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Triumphant RETURN and the Kingdom

What is "old" is not automatically "correct"!


What Did the Early Church Believe about the Second Coming?

     Some who reject the futurist, literal interpretation of
Bible prophecy as taught by those of us who hold to the apostolic
and premillennial doctrine of Christ's Second Coming often claim
that our beliefs were basically unknown to the early Church. In
this chapter I hope to demonstrate to any fair-minded inquirer
that the historical evidence is overwhelming that the apostolic
Church generally adopted a literal and futurist interpretation of
the prophecies, especially regarding the Second Advent and the
premillennial return of Christ to set up His kingdom. We will
examine the specific prophetic beliefs that are commonly held by
modern prophecy teachers such as Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, John
Walvoord, and myself. Examples of these particular prophetic
beliefs include acceptance of a literal and future Antichrist,
False Prophet, Second Coming, the resumption of sacrifice in the
rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, and the establishment of the
millennial kingdom of God by Christ at His coming.

(They have the coming of the anti-christ false prophet [which are
the same man - but they have it wrong on that point], Second
Coming, millennium Kingdom, correct. The REST they have WRONG! -
Keith Hunt) 

     We will compare these modern prophetic views with quotations
of the early Church theologians and teachers as documented by the
authoritative collection of ancient manuscripts called the
Ante-Nicene Fathers. 

(Ya, remember those "fathers" were in the large main, those who
founded the Roman Catholic church - Keith Hunt)

     Years ago, I embarked on a systematic study of the writings
of the early Christian theologians who taught prior to the
Council of Nicea in 325. These informative writings were
translated from Greek and Latin into English and assembled in a
ten-volume set called the Ante-Nicene Fathers in Edinburgh,
Scotland, in the 1890s. There is ample evidence that our modern
views regarding the fulfillment of the prophecies are remarkably
similar to those held by the Christians during the first three
centuries following Christ. A later chapter in this book will
examine the specific millennial kingdom beliefs of the early
Church and will demonstrate conclusively that these early Church
teachers almost universally taught the premillennial return of
Christ. An examination of several key prophetic teachings of the
apostolic church will provide powerful evidence that current
prophecy beliefs are consistent with the earliest teachings of
the apostles and the early Church.

Should Prophecy Be Interpreted as Literal or Allegorical?

     One of the most fundamental issues facing those who consider
the prophecies of the Bible is the question of the correct method
of interpretation - literally or allegorically - as indicated in
the previous chapter. However, one of the most significant
considerations is to examine the question of the method of
interpretation used by the Church Fathers, some of whom
personally knew the disciples of Jesus. The quotations listed in
this chapter provide compelling evidence that the primitive
Church writers interpreted the prophecies in a quite literal
     Several writers from the first few centuries specifically
addressed the issue of how we should interpret the prophecies. As
noted the second-century writer Irenaeus declared that the
literal method was correct: "If, however, any shall endeavor to
allegorize (prophecies) of this kind, they shall not be found
consistent with themselves in all points, and shall be confuted
by the teaching of the very expressions."  Another second-century
writer, Justin Martyr, also confirmed that we should expect those
prophecies about the events in the last days to be fulfilled in
the same manner as those predictions fulfilled in the past.
Justin wrote, "Since, then, we prove that all things which have
already happened had been predicted by the prophets before they
came to pass, we must necessarily believe also that those things
which are in like manner predicted, but are yet to come to pass,
shall certainly happen. For as the things which have already
taken place came to pass when foretold, and even though unknown,
so shall the things that remain, even though they be unknown and
disbelieved, yet come to pass."

The Early Church's Prophetic Beliefs

     Virtually all serious scholars of Church history, regardless
of their personal views regarding the Millennium, acknowledge
that the early apostolic Church believed in an imminent Second
Coming. For example: Professor Richard Rothe states: "The
apostles unanimously expected the return of Christ, to enter upon
this Kingdom (Chiliastic) on earth." Professor James Donaldson,
the respected editor of the Ante-Nicene Library, in his "History
of Catholic Doctrine and Literature," wrote about the belief of
Justin Martyr in support of the premillennial doctrine: "The
opinion just adduced is one in which the whole Church shared. All
expected Christ to appear on earth, to raise His saints, to grant
them the possession of the earth, and to bless them with
uninterrupted happiness." Philip Schaff declared in his "History
of the Apostolic Church": "The expectation of the speedy return
of Christ in glory, as probably one of Paul's favorite themes;
that he exhorts the Thessalonians 'to be always ready to meet the
Lord, who shall come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night, and
warns them, for this very reason, among other errors, against
presuming to calculate the day and hour of His appearing."

