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The Tsunami of Christianity

Is ever Sweeping this Earth!



     I have just finished watching a news report of Canadian
National Television, this March 4th 2008.

     The report was all about the area of the earth that was hit
by a tsunami three years ago. Especially in the towns of
     That country was up till shortly after the tsunami hit,
pretty well extinct of Christianity. After the tsunami, ALL KINDS
of DIFFERENT Christian churches came sweeping into the country,
wanting to help, to give, to rebuild. Some did it from a pure
humanitarian love, others .... well, there was a catch ....
convert to Christianity and we will help. Either way, the truth
of the matter is that Christianity is making headway in countries
like Thailand.

     This news movement should not be a surprise. The Woman who
rides the Beast and who has children (daughter churches that
contain key elements of the mother), of the book of Revelation,
is portrayed in Bible prophecy as the great tool of Satan the
Devil, in the last time of the end of this age (leading up to the
return of Jesus), to DECEIVE (in many ways) the WHOLE earth (of
course a general statement, as some parts of the earth will
remain UN-Christian). 
     The Roman Catholic church has OVER ONE BILLION members
today, and ever increasing. Then there are hundreds of millions
of Protestant. So it is MORE than one in six people on earth who
claim to be Christian. You will notice how the world in general
has accepted the Roman Catholic church giving the FIRST of
JANUARY, as the "new year" - even countries like China have
accepted it. You have "Christmas" celebration of some kind, all
over the earth today. A festival from the Roman Catholic

     So if you do pay attention to the general world news, you
will see more and more of the nations of the earth, in a secular
form, or religious form, adopting many of the customs and
practices that were introduced to the world by and through the
Roman Catholic church.

     You need to be watching, to be aware, of the direct or
indirect influence the Roman Catholic church has on the world
scene. It will play a larger and larger part as the time moves
ever closer to the end of this age and the fulfilment of all
Bible prophecy. 

     You need to study the studies on this Website on Bible
Prophecy and the books of Daniel and Revelation, together with
the study called "A Woman Rides the Beast" and the "Mark of the

     The Eternal has given the FUTURE in advance in the pages of
His Holy Bible. The prophecies of the book of Daniel, Revelation,
and Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21; CAN BE UNDERSTOOD!!  
     They are all explained in detail in studies on this Website.
You need not be in darkness as to what is happening on this earth
with the nations of the world. 

     There is NO TIME frames of years or decades given in the
Bible as to the final last 1260 days, 42 months, time, times, and
half a time, of the book of Revelation, and so the end of this
age, and the glorious return of Christ Jesus to usher in the age
to come, the Kingdom of God on earth. BUT, the overall prophecies
that MUST and WILL take place before Jesus returns, are all
spread forth in the pages of your Bible.

     This Website in PART is devoted to explaining and bringing 
you the understanding of Bible Prophecy.

     You need to keep your eyes and ears open to the workings of
Christianity as spreading around the earth via the Roman Catholic
church and her many daughters.

     There is coming in the last days, so great a DECEPTION of
Christian religion that IF it was possible even the VERY ELECT
would be deceived! Jesus said it would be so, in the famous
Olivet prophecy of Matthew 24 (and Mark 13; Luke 21).

     There is NO NEED for YOU to be deceived - the truth of the
major events to take place in the last days, can be found, they
are all explained in Bible prophecy.

Keith Hunt

Entered on this Website March 2008 

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