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Young Lady with Trust and Faith

A Fine Example!

                     A YOUNG LADY WITH TRUST AND FAITH

                              A Fine Example


                                Keith Hunt

     Come back with me to 1968. I was a young man of 26, a
leading member in the local Worldwide Church of God, in fact the
right hand man to our local minister.
     Over the preceding two years we had seen a large increase in
new members in our church. One family came in, they were husband
and wife and four children. A country type family, down to earth
and very nice to visit with. Their children were very well
behaved indeed, a real pleasure to know them. I visited with them
a number of times over a two year period. The oldest of the
children was a young lady about 14 or 15 (not sure exactly now,
but certainly not more than 15 when the event I'm relating took
place). She was very mature for her age. She was serious minded,
and enjoyed reading the Bible and talking and listening to
spiritual matters. She was also very physically mature, fully
developed as a young lady, looked 17 or 18 in appearance.

     I have forgotten her name now, but certainly have not
forgotten the wonderful example of trust and faith she gave to me
and all of us in the church at that time. This is her story, and
I hope it will INSPIRE all of you, she certainly inspired me and
still does as I meditate on her life.

     Her family lived in town in a somewhat "old" house they
rented. It was as I recall the summer of 1968. The children
developed a sickness. It was found that the "house" - the walls
etc. were sick, one of those situation you hardly ever hear of
much anymore. A house becoming sick with .... whatever it was. I
remember the medical people saying they would have to leave the
house and have it de-fumigated, have the walls sprayed and
whatever they do to get the house livable again for human people.

     The young lady was the sickest of the four children. It got
so bad that our local minister advised the parents to admit her
to the hospital right away. She was taken to the hospital where
she was to stay and be under the care of the doctors. 
     The hospital called our minister and told him that what she
had was VERY SERIOUS indeed, and they had nothing in 1968 to
combat this sickness.
     Our minister called me the second day she was admitted to
the hospital, and said, "Keith, the young lady is in serious
condition with the decease she has. I would like you to go this
evening and visit with her. Please tell her how serious it is,
and explain it is a matter of life and death."

     That evening I went to visit the young lady. On the outside
she did not look to be sick. She was a very pretty young lady,
and looked very calm and as pretty as ever. I had to tell her
that the doctors had told us that her condition was very serious,
that it was life or death. I explained to her that God CAN and
DOES at times, according to His will, HEAL us from sickness. But
I also told her that for whatever reasons God does not always
heal us in this physical life. I explained that we do not always
know what God is going to do or not do. I told her that this was
a matter of life and death. I asked her if she understood what I
was saying (I was saying in a kind way that it could be possible
she may die from this sickness she had). 
     This young lady was calm and composed, very serene, and very
at peace, with herself and with God and with her situation. She
replied to me that she fully understood what I was saying.

     Now, this young lady could have started to get VERY ANGRY
with God. She could have said, "I'm so young! Why has God done
this to me? Why has He allowed me to get this sickness that could
kill me? I have all my life ahead of me. I want to marry, have
children, serve the Lord and just have some adult life. I'm angry
at God!"

     She could have been in that frame of mind. I'm telling this
lovely (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) young
lady she may DIE! And she is so calm and peaceful in mind and
     It was something I shall always remember. Something that
inspires me, to keep on keeping on in serving the Lord and
keeping a right attitude towards Him, not matter what I may face
in life.
     A young lady, a beautiful young lady in all aspects. She was
some terrific example. She was ready to accept whatever God was
going to allow to happen.

     A day later I received a phone call ..... our young lady had

     I still get tears in my eyes thinking about this fine
example of trust and faith this young lady exhibited. It kind of
puts a lot of things in life and what has happened over the years
in the Church of God, into true perspective. Here was a young
lady, loving God and His word, who was ready to put her life
completely in His hands, and was ready to accept His will.

     What a great example! I will not be surprised at all to meet
her again in the first resurrection. She was a true young saint.
I hope her relatively short life on earth in the flesh, is
inspiring to you also.


Written October 2007 

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