     The French historian Professor Joseph Renan (1823-1892)
stated, "The two Syriac words Maran-atha (the Lord is about to
come) became the watchword of the Christians among themselves;
the short, animated expression, which they passed from one to
another to encourage themselves in their hoping." 
     After surveying the overwhelming evidence that the
premillennial doctrine was strongly held by all of the key
leaders of the early Church, Karl A. Auberlen wrote that in his
view, Jesus, the Prophets, and the Apostles were all "Chiliasts"

     The anti-millennial scholar JohannA.W.Neander (1789-1850)
admitted in his history of the primitive Church that the apostles
were not looking for the immediate conversion of the world but
for the speedy return of Christ. He wrote, "Every unprejudiced
reader of the New Testament cannot fail to perceive that such an
expectation filled the souls of the apostles." Neander wrote
about how this expectation influenced their concept regarding the
purpose of the church. "It was not the idea of a renovated time
that Christianity first attempted to realize, but everything
appeared only as a point of transition to a new, heavenly,
eternal order of things which would commence at the Second

The Last Days

     The first issue is the question regarding the time when the
prophecies will be fulfilled - immediately in A.D.70 or in the
final "last days" that include Armageddon and the ushering in of
the promised millennial rule. Irenaeus (A.D.120-202), who died as
a martyr to his faith, wrote "Against Heresies," one of the most
important prophetic writings of the primitive Church. Irenaeus
was a disciple of Polycarp (A.D.69-155), who was personally
taught by the apostle John. Therefore, he knew that John's
prophecies in Revelation were not fulfilled decades earlier
during the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70. Irenaeus writes:
"In a still clearer light has John, in the Apocalypse, indicated
to the Lord's disciples what shall happen in the last times, and
concerning the ten kings who shall then arise, among whom the
empire [Rome] which now rules (the earth) shall be partitioned.
... It is manifest, therefore that of these (potentates), he who
is to come shall slay three, and subject the remainder to his
power, and that he shall be himself the eighth among them. And
they shall lay Babylon waste, and burn her with fire, and shall
give their kingdom to the beast, and put the Church to flight.
After that, they shall be destroyed by the coming of the Lord." 
     Irenaeus obviously expected the fulfillment of this prophecy
to occur at some point in the future, although he knew the Roman
army had destroyed the city of Jerusalem eighty-five years before
he wrote his book " Against Heresies." He also understood that
the apostle John taught about a final future apostasy of the
Church that would lead to its prophetic and symbolic designation
as "Mystery Babylon" and the ultimate destruction of this false
church by the Antichrist's tenfold kingdom at the midpoint of the
seven-year Tribulation (Revelation 17:16-18).

(Oh, did you notice that HUGE leap Jeffrey did? There is NOTHING
in the quote from Irenaeus as to what Jeffrey claims he is
saying. Irenaeus sticks with no more than what John wrote on
Revelation. The beast man will lead in ruling people and
subjecting them to his power. But finally he and his will turn on
Babylon and destroy Babylon Mystery Religion. The church will be
put to flight; but he and his will be destroyed by the coming of
Christ. All of THAT is in the book of Revelation, as Irenaeus
knew, but all of THAT is vastly DIFFERENT than what Jeffrey tells
you in his last paragraph. Read his last paragraph again, and
read what he quoted from Irenaeus. The two do NOT say the same at
all. This is the clever manipulating of your mind, by Jeffrey, IF
you are not reading carefully. He's planting ideas in your mind,
and making them out to be from way back people like Irenaeus.
Very deceptively clever - Keith Hunt)

     Toward the end of the second century, the theologian
Hippolytus (A.D.170-236) wrote about the fact that the prophecies
all pointed to a final fulfillment during the "last days" during
the final generation of this age: "These words then being thus
presented, let us observe somewhat in detail what Daniel says in
his visions. For in distinguishing the kingdoms that are to rise
after these things, he showed also the coming of Antichrist in
the last times, and the consummation of the whole world." It is
significant that every one of the early Christian writers taught
that the prophecies of Daniel, Revelation, and Matthew 24 would
be fulfilled in the last days at the end of this age until the
publications of Origen (A.D.185-254). The respected Church
historian John Mosheim wrote, "The prevailing opinion that Christ
was to come and reign a thousand years among men before the final
dissolution of the world, had met with no opposition previous to
the time of Origen."

(I have no problem with those before Origen understanding the
prophectic word of the Lord would be fulfilled literally and did
include the coming of Christ in glory to set up the Kingdom of
God on earth; the Bible teaches that fact very clearly - Keith

The Hope of the Imminent Second Coming

     The "Didache" (also known as the Testimony of the Twelve
Apostles) is an important Church document from the first few
years of the second century (approximately A.D.110) that gives us
vital insights into beliefs that were dominant in the primitive
Church. The following statement in an early Christian document,
Didache 16:17, indicates the strongly held belief in the Second
Coming: "Then shall the world see the Lord coming upon the clouds
of heaven." A primitive Christian manuscript known as "The
Reliques of the Elders" was fortunately copied and preserved in
the writings of Irenaeus. This valuable document preserves
powerful evidence of the widespread popularity of the doctrine of
the return of Christ in the primitive Church. The manuscript
declares, "Afterwards he chanted the psalm of confession, waiting
for the coming of the Lord, who washes and cleanses the man who
had been bound in sin ... and was speaking his three thousand
parables on the coming of the Lord, and his five thousand songs,
by way of hymn to God." This remarkable statement indicates that
there were thousands of statements or parables related to "the
coming of the Lord" that were known during the time of the
post-apostolic Church.

