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The 3 TRILLION Dollar War!!

And 4,000 lost lives ... and counting

                      THE THREE TRILLION DOLLAR WAR!!

by Keith Hunt

A new book has just come off the press in the last week of March
2008. It is called "The Three Trillion Dollar War" and it is the
factual expense of the USA fighting in Iraq.

When all things are considered, which most people do not think
about, all the smaller things (but very important things like
food and getting the food and supplies of all kinds of things to
the USA army in Iraq) and the cost of a lifetime care in one way
or another of the hundreds that have been wounded and need
rehabilitation of various kinds, physically to mentally; the 
three TRILLION war is the bottom line. If the USA deployment
continues for several more years, then the 3 Trillion will go up
to who knows how much.

When this war was started 5 years ago, I said on a CoG Forum I
was on that the blunder and mistake the USA and President Bush
was making is that they were NOT THINKING of a hit and run plan
of attack from their enemies, or those they said were their
enemies, which yes, they are.
I said at that time, the USA and its administration had forgotten
that they won Independence from English rule with the very same
tactic of hit and run warfare. Such ambush, hit and run, plant
roadside bomb, use suicide people who think it a great honor to
die for their cause, and in their religion, for so sacrificing
themselves they have great rewards and pleasure in their heaven. 

It's just not possible to ever win against such people,
especially as they are obviously continually supplied weapons of
war by some nations under the rug style.

Now in the last few weeks the total of USA army people killed in
Iraq has reached 4,000!

At the start of this war we had even SOME religious ministers in
the Christian religion and some in the Church of God, declaring
they were in favor and agreed with Bush that our young men and
women should "go fight our enemies" - I guess to them it was a
justified righteous indignation that should be carried out, and
in the name of Christian religion. Have you seen the snippets on
the TV news channels of the military "clergy" with the soldiers
bowing their heads in prayer.

Now the latest on the news last evening (April 2nd 2008) was the
admittance by the Nato powers and the Canadian Prime-minister,
that the battle in Afghanistan is greater than they expected,
that the enemy is more potent and resilient than they were
thought they would be, that it is going to be a harder and longer
and tougher fight than they envisioned. And which will of course
cost more young lives of our men and women. 

It is now pretty well a daily news item of men and/or women from
the Nato, Canadian, and USA forces DYING each and every day.

There's talk now that it maybe years yet before the Nato,
Canadian, USA, and British forces can come home from Iraq and

I have written elsewhere on this Website that the prophecies of
God towards our secular leaders and religious leaders is VERY
BLUNT, the Eternal pulling no punches. He tells the Israelite
nations that our leaders are MAD and our prophets (religious
leaders) are PROFANE!!

We kill millions of helpless unborn children each year in the
name of "freedom choice" with ABORTION; and we send more of our
young adults to be killed in TWO WARS that we cannot win.

Such indeed is the MADNESS of our leaders. And do not deceive
yourself that NEW political elections to come for the USA and
Canada and other Nato countries will CHANGE anything. The world
it seems will not REPENT, hence the prophecies of your Bible, old
and new, will come to pass, and what we see happening today in
the wars of the world are NOTHING - will seem like a Sunday
afternoon picnic on a warm summer day at the beach, in comparison
as to what is yet to come on this world and the nations upon it.

The good news is AFTER it's all over and just in time to stop
mankind from obliterating themselves from off the planet, Jesus
with RETURN with the armies of heaven and the resurrected saints
to destroy those who are destroying the earth, and to set up the
glorious, peaceful age to come, where nations will no longer
learn about warfare, when spears will be turned to pruning hooks,
and swords into ploughshares.

There will be peace and joy and love, no more hate, no more
fighting, killing, no more civil wars, no more people just living
to plan how to kill and injure people. There will be no more
wives and children left without a husband and father, no more of
the bitter heartache that comes from warfare. It is written for
that age, that nations will learn war no more.

God speed that day. Let's continue to pray "Thy Kingdom come,
They will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Come Lord Jesus,


Entered on this Website April 2008

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