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Festivals of the Lord in Typology #2

Many Layers of Meaning

                       Compiled by
                        Keith Hunt

     There are TWO festivals of the Lord in the first month of
the sacred year, the month we know as Nisan or Abib. The first is
the festival of the Passover - a one day feast on the 14th of the
month. The second is the festival of the seven days of
Unleavened Bread, from the 15th to the 21st of the month.  
     The second festival has TWO annual Sabbaths. Both the 15th
day and the 21st day as Holy Sabbaths, wherein no servile work as
our regular secular jobs are to be performed.
     The THIRD annual Sabbath day to come along in the year of
the Lord, is the DAY OF PENTECOST. This is also the THIRD feast
of the Eternal God.  As the Lord uses NUMBERS in His word, the
number THREE represents RESURRECTION!  In studying the Feast of
Pentecost, its typology and its meaning, we will find pictured in
this festival the meaning of THE FIRST FRUITS RESURRECTION.
Please keep this in mind. God does things not only SYMBOLICALLY
and TYPOLOGICALLY in many ways and with many things in His word,
but also does things in ORDER and LOGICALLY.
     We are saved by the BLOOD of the LAMB (Jesus Christ our
Passover lamb), represented by 14, the Passover day was the 14th
of the FIRST month. That month is the BEGINNING. God is PERFECT,
represented by the number 7.  It was the plan of the Eternal God
with the Logos of the Godhead(the one who became Jesus) - BOTH
eternal, both members of the one Godhead, both PERFECT - SEVEN
     After being saved from DEATH, we go ON into progressive
SANCTIFICATION of perfectness(seven = perfect completion) by
observing the feast of the seven days of Unleavened Bread. This
feast picturing the putting away of sin and serving righteousness
in sincerity and truth (1 Cor.5:1-8).
     We are the FIRSTFRUITS unto God (James 1:18). Christ Jesus
is from all humans who have ever lived the FIRST of the
firstfruits (1 Cor.15:20-23), the first to RISE from the dead and
be crowned with immortality. He it is that has PRE-EMINENCE and
is the captain of us all. He is the FIRST to lead the way from
human to divine (Heb.2:9-11).
     All of His brothers and sisters belong to Him, and are part
of the FIRST-FRUIT HARVEST of the Father.  The first harvest of
the year in Palestine began on the day of the waving of the first
cut sheaf of grain, by the priest in the Tabernacle or as it was
later the Temple. This first harvest was a GRAIN harvest, barley
and then wheat. The harvesting usually began during the feast of
UN-leavened Bread, and was to be over by the time the feast of
Pentecost arrived seven weeks later.  
     So this THIRD feast of the Lord's was connected with the
FIRSTFRUITS harvest of the spring.  
     The FIRSTFRUITS of God spiritually are those IN God and
Christ, from the time of Adam to the time of the coming again of
the Messiah Jesus in glory to this earth. At that time, when
Christ returns to rule all nations, the SAINTS of all ages will
RISE in a RESURRECTION(1 Cor.15; 1 Thes 4). The FIRST harvest
WILL HAVE BEEN gathered in.
     The FEAST OF PENTECOST - the THIRD festival of God - is
typologically in this way,  tied to the FIRSTFRUITS RESURRECTION

     Now, let's go to the book by Robert Thompson called "The
Feasts of the Lord" and learn more REDEMPTION TYPOLOGY concerning
this great feast called by us today, Pentecost. This is the
continuation from where we left off last time in this study.


     The fourth aspect of redemption has some remarkable
characteristics. In terms of the four types, we have the
following: (1) the creating of the sun, moon, and stars in the
firmament; (2) Mount Sinai, the Ten Commandments, the Levitical
statutes and ordinances, the tabernacle of the Congregation, and
the Aaronic priesthood; the golden lampstand; and the feast of
Pentecost.  The common factor of LIGHT may be noted. Here
we have the concept of the communication of the will and
knowledge of God to mankind.
     Of the seven Levitical convocations, Pentecost was the only
one which stood by itself.........

     Before we come to the fourth day of creation our 'firmament'
is present, but there is nothing in it, so to speak. It is clear
blue. But on the fourth day God puts in our firmament the sun,
moon, and stars, in that order......the Lord Jesus Christ, He
gives us light......
     Through the church we receive of the ministries and gifts of
the Holy Spirit. They build us up until Christ is formed in
     It is the business of the church of Christ to travail in
birth until the members of the body of Christ become strong in
the Lord and in the power of His might.......
     The Ten Commandments, and the rest of the ordinances
revealed to Moses, represent the knowledge of His will which God
gives to us. The golden lampstand portrays the head and body of
Messiah, the anointed One, the Servant of the Lord, God's
Vine. Through Messiah, God is going to fill the earth with His
will and His blessing.
     During the convocation of Pentecost, two great loaves of
fine four were waved before the Lord. The two loaves are the
outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church.....The two loaves
are the 'two witnesses,' the double portion of Elijah, through
means of which God will prepare the way of the King of kings, the
Lord Jesus Christ (Isa.40).

     The .....aspect of redemption is the outpouring of the Holy
Spirit upon us. There have been outpourings of the Holy Spirit
throughout church history, but there has never been anything to
compare to that which is ahead. The Scripture teaches plainly
that the day will come when the earth will be filled with the
Spirit of the Lord. The millennium, for example, will be a
Pentecost of Pentecosts. The river of life will be available
throughout the earth, under the auspices of Christ.......
     But even before these unspeakable glories, the Holy Spirit
is going to be poured out upon the earth in signs and mighty
     One reason that God emphasizes the fourth aspect of
redemption is that it is the Holy Spirit's mission to prepare the
church, the body of Christ, the bride of the Lord.......

     We need to learn to walk in the Spirit of God, particularly
when we set out to exercise our gift or ministry " (pages 80-82).

End quote.

     I shall bring you more typology of the feast of Pentecost in
a future article, together with the fifth, sixth, and seventh,
Redemption Typology as presented to us by Robert Thompson in his
book called, "The Feasts of the Lord."


Written May 1997

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