     Another document from the primitive Church encourages all
Christians to imitate those who sacrificed everything to their
faith in Christ and went about "preaching the coming of Christ."
     Clement of Rome, an important Church leader who is reported
to have become an early bishop of Rome, wrote an epistle to the
Church at Corinth in which he encouraged the believers to follow
the example of those who first taught the coming of Christ.
     Clement wrote: "Let us be imitators also of them which went
about in goat skins and sheepskins, preaching the coming of
     The brilliant Church historian Hippolytus (A.D.200) wrote
about the Christian belief in the two advents of Christ:

     For through the Scriptures we are instructed in two advents
     of the Christ and Saviour. And the first after the flesh was
     in humiliation, because He was manifested in lowly estate.
     So then His second advent is declared to be in glory; for He
     comes from heaven with power, and angels, and the glory of
     His Father. His first advent had John the Baptist as its
     forerunner; and His second, in which He is to come in glory,
     will exhibit Enoch, and Elias, and John the Divine.

(Well old Hippolytus had the coming of Christ, in advent one and
advent two, correct, but the fellows he says will be with Him, is
correct, if you understand the truth of the saints being
resurrected at the coming of Christ in glory - Keith Hunt)

     The British historian Edward Gibbon wrote in his book
"The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" about the universal
belief of the early Church in the doctrine of the literal and
imminent return of Christ.

     It was universally believed that the end of the world, and
     the kingdom of heaven, were at hand. The near approach of
     this wonderful event had been predicted by the apostles; the
     tradition of it was preserved by their earliest disciples,
     and those who understood in their literal sense the
     discourses of Christ himself were obliged to expect the
     second and glorious coming of the Son of Man in the clouds,
     before that generation was totally extinguished which had
     beheld his humble condition upon earth.

     While Gibbon acknowledged the historical truth that the
first Christians longed for the speedy return of Christ, he is
quite wrong in his conclusion that the primitive Church believed,
or was obligated to believe, that the Bible's prophecies demanded
that Christ would return in the generation that first heard His
prophecies. We will examine the subject of the imminent Second
Coming in depth in Chapter 10. 
     However, in brief, the prophecies taught that Christ could
come at any moment but they did not place any time limit on how
long the Lord would tarry until He returned. In fact, many
prophecies warned that some critics in the last days would deny
His Second Advent because of the long delay in time. The apostle
Peter warned about the danger of losing faith but instructed us
that the reason for the apparent delay was God's compassion to
sinners. "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that
one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand
years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise,
as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not
willing that any should perish, but that all should come to
repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the
night" (2 Peter 3:8-10).

(The idea and teaching that Christ could come at any second is
FASLE! There are specific prophecies that MUST be fulfilled
BEFORE Christ returns; we have the whole book of Revelation to
state that fact. As the nations of the world will NOT repent and
freely turn to God and His way of life, then the prophecies MUST
come as God has stated. Hence Jesus cannot come at any second -
Keith Hunt)

     The French theologian Jean Baptiste Massillon (1663-1742)
acknowledged that "in the days of primitive Christianity it would
have been deemed a kind of apostasy not to sigh for the return of
the Lord." However, the abandonment of the foundational doctrines
of the Word of God together with the continued growth of apostasy
within the ranks of Christian pastors has produced the lamentable
situation where those "who love His appearing" and powerfully
teach the scriptural doctrine of the soon return of Christ and
His millennial kingdom are often criticized as "prophecy
speculators" and considered to be eccentric in their teaching.

     Tragically, many who lead in the Church today consider those
who state "Even so, come Lord Jesus" to be on the theological
fringe and unbalanced when they teach the historic doctrine of
the return of Christ. This rejection of the biblical prophecies
regarding the Second Coming and the kingdom of God is clearly a
fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies of the last days, in
which the apostle Peter warned "there shall come ... scoffers,
walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise
of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things
continue as they were from the beginning of the creation" (2
Peter 3:3-4).

The Antichrist

     The primitive Church was fascinated by the prophecies about
the future world dictator known as the Antichrist and his
horrific and bloody rule over Israel and the nations during the
last days. One of the most interesting of the early Christian
writers, Hippolytus (A.D.160-236), wrote that the Antichrist
would arise from among the Jews to deceive them: "For in every
respect that deceiver seeks to make himself appear like the Son
of God. Christ is a lion, and Antichrist is a lion.... The
Saviour was circumcised, and he in like manner will appear in
circumcision ... he in like manner will gather together the
dispersed people of the Hebrews.... Christ arose from among the
Hebrews, and he will spring from among the Jews."

