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The "two goats" of Atonement!

Only "one" is for the Lord!

                    Feast of ATONEMENT - The TWO goats!
                         The "picture" it paints!

     Many people, including some Old Testament Bible
Commentaries, teach that the TWO goats on the day of Atonement as
prescribed in Leviticus 16, REPRESENT Christ Jesus the Messiah.
Some claim BOTH goats typify Jesus Christ, in two different
stages of His sacrificial atonement for human sinners.

     This teaching is INCORRECT, it is WRONG!!

     Now, both goats DO represent SIN. It clearly states so in
Lev.16:5 - "two kids of goats for a sin offering."

     Notice verse 8, "And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two
goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the
"scapegoat" or as the KJV margin has it, "Azazel."

     Now if both goats were for the Lord, it would state it "both
lots for the Lord" or something to that effect. In fact if both
goats were for the Lord, there would be no need to cast lots to
see which goat would represent "the Lord." Moses, under
inspiration from God, would then simply have said, "both goats
for the Lord." That would be the normal and clear way to have put
it, IF both goats were for the Lord! But as both goats were NOT
for the Lord, one has to be chosen which will be "for the Lord." 

     That should be pretty simple to follow and understand, if we
will just use some human logic. Both goats could not have been
for the Lord, as lots had to determine which goat was "for the

     It was the goat chosen by lot, for the Lord, that had its
blood sprinkled for the sins of the people, on the MERCY seat in
the holy of holiest (see verses 11-16). There is only ONE
redeeming blood, from only the one goat, chosen by lot, for the
sins of the congregation of Israel, which in figure, represented
the sin of all people from the beginning of the creation of man
and woman.

     The goat for the Lord, was SLAIN! Yes, of course, for it
represented the slain Christ Jesus, as a blood sacrifice for the
sins of all peoples from the beginning of human creation.

     The second goat, or the one that was not "for the Lord" was
NOT slain or killed. It did not have its blood shed, or sprinkled
on the mercy seat in the holy of holiest. This second goat is the
"scapegoat" - the "Azazel" goat; the one that got away, the one
that was not killed, but lived on to finally be sent into the
wilderness (verse 10).

     Yes, the High Priest did have to lay hands on this goat and
confess upon it the sins or iniquities of the people (verse 21).
This goat did bear the sins of the people also, but the goat was
NOT slain, not sacrificed, and it was the goat that was NOT "for
the Lord."

     It should come clear to those who read the Bible through
from cover to cover. Satan the Devil has a part in all sins. He
is out there, with his helpers called demons, doing his best to
get everyone to sin. His whole existence now, since he fell from
grace and from serving the true God, is to get people to sin.
Nothing gives him more pleasure than to see people DECEIVED and
     If Satan can only get people to sin and NOT repent of sin,
then he's won the day!! The victory is his; so indeed in the sins
of all peoples from the days of Adam and Eve, the Devil has had
his part in all of those sins. It is fitting that one day the
sins of all peoples come back and as it were, bites Satan in the
     Satan is the first sinner, and he is the first in line to
deceive or trick or influence, people to sin! It is fitting that
one day he answer for his part in our sins. And he will answer
for his part in sins. They will in a certain way and time, be put
on the head of Satan, and he will be sent into the wilderness.
The wilderness is barren, it usually has no people living there.
Nothing could be worse for Satan than to have to live away from,
apart from, all humans. For the Devil to not be able to deceive
and lie and lead people down the garden path in to the brambles,
well .... that would be horrific for him, it would be the most
unbearable punishment he could have.

     Revelation 20 tells us there is coming a day when Satan will
be CHAINED up - cast into the wilderness, in a figure, put in a
bottomless pit, or as the Greek is: "pit of the deep."  This
binding up and not being allowed to go forth and not deceive the
nations any more for 1,000 years, is for the Devil, the hardest
and most severe punishment you could throw at him.

     The second goat, the one left, the one that was not by lot,
selected "for the Lord" - will be, or represents, Satan, the one
who has a part to play in human kind doing sin. And one day he
must answer. He will be given the sentence to live on, but for
the thousand year age that is to come, he will be no part of it.
He will be sent away, sent into the wilderness of having no
physical people to deceive and to entice them into sinning.
     Truly that kind of a sentence upon the Devil .... it would
be the harshest and the most deserving sentence, he could be

     On this day of AT-ONE-MENT for YOU, and for all people, we
need to PRAISE our heavenly Father, for the goat that does
REPRESENT the very Son of God, was willing to put aside, being in
the Godhead, for a while; willing to set aside all GLORY with the
Father that He had, and was willing to take on the form of
physical flesh, come as a physical human being, be the Immanuel -
that is God with us, and overcome sin in the flesh; show us the
perfect way to live, within the love and law of God; then give
His life a sacrifice for sin. He was willing to have His blood
shed, and as it were sprinkled on the mercy seat in the throne
room of heaven. 
     All PRAISE needs to go to BOTH the Father and the Son. 
     This very important day within the yearly Festivals of God,
is the blessed plan of the Father, that tells us, in His good
time, all nations will be AT-ONE with Him. Satan will be chained
up one day, to deceive the nation no more for a wonderful ONE

     As you celebrate this day, as you fast and pray and
meditate, as you may feel a little (or large) physical DISCOMFORT
today, remember the discomfort our Lord and Savior went through
for YOU, so you and I could be made at-one with the Father.
Remember this day, the discomfort the nations of this earth must
go through to be brought to REPENTANCE, to be delivered out of
the hands of the Devil's deceptions. For it would seem the
nations of the earth have moved over the line of no return to the
Lord, but by severe PUNISHMENT and to have to be SHAKEN up in a
DRASTIC way, to get themselves on their knees, in humble
repentance, and to say, "Lord, not my will be done, but YOUR WILL
be done."

     REJOICE friends, this is a MOST GLORIOUS day. For what it
pictures for us is really beyond words, but we grasp it even as
looking through a glass darkly.

Keith Hunt

(The Day of Atonement 2009) 

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