The trumpet of the Lord is
sounding in the churches in these days; it is getting near the
time for the Lord's vengeance against His enemies.

     The golden altar of incense stood just before the holy veil,
directly in line with the Ark of the Covenant. The altar of
incense is the last great move of redemption before Jesus returns
and puts in motion the remaining TWO aspects.

     The altar of incense REPRESENTS man's communication towards
God,  just as the lampstand REPRESENTS God's communication
towards man. The holy incense is the life of the Lord Jesus
Christ worked into the fiber and marrow of every Christian until
fervent prayer, thanksgiving, and praise begins to ascend before
the throne of God.......

     The altar of incense PORTRAYS the finish of the Moses-type
ministry, because the holy veil STANDS FOR the River Jordan, 
which is death to our own desires and ambitions, and Moses cannot
cross over Jordan.
     We have come to a new life, when we arrive at the altar of
incense. It is the beginning of our life as kings and priests of

     The altar of incense and the feast of Trumpets GO TOGETHER,
as we may notice in the eighth chapter of Revelation. The seven
trumpets of God must sound, and then the Lord will return at the
seventh trumpet. It is the holy incense coming up from the
prayers of the saints that causes the seven trumpets to begin to
sound, The coals from the altar of incense before the throne of
God in heaven are thrown into the earth. When these fiery coals
touch the earth there is judgment and destruction. But when they
touch the incense of Christ, which is in the saints, the holy
perfume comes up before the Lord God as a pleasing fragrance.

     The convocation of Trumpets is the beginning of the new
agricultural year. The ecclesiastical year began with Passover.
The ecclesiastical year is symbolic of the redemption which is in
Christ Jesus, that is, the salvation of the individual believer.
It begins with the blood of the Passover, and ends with the
Tabernacles in which the believer is at rest in the Father and
the Son, and they are at rest in him. But the civil year
which began with Trumpets represents the kingdom of God. The
kingdom of God is the rule of God, the observance of His laws. 
The kingdom of God reaches completion in four stages: (1) in
Christ Jesus Himself, who is the King of the kingdom; (2) in the
overcomers, the saints of the Lord who press on in Christ until
they, through His grace, are able to walk in the Holy Spirit; (3)
in the entire church of Christ; and (4) throughout the entire
earth. The coming of the kingdom of God is announced by means of
the trumpet.......Passover, Unleavened Bread.....are grouped
together in a period of eight days. They go together, and
represent that which we ordinarily refer to as 'getting saved.' 
Pentecost stands by itself, representing the work of the Holy
Spirit in preparing the bride of the Son.

     The final three convocations, Trumpets, the Day of
Atonement, and Tabernacles, also are grouped together. They
symbolize the kingdom of God working in us. When we
get saved we are forgiven our sins.....But when we enter into the
last three convocations we begin to actually get the victory over
our sins. We begin to overcome the accuser, the world, and the
flesh. Now we are on our way towards victory in the earth......It
is a much larger place of rejoicing and liberty.

     Trumpets ANNOUNCES the next two feasts, the Day of Atonement
and Tabernacles, which are shortly to come. The kingdom wide
fulfilment of Trumpets will occur at the coming of our Lord Jesus
Christ. But as far as the overcomers - God's saints - are
concerned, the trumpet of God is blowing now, in the spiritual
sense. The church of Christ has tarried at Pentecost long enough.
It is now time to pack up the Tabernacle and to move on with
God.......The Lord God of hosts is taking His journey northward,
toward the land of promise. Come on, let's move on with
Him!............ "

NEXT TIME we shall look at the SIXTH aspect of Redemption as
given by Mr.Robert Thompson  through the feast of ATONEMENT.


Written October 1998 

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