(Hippolytus only got right that the anti-christ will make himself
appear as if he is Christ. For the anti-christ is the false
prophet of Revelation, the man of sin of 2 Thes. who will declare
himself "God" on earth. In fact we have had MANY anti-christs
over the centuries, for the leader of the largest "Christian"
church does even now declare God is on earth through him. His
members of his organization do indeed believe God is on earth
through the leader of their church. 
What did Hippo boy think, that this anti-christ would expose his 
"penis" on world-wide TV to expose to the Jews he is circumcised?
He will NOT gather together the dispersed Hebrews - he will kill
and DISPERSE them! He will NOT come from the Jews. Hippo guy was
out in the mud with the Hippos when he dreamed this theology up -
Keith Hunt)

     Another key writer, Lactantius, wrote in A.D.313 that the
Antichrist will imitate and seek to replace God in the worship of
humanity in the last days. "Now this is he who is called
Antichrist; but he shall falsely call himself Christ, and shall
fight against the truth, and being overcome shall flee."
Lactantius also wrote that Satan will attempt to set himself up
as God in this final conflict. "But that king will not only be
most disgraceful in himself, but he will also be a prophet of
lies; and he will constitute and call himself God, and will order
himself to be worshipped as the Son of God."

(Now Lactantius stuck with the NT Scriptures and so he got it
CORTRECT!! - Keith Hunt)

     Irenaeus wrote about the career of the Antichrist in
relation to Christ's return. "For he [Antichrist] being endued
[empowered] with all the power of the devil, shall come, not as a
righteous king, nor as a legitimate king, [one] in subjection to
God, but an impious, unjust, and lawless one; as an apostate,
iniquitous and murderous; as a robber, concentrating in himself
(all) satanic apostasy, and setting aside idols to persuade (men)
that he himself is God, raising up himself as the only idol,
having in himself the multifarious errors of the other idols."

(Ah, yes Irenaeus knew the Scriptures also. Anti-christ will come
as appearing as God, he will appear to be "Christian" but he will
really be the false prophet of Revelation. He will have the power
of Satan; he will really be against the way and laws of God, yet
he will say he is from God, that God is in him - Keith Hunt)

The False Prophet

     The Scriptures indicate that the False Prophet, the partner
of the Antichrist, will perform supernatural acts to deceive

(This is again where people like Jeffrey fall off the beam. The
False Prophet IS the anti-christ, IS the man of sin of 2
Thessalonians. They are one and the same. It is the false prophet
that has a "man beast" with him, a secular leader of the
Roman/Babylon empire - Keith Hunt)

Possibly he will falsely claim to be the prophet Elijah as
foretold by Malachi 4:5. It is fascinating to note that
Lactantius (A.D.260-330) confirmed this interpretation regarding
the False Prophet in his book "Divine Institutes" in the third

     He will also be a prophet of lies; and he will constitute
     and call himself God, and will order himself to be
     worshipped as the Son of God; and power will be given him to
     do signs and wonders, by the sight of which he may entice
     men to adore him. He will command fire to come down from
     heaven, and the sun to stand and leave his course, and an
     image to speak; and these things shall be done at his
     word-by which miracles many even of the wise shall be
     enticed by him. Then he will attempt to destroy the temple
     of God, and persecute the righteous people; and there will
     be distress and tribulation such as there never has been
     from the beginning of the world .

(Lactantius again stuck with the Scriptures and is correct, but
he is speaking of the False Prophet, the Man of Sin, for THE
anti-christ and false prophet are one the same - Keith Hunt)

     Another Christian writer, Victorinus, wrote a fascinating
commentary on the Apocalypse in A.D.280. In it, he declared that
the False Prophet will set up an image of the Antichrist in
the rebuilt Temple in the Holy City. Victorinus wrote: "He shall
cause also that a golden image of Antichrist shall be placed in
the temple at Jerusalem." He also noted that the False Prophet
will counterfeit the supernatural signs of the genuine prophet
Elijah, who will minister as one of the two witnesses during the
Tribulation. "And he shall make fire come down from heaven in the
sight of men." Victorinus' reference to the satanic miracle of
bringing fire down from heaven (Revelation 13:13-14) is virtually
identical to the interpretation found in the writings of modern
prophecy teachers.

(Victorinus had missed the boat leaving the hot desert and was
under sun-stoke in writing those words. He had just about nothing
correct, except the false prophet could bring fire down from
heaven, and that part is written for all to read in the book of
Revelation. Everything else is Vic boy's fancy ideas - Keith

The Revival of the Roman Empire - A Ten-Nation Superstate

     Irenaeus clearly identifies the kingdom of the future
Antichrist with the final revival of the Roman Empire, symbolized
by the fourth beast of Daniel 7. He taught that the Antichrist
will violently overthrow three of the ten kingdoms that will form
a ten-nation superstate in the territory of the original Roman
Empire during the last days. "In a still clearer light has John,
in the Apocalypse, indicated to the Lord's disciples what shall
happen in the last times, and concerning the ten kings who shall
then arise, among whom the empire [Rome] which now rules (the
earth) shall be partitioned.... It is manifest, therefore that of
these (potentates), he who is to come shall slay three, and
subject the remainder to his power, and that he shall be himself
the eighth among them."

