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The Triumphant Return and the Kingdom #13

The Army from the East

                     Triumphant Return and the Kingdom

From a book by Grant Jeffrey

Preparations for the Battle of Armageddon

     The Scriptures record three unique predictions regarding the
future Battle of Armageddon that could never be fulfilled in any
previous generation in history. The first prediction regarding an
army of 200 million soldiers of the kings of the East implies
that there must be significant increase in the population of
males in Asia. Second, the Scriptures indicate that the kings of
the East will prepare a military highway across Asia to
facilitate the marching of that huge army toward Israel. Third,
the prophecies about the final Battle of Armageddon describe an
event when the Euphrates River will suddenly dry up to allow the
army of the kings of the East to cross it and march west toward
Israel. Then the vast army of the "kings of the East" will
confront the western armies of the Antichrist to determine
whether the West or the East will rule the earth. 

(No! The armies of the East - Revelation 16 - will be coming to
united with the 10 nation Beast united armies, to battle against
Christ. They will gather at the plain of Megiddo, about 70 miles
NW of Jerusalem. This prophecy I deal with in other in-depth
studies on this Website - Keith Hunt)

     The following paragraphs will document evidence that these
unique prophecies are being fulfilled in our generation for the
first time in history.

An Unprecedented Increase in the Male Population in Asia

     The apostle John foretold the final Battle of Armageddon:

"And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew
tongue Armageddon" (Revelation 16:16). 

     The name Armageddon is derived from the Greek phrase that
means "mount of Megiddo," the small mountain that overlooks the
ancient ruins of the biblical city of Megiddo. From the mountain
you can look out over the enormous Valley of Jezreel that extends
from northern Israel far to the south toward Jerusalem. Numerous
strategic battles have been fought at Armageddon including the
triumphant victory recorded in Judges 5:19 and the devastating
Egyptian victory over the forces of the righteous King Josiah.
The last great battle at Megiddo occurred when Lord Allenby and
his Allied Expeditionary Force defeated the armies of Turkey in
1918 and set the stage for the rebirth of Israel.

     The prophecy indicated that the army of the Oriental
alliance from the nations of the kings of the East will consist
of an astonishing army of two hundred million soldiers:

"And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred
thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them" (Revelation

     This statement was remarkable when you realize that the
entire population of the ancient Roman Empire in the first
century was only approximately 200 million people. Some students
of prophecy mistakenly assumed that the Bible referred to 200
million horsemen. However, there are only approximately 35
million horses throughout the globe. A careful reading of the
prophecy reveals that John's use of the word "horsemen" in
Revelation 9:16 actually refers to "the four horsemen of the
Apocalypse" described by John under the symbols of the first four
seal judgments (Revelation 6:1-8). The best interpretation is
that the prophecy reveals that the army of the four horsemen of
the Apocalypse that represents God's wrath will include 200
million soldiers.

(Jeffrey has it mixed here again. The four horsemen are just
before the Great Tribulation of the 5th seal. They have nothing
directly to do with the "day of God's wrath" which is the 7th
seal. Revelation 9 is during the day of the Lord, and it is here
that the East will come against the Europe Roman/Babylon West,
not at Armageddon as Jeffrey teaches - Keith Hunt)

