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Festivals of the Lord in Typology #16

Many Layers of Meaning

                      TYPOLOGY PART TWO

                     THE PERSON AND WORK
                       OF JESUS CHRIST

                      LAST GREAT FEAST

                         Keith Hunt

     Many writers on the Festivals of the Lord teach that the
Feast of Taberncales is the 7th feast of God. On this they are
very wrong. There is the 8th Day coming after the 7 days of the
feast of Tabernacles, as mentioned in Leviticus 23. This is a
special feast day, NOT a part of the feast of Tabernacles. This
8th day is a Sabbath day and is different in a number of ways
from the feast preceeding it. All this we have proved before in a
study concerning the truth about John 7:37. Alfred Edersheim, the
late famous Jewish Christian scholar is quoted in that study on
John 7:37 with proof from the Bible as well as Jewish practice,
that shows the Jews themselves knew and understood this 8th day
to be separate and different from the 7 days of the feast of

     The 7th of the holy furnishings of the physical Tabernacle
of the congregation was the MERCY SEAT.  The mercy seat was
within the MOST holy place of the Taberancle. The mercy seat was
beaten from PURE GOLD. The teaching is that God (and Christ
sitting on His right hand) sits upon pure holy MERCY, forgiveness
and salvation. It takes precious and careful handling and
hammering on gold to beat it into what God wanted - a MERCY SEAT
for Him and Christ to sit upon within the physical Tabernacle of

     At the END of the period pictured by the great feast of
Tabernacles, the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth (popularily
called the millennium), there is to come a day pictured by the
8th Day, of great magnificent MERCY and salvation offered to
hundreds of millions of people.

     The TWO covering Cheribim, which overshadowed and cast each
one wing over the mercy seat, represent the POWER and the GLORY
and PROTECTIVE salvation of God Almighty. And the way to that
power, glory, and salvation, is through Jesus Christ.

     The topic of salvation and being saved by GRACE or mercy we
have covered in depth by other studies concerning grace,
repentance, faith, and humility. The reading can request those
studies, which will be sent free of chrage by either e-mail or
regular mail.

     I have also covered in detail the meaning of this 8th Day
Feast, or what is actually the 7th Feast of the Lord, in a study
called "The Great White Throne Judgment."  The reader is asked to
request this study also if they do not have it already.

     Here we want to focus on the person and work this last or
8th Day feast (coming after 7 days of the feast of Tabernacles)
is all about, namely the work and person of Jesus Christ.

     No better section of Scripture can be found I believe, than
from Romans chapter 8 to chapter 11.
     Chapter 8 shows that we have victory and salvation through
Christ via the Holy Spirit. It is a wonderful chapter of hope,
encouragement, and assurance. God has a great plan for every
person who has ever been a person. It is His desire to want them
all as His children, to see them glorified as and with His Son
Christ Jesus, IF those person will accept their calling to what
the Father desired them to become. The victory and the reaching
of that goal can all be done through Christ the Messiah. Whatever
life throws at us in the way of trial and tests, hardship and
persecuations, we have Christ there ready to help us endure, and
to interceed for us in heaven, on our behalf, between us and the
Father. Once the Father has called us and we accept, He will
never on His part, leave us. Both the Father and Jesus will
always be there to help and see us through to the end and to the
final goal of glory.
     This is the desire of the Father for everyone, BUT, as
chapters 9 through 11 show us, God has a plan for offering MERCY
and salvation through Christ to every person.

     Not everyone in THIS physical life is called to be given
mercy, forgiveness, and salvation. Please read chapter 9 very
craefully, and this truth will become very evident. Yet God has
said that He wishes NONE to PERISH but that ALL should come to
REPENTANCE (2 Peter 3:9).
     The Eternal will give every single person a calling and a
day of salvation for themselves, to choose if they will repent
and accept Jesus as personal savior, and so be given a seat with
the Father and Christ on the mercy seat, so to speak, in the most
holy place of the Tabernacle.

     As we read through Romans chapter 10 and 11 this salvation
calling plan of God becomes even more evident. Some are NOT
called, left in utter BLINDNESS, while others are called. Yet,
God will have MERCY upon ALL in due time and according to His
will and plan of salvation. 
     Those left in blindness, know no better. They are not lost
for eternity, if they should die in this life time and the
blindness is never removed, if they are not in this life given or
shown mercy towards salvation. 
     Even those in Israel who were blind will one day be given
mercy and grace and have the blindness lifted, as Paul was
inspired to say: 

     "For I would not, brethren, that you should be ignorant of
this MYSTERY, lest you should be wise in your own conceits; that
BLINDNESS in PART is happened to Israel, UNTIL the fulness of the
Gentiles come in. And so ALL (as many as will accept, for God
forces no one, nor has He made any person as as a robot) Israel
shall be saved: as it is written. 'There shall come out of Zion
THE DELIVERER, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For
this is my covenant unto them, when I shall TAKE AWAY THEIR SINS'
(show grace and mercy to them)" (Romans 11:25-27).

     Paul went on further to say that some in this lifetime have
received mercy and some have not. The plan of God is that those
who have now received mercy will be of benefit to those who
shall receive mercy later. Hence it will all work out as God
wills and has planned. As Paul said in verse 32, God has put
everyone under blindness and unbelief, that in His time He will
have MERCY upon all.

     At the end of Revelation chapter 20 is the picture of many
millions coming up in a physical resurrection, having the
"biblios" (Greek from whence we get the word "bible") opened
to them, and also the BOOK OF LIFE. Here is salvation, grace from
the MERCY SEAT, the 7th furnishing, for the 7th Feast of the
Lord, given to them THROUGH Christ Jesus, through His WORK.
Through the work He has already done in the past and the work He
is still doing in the present and as it will be in the future.
All these millions who were blinded and not called during their
first physical life, shall be called to a resurrection and
finally be granted to know and to see spiritually the very PERSON
and WORK of JESUS CHRIST as we have seen portrayed in the
very wonderful FEASTS OF THE LORD.


Written October 2000

All articles and studies by Keith Hunt may be copied, published,
e-mailed, and distributed as led by the Spirit. Mr Hunt trusts
nothing will be changed (except for spelling and punctuation
errors) without his consent.

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