(Irenaeus was getting some of the prophecy of Daniel out of
order, and mixed up. He could not be expected to understand
Daniel in any full way, because it was said to Daniel himself
that his prophecy was closed and sealed up till the time of the
end, when people would run to and fro and knowledge would be
increased. Irenaeus was NOT living in that time. That time has
only been here about 100 years - Keith Hunt)

     Lactantius also confirmed that the prophets foretold that
ten nations would join a superstate confederacy in the last days.
"Then civil discords will perpetually be sown; nor will there be
any rest from deadly wars, until ten kings arise at the same
time, who will divide the world, not to govern, but to consume

(Well once more not hard to figure that much as Revelation tells
us about ten kings who give their power to one king beast, and
they obviously think they are mighty powerful, as they will try
to fight Christ at his coming - Rev.17:12-14 - Keith Hunt)

     In his commentary on Revelation, Victorinus also wrote about
the seven kings of the revived Roman Empire who survive after the
first three of the original ten kings are destroyed by the
Antichrist. "His seven heads were the seven kings of the Romans,
of whom also is Antichrist, as we have said above. 'And ten
horns.' He says that the ten kings in the latest times are the
same as these, as we shall more fully set forth there."

(Again, Vic boy was getting things mixed up from Daniel and
Revelation, but he was right in putting it all within a Roman-
Empire context. My in-depth study "The Beasts of Daniel and
Revelation" is on this Website. It will dovetail Daniel and
Revelation correctly for you - Keith Hunt)

Daniel's Seventieth Week - 
The Seven Years of Tribulation and the Gap of Years

(Now we come to probably the BIGGEST MISTAKE our fundamental
Christian prophets make - Keith Hunt)

     Some critical writers have stated that the teaching about a
gap, or "parenthesis," of many years occurring between the end of
Daniel's sixty-ninth week (at the time of Israel's rejection of
the Messiah) and the commencement of the final seventieth week,
the last seven years of this age (the beginning of the seven-year
Tribulation), is a new theory that was unknown before modern
times. However, a careful examination of the prophetic writings
during the first few centuries of the Church era reveals that a
number of writers also understood that the critical events of the
last days will be fulfilled during Daniel's seventieth week of
seven years.

(And that just means that others before today GOT IT ALL WRONG! -
Keith Hunt)

     In his commentary on Daniel 9:24-27, Irenaeus refers to the
prophesied seventieth "week" of seven years as the duration of
the future Antichrist's tyranny: "And in the midst of the week,
he says, the sacrifice and the libation shall be taken away, and
the abomination of desolation (shall be brought) into the temple:
even unto the consummation of the time shall the desolation be
complete. Now three years and six months constitute the

(Read that quote again friends! Does Irenaeus say anything about
7 or 3 years and 6 months, being at the very end of this age? If
he did believe it, this quote sure does not state it -  Keith

     In another early Church commentary, Lactantius confirmed
that Satan would supernaturally empower the Antichrist with evil
power during the last half (three and one-half years) of Daniel's
seventieth week: "Power will be given him to desolate the whole
earth for forty-two months."

(Just a minute now, where in this quote did Lac boy tell us this
was the last half of Daniel's 70th week. Old Lacy boy is telling
us exactly what is written in Revelation - 42 months. There is
NOTHING in Revelation about 7 years or 84 months - Keith Hunt)

     The writer Hippolytus wrote a detailed commentary about the
prophecies and noted the clear prophecy of Daniel about the final
seven-year Tribulation:

     He intimated also of old in this Daniel. For he says, "I
     shall make a covenant of one week, and in the midst of the
     week my sacrifice and libation will be removed." For by one
     week he indicates the showing forth of the seven years which
     shall be in the last times. And the half of the week the two
     prophets, along with John, will take for the purpose of
     proclaiming to all the world the advent of Antichrist, that
     is to say, for a "thousand two hundred and sixty days
     clothed in sackcloth;" and they will work signs and wonders.

(So old Hippo guy believed what most fundamenatl prophets teach.
All that proves is that the false teaching of Daniel 9 has been
around the block a number of times before, before it grew into a
huge following like it has today - Keith Hunt)

     In another manuscript, Hippolytus wrote about Daniel's
vision of the seventy weeks and clearly revealed his
understanding that the final "week" of seven years (the
Tribulation) will occur after a long gap of time from the ending
of the sixty-ninth week, when Christ had first come. Hippolytus
commented on Daniel's prophecy that the time between "the
commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the
Prince shall be seven weeks" (Daniel 9:25). Hippolytus wrote:

"For when the threescore and two weeks are fulfilled, and Christ
is come, and the Gospel is preached in every place, the times
being then accomplished, there will remain only one week, the
last, in which Elias will appear, and Enoch, and in the midst of
it the abomination of desolation will be manifested, viz.,
Antichrist, announcing desolation to the world. And when he
comes, the sacrifice and oblation will be removed, which now are
offered to God in every place by the nations."

(Again just becuase old Hippy boy had some strange idea about
Elijah coming back to life with Enoch and the last 7 years of
Daniel's 70 week prophecy being at the time of the end with the
anti-christ, DOES NOT MAKE IT CORRECT! - Keith Hunt)

     In this same manuscript, Hippolytus identified the last half
of Daniel's seventieth week (Daniel 9:27) with the Antichrist's
persecution of the saints after the ministry of the two
witnesses. "As also it was announced to Daniel: 'And one week
shall confirm a covenant with many; and in the midst of the week
it shall be that the sacrifice and oblation shall be removed' -
that the one week might be shown to be divided into two. The two
witnesses, then, shall preach three years and a half; and
Antichrist shall make war upon the saints during the rest of the
week, and desolate the world, that what is written may be

(Yep, I guess Hippy boy realy did teach this popular present day
fundamental teaching of the last week of Daniel's 70 week
prophecy. On the other hand MANY of the fundamental Bible
scholars of the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries in their popular Bible
Commentaries TAUGHT NO SUCH TEACHING as Hippy boy and the present
prophets like Jeffrey teach. See the Bible Commentaries of Albert
Barnes; Adam Clarke; Matthew Henry, etc. - Keith Hunt)

     It is intriguing to note that the ancient Jewish sages also
interpreted the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 to teach that the
Messiah, "the son of David," will literally appear at the end of
a seven-year period of great troubles, suffering, and distress.
For example, the Babylonian Talmud contains the following
statement regarding the return of the Messiah: "Our rabbis
taught: In the seven-year cycle at the end of which the son of
David will come ... at the conclusion of the septennate [7 year
period] the son of David will come." In another passage, the
Babylonian Talmud reported, "The advent of the Messiah was
pictured as being preceded by years of great distress."

(Hummmm, interesting, but Jewish ... whatever proves nothing. If
you take a look at what Jesus thought about MUCH of "Jewish"
theology in the Four Gospels, it is hardly flattering to try and
quote from them just about anything that has to do with Jesus the
Messiah - Keith Hunt)

The Mark of the Beast

     Irenaeus also commented on the mark of the Beast and 666:

"The number is 666, that is, six times a hundred, six times ten,
and six units. (He gives this) as a summing up of the whole of
that apostasy which has taken place during six thousand years.
For in as many days as this world was made, in so many thousand
years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture
says: Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their
adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the
works that He had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from
all His works. This is an account of the things formerly created;
as it is a prophecy of what is to come. For the day of the Lord
is as a thousand years; and in six days created things were
completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an
end at the year sixth thousand." 

(Wellll nowwww .... according to the chronology of Usher [Adam
being created in 4004 B.C.] we have sailed right by the bay of
6,000 years, and the 7th thousand millennium reign of the Kingdom
of God on earth ain't come YET! The plain truth is God is NOT
working on a 7,000 year plan. Science and true history now proves
mankind has been on this earth for at LEAST 8 to 10 THOUSAND
YEARS and maybe even more. Oh it may have been nice for Ireny
fellow to try and look at creation and figure out some 7,000 year
time span, IN HIS DAY, he had a few thousand years where he could
not be proved wrong. BUT HE SURE IS PROVED WRONG TODAY! 
It's all clever dreaming folks, just wild speculation, which has
NO bearing of FACT in any of it. There is not ONE WORD in
Scripture to uphold the idea that God is working on some 7
THOUSAND YEAR time span for mankind on this earth - Keith Hunt)

     Irenaeus indicates in this passage his belief that Christ
would establish His rule approximately two thousand years after
His first coming.

(Welllll, as Jesus was born 5 B.C. [there's a study on this
Website proving that fact] we are getting kinda well over 2,000
years from our Savior's first coming, and He has not been sent
back yet. Nice to figure things when you are 2,000 years away
from it - Keith Hunt)

     Irenaeus wrote that some writers had speculated that the
number 666 (Revelation 13:-18) may refer to the name Lateinos
(the Latin) or Teitan (Titan) but he wisely refused to speculate
about the name of the Antichrist. "We will not, however, incur
the risk of pronouncing positively as to the name of Antichrist:
for if it were necessary that his name should be distinctly
revealed in this present time, it would have been announced by
him who beheld the apocalyptic vision. For that was seen no very
long time since, but almost in our day, towards the end of
Domitian's reign."

(Actually, Ireny guy could have figured it out, the fellow that
started the Roman Empire - Romulus - his name adds up to 666 -
and the Roman Empire was to have TEN resurrections, the last 7
ruled over by a woman whore church. The 7th and last Holy Roman
Empire is yet to arise in Europe. It will be the last Romulus 666
empire to be on this earth - Keith Hunt)

     Victorinus wrote in his commentary that both John and Daniel
prophesied about the satanic system of population control that
the Antichrist will employ involving the mark. "Moreover, he
himself shall contrive that his servants and children should
receive as a mark on their foreheads, or on their right hands,
the number of his name, lest any one should buy or sell them.
Daniel had previously predicted his [the Antichrist's] contempt
and provocation of God."

(Not hard for Vic boy to do this, it is written in the book of
Revelation as plain as day for all to read - Keith Hunt)

     Lactantius wrote in his "Divine Institutes" about the last
three and a half years of terror during the Great Tribulation
under the Antichrist's mark of the Beast system: "As many as
shall believe him and unite themselves to him, shall be marked by
him as sheep; but they who shall refuse his mark will either flee
to the mountains, or, being seized, will be slain with studied
tortures. He will also enwrap righteous men with the books of the
prophets, and thus burn them; and power will be given him to
desolate the whole earth for forty-two months."

(Now isn't that some revelation on Lactantius' part. My oh my, he
could read the Bible. I speak with tongue in cheek. He is not
saying anything new, he's just restating what John wrote down in
the book of Revelation. And by the way he was correct in keeping
it all to the last 42 months you will note - Keith Hunt)

The Temple will be Rebuilt in Jerusalem

(Here we go again, with one of the fundamentalist folly of all
time, the idea that prophecy cannot be fulfilled until we have a
literal stone/wood Temple in Jerusalem - Keith Hunt)

     Lactantius wrote in "Divine Institutes" that there will be a
rebuilt Temple in the last days that will be defiled by the
Antichrist during the Tribulation when he will persecute the
Jewish people. "Then he will attempt to destroy the temple of
God, and persecute the righteous people; and there will be
distress and tribulation such as there never has been from the
beginning of the world."

(The question no one seems to want to ask is what did old
Lactantius mean by "destroy the temple of God"?  This quote does
not elaberate - it just is not there as to what is the "temple of
God" - Keith Hunt)

     Irenaeus also refers to the Antichrist sitting in a rebuilt
Temple in Jerusalem: "In which (Temple) the enemy shall sit,
endeavoring to show himself as Christ, as the Lord." He quotes
Jesus' words in Matthew 24 that refer to Daniel 9:24-27: "When ye
therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by
Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let
him understand)."

(Irenaeus really did not study the subject in its FULL DEPTH. 
Most have followed him, they haven't studied it either in full
detailed depth. I HAVE! And my findings are all in the study
called "The Abomination of Desolation" on this Website. All
prophecy can be fully fulfilled without there having to be a
literal physical Temple in Jerusalem where Jews with offer animal
sacrifices - Keith Hunt)

The Rebirth of Israel

     It is interesting to note that several of the early
Christian writers correctly interpreted the ancient prophecies
that Israel would once again become a nation when the Jewish
exiles returned to the Promised Land. Irenaeus acknowledged that
Israel would become a nation again in his book "Against
Heresies": "And again the same speaks thus: 'These things saith
the Lord, I will gather Israel from all nations whither they have
been driven ... and they shall dwell in their own land, which I
gave to my servant Jacob."

(How nice of Irenaeus to remind us of what is stated OVER AND
OVER again in the prophets of old. But the modern fundamental
prophets think the Jews in the Holy Land is the fulfilment of all
those prophecies; they are once more very mistaken - Keith Hunt)

     Hippolytus wrote the following statement in his book
"Treatise on Christ and Antichrist": "For he will call together
all the people to himself out of every country of the dispersion,
making them his own, as though they were his own children, and
promising to restore their country and establish again their
kingdom and nation in order that he may be worshipped by them as

(All true, for Hippy man was just telling us what all the
prophets of old have written for us centuries ago. Now if you
think the Jews in the Holy Land have fulfilled this prophecy, ask
yourself this question: How many Jews over there are "religious"?
And if a few are, next question: Do they accept Christ as their
Savior? Next question: If they do not, do you really believe
under the New Covenant, God accepts their worship towards Him? I
THINK NOT!! So as Hippy boy wrote it they ain't really
worshipping God yet. Jesus said the time was that God wanted people
who would worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Jews (who
reject Jesus) .... their worship is not in spirit and in truth,
therefore they worship God in vain, as Jesus told them they did,
when they would not acknowledge Him as the Son of God, the
Messiah, and kept their own traditions and made the commandments
of God as no effect. The prophecy has not yet come to pass, but
it will; you can read about as I expound all the prophets on
this Website - Keith Hunt)

The Fig Tree Represents Israel

     For many years the critics of modern prophecy teachers have
denied that the prophetic passage of Christ's message in Matthew
24 regarding the "fig tree" actually referred to the rebirth of
the nation Israel. Many critics suggest that there was no
persuasive evidence that the "fig tree" actually refers to Israel
and its restoration to the Promised Land in the last days. The
Bible used the "fig tree," "fig," and "figs" numerous times as an
obvious symbol of the nation Israel. For example, the book of
Jeremiah used the "fig tree" as a symbol of the Jewish people.
"Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel; Like these good figs, so
will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of Judah,
whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans
for their good" (Jeremiah 24:5). Another significant use of the
fig symbolically occurs in the repeated prophetic image of the
Messianic dominion through the phrase, "But they shall sit every
man under his vine and under his fig tree" (Micah 4:4). Jesus
alluded to the same well-known messianic image of Israel at peace
when He chose Nathanael to be His disciple, "When thou wast under
the fig tree, I saw thee" (John 1:48).

     However, a careful examination reveals there is clear and
unequivocal evidence from the teachings of the primitive Church
that they understood Christ's prophecy to definitely refer to
Israel as the "fig tree." One of the Church writings that
appeared in the first century following Jesus Christ clearly
identifies the fig tree as a prophetic symbol of Israel. The
ancient book known as the "Apocalypse of Peter," which is an
early second century (A.D.110-140) commentary on the Gospel of
Matthew, was discovered for the first time in 1887 in a Greek
text, and an Ethiopian version was found in 1910. The Apocalypse
of Peter comments on Christ's specific words used in the Matthew
24 Mount of Olives passage, when Jesus gave one of His most
detailed messages regarding the Second Coming. Of particular note
are the prophetic symbols used by Christ in this passage,
especially His use of the "fig tree" symbol. This early Christian
document states the following:

     And ye, receive ye the Parable of the fig-tree thereon: as
     soon as its shoots have gone forth and its boughs have
     sprouted, the end of the world will come. And I, Peter,
     answered and said unto him, "Explain to me concerning the
     fig-tree, [and] how we shall perceive it, for throughout all
     its days does the fig-tree sprout and every year it brings
     forth its fruit [and] for its master.
     What (then) meaneth the parable of the fig-tree? We know it not.
     And the Master answered and said unto me, "Dost thou not
     understand that the fig-tree is the house of Israel?"
     Hast thou not grasped that the fig-tree is the house of
     Verily, I say to you that when its boughs have sprouted at
     the end, then shall deceiving Christs come, and awaken hope
     (with the words): "I am the Christ, who am (now) come into
     the world."

(The fundamental prophets today will not admit WHO the very
peoples of the House of Israel are! If they knew they would see
indeed that the House of Israel has sprouted, and we are in the
days of many false prophets, many deceiving Christs have come and
are here - Keith Hunt)

     A later comment in the Apocalypse of Peter on Christ's vital
prophecy reveals that early Christian commentators understood
that Jesus' plan was to restore the nation of Israel before the
final "last days" crisis when the Antichrist will appear. 

(And so they probably had in mind the Jews from various lands,
coming back to Palestine. By reading the prophets of old, and by
getting their time frame mixed up, they no doubt thought the Jews
needed to come again as a nation to the Holy Land before Jesus
would return. In actual correct time setting of those prophecies,
the people of Israel are to return to the Holy Land AFTER the
Great Tribulation of the last 42 months of this age, and at the
coming again of the Messiah to earth, who will take command in
leading them back from the lands of their enemies, where they
will have been scattered during the last 1260 days of this age -
Keith Hunt)

     Another interesting comment is found in the statement in The
Apocalypse of Peter that the two witnesses, "Enoch and Elias
[Elijah]," will play key roles in the last days: "Then shall the
boughs of the fig-tree, i.e. the house of Israel, sprout, and
there shall be many martyrs by His hand: they shall be killed and
become martyrs. Enoch and Elias will be sent to instruct them
that this is the deceiver who must come into the world and do
signs and wonders in order to deceive." 

(Again, all this shows is that the writers of this Apocalypse of
Peter, were "out to lunch" - "way off left field" - "fallen off
the beam" - for they obviously did not have correct, the subject
of "death" as taught in the Holy Scriptures. Elijah and Enoch are
dead, and will not come back to life again until the resurrection
at the coming of the Messiah, AFTER the deceiver has come, after
the Tribulation and Day of the Lord has all been fulfilled -
Keith Hunt)

     A small note of correction: Despite the statement, the
evidence is compelling that Enoch will not be one of the two
witnesses because he was not a Jew and his rapture to heaven did
not uniquely qualify him for the role as one of the two

(What human reasoning of theology we have here. I shake my head
in disbelief at the ideas men can come up with to supposedly
explain Scripture - Keith Hunt)

     Elijah and Moses appeared together with Jesus Christ
revealing the glory of His coming kingdom on the Mount of
Transfiguration. This fact strongly suggests that Elijah
and Moses, who previously caused drought and plagues, will be the
Two Witnesses of the last days described in Revelation 11:3-13.
Malachi's prophecy about Elijah also mentions the role of Moses
(Malachi 4:4-5).

(I should not be so surprised at the ideas of fundamental
theology. The two witnesses, who they are, is not told to us. We
await to see. But I can tell you for sure, they will not be
Moses, Elijah, Enoch, or anyone that ever lived before. All that
ever lived are NOW DEAD, all except Christ. No one will be
resurrected back to life, UNTIL the resurrection at the coming of
the Lord Jesus. And that coming and resurrection is AFTER the
last 42 months of this age - Keith Hunt)

     This statement of Christ about the parable of the figs from
the earliest days of the apostolic Church provides compelling
evidence that believers who lived closest to the apostles
understood the words of Christ in Matthew 24:30 to prophetically
foretell the rebirth of Israel in the last days.

(Nope ... Jesus was simply saying that when you see the signs He
told us about to watch for in the world, then His coming would
not be far away. In this context the fig tree had nothing to do
with Israel - Keith Hunt)

     The prophetic teachings of the great theologians of the
primitive Church provide compelling evidence that they understood
the prophecies about the return of Christ and the future
millennial dominion as we do today. Therefore, we can have
confidence that our own prophetic interpretation about the coming
Antichrist, the seven-year Tribulation, the mark of the Beast,
and Christ's triumphant victory over Satan to establish His
millennial kingdom are biblically valid and consistent with the
Word of God as understood and taught by the first Christians.

(The Bible certainly gives instruction on the COMING of the Lord;
the 1,000 year millennium rule of Christ on earth; the False
Prophet anti-christ; the Greast Tribulation; the Mark of the
Beast; the victory of Christ over Satan. 


WEBSITE - Keith Hunt)

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