     Many have wondered if this number could actually be literal.
Yet, the population of Asia is growing so quickly that the
nations of the East could field an army in the next few years
that would contain 200 million soldiers. The Chinese government
instituted an unprecedented "One Child Policy" in 1979 in an
attempt to reduce the massive population growth that threatened
their ability to feed their rapidly growing billion-plus
population. Under this policy, each couple can only have one
child during their lifetime and each woman must obtain an
authorized birth coupon prior to conceiving a child. Incredibly,
this horrendously intrusive population policy requires that
fertile women's menstrual cycles be publicly monitored and that
they undergo mandated pelvic examinations if suspected pregnant.
An official circular of the Party Central Committee and the State
Council in November 1982 required mandatory sterilization of all
couples who have had two or more children. The official policy
requires that all unauthorized pregnancies must be aborted
whenever detected, regardless of the stage of pregnancy.
Government population control doctors use forceps to crush the
unborn baby's skull, or inject pure formaldehyde into the soft
cap of baby's head either before birth or during the actual
delivery of fully developed babies in the ninth month. Fines
equal to one year's income are imposed on couples who have an
unauthorized birth. An article in the New York Times in April
1993 reported that punishments also included the confiscation of
property, the destruction of their houses, and severe physical
beatings. This was also confirmed by an Internet article.  As a
result of the Communist government's cruelty, Chinese couples who
become pregnant frequently abort babies if an ultrasound test
indicates the unborn child is a female. They often continue to
abort female fetuses until the test reveals that the woman is
carrying a male fetus. Then they allow the male child to be born.
Since they can only have one child, many couples choose to have a
son to continue their family name and to support them in their

     In 1991, an article in a Shanghai, China, journal warned
that the unbalanced ratio of boys to girls would eventually
produce an army of young bachelors numbering some 70 million
strong, without any prospect of marriage by the year 2000. The
Toronto Star newspaper reported in 1995 that Chinese officials
admitted this unprecedented imbalance of boys and girls. Numerous
reports by human rights organizations reveal that China, India,
and North Korea are also involved in the selective abortion of
female babies. In addition, many families in these nations admit
to killing or abandoning their young female children. This
unprecedented situation may set the stage for the fulfilment of
the ancient biblical prophecy about an army of 200 million in the
last days.

(The kings of the Easy will be from Russia, China, India, Korea
etc. There will be no problem at all in putting forth an army of
200 million - Keith Hunt)

A Highway for the Kings of the East

     The prophet John also prophesied in Revelation about the
preparation of a military highway across Asia in the last days
that will allow this massive Oriental army to march across the
vast reaches of Asia toward the final Battle of Armageddon in
northern Israel. John refers to the building of this highway in
these curious words: "The way of the kings of the east might be
prepared" (Revelation 16:12). The Chinese Communist government
has recently spent extraordinary sums of money and expended
hundreds of thousands of lives of construction workers to build
an unprecedented military super-highway from mainland China
across southern Asia, heading directly west toward the land of
Israel. This new highway through the most rugged mountain terrain
across the south of China and through Tibet, Afghanistan, and
Pakistan has no obvious economic purpose, and no foreigners are
allowed near it. The following (poorly translated) statement
regarding this highway, from a January 1999 article by Oleg
Limanov in "Marco Polo Magazine," reads: "Karakorum highway,
connecting Afghanistan through Central Asia states and China to
Pakistan with probable joining India would be very significant
for all concerning parties, agreement on using of which was
signed by China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in July

     Another Internet article describes the land route from China
towards the Middle East: "With Myanmar [Burma] support, the
Indian government is creating a transportation corridor from
South Asia through Myanmar to Southeast Asia. This corridor will
compete with other grand trans-Eurasian projects, such as a land
transportation link from China through Central Asia to Turkey and

(Even without a "highway" with modern means of travel via planes
etc. it would not be at all difficult to get a massive army into
Palestine and the plain of Megiddo - Keith Hunt)

The Drying Up of the Euphrates River

     Another prophecy of the apostle John in Revelation declares
that the Euphrates River will dry up to allow this army to cross
from Asia into the Middle East to invade Israel: "And the sixth
angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the
water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east
might be prepared" (Revelation 16:12). 

(This is no doubt a physical symbol only, for even if the
Euphrates does not dry up, that river cannot possibly stop the
movement of a huge army from the East into the Megiddo plain, for
modern air-born machines are not stopped by a river - Keith Hunt)

     Throughout history, the Euphrates River has been an almost
impassable military barrier between East and West, often
preventing large armies from crossing from one side to the other
in their attempts to conquer the nations on the other side.

(This was only so before the invention of the modern huge planes
- Keith Hunt)

     The former Turkish president Turgut Ozal built a series of
twenty-two dams on the Tigris and Euphrates river systems during
the 1980s and 1990s. The huge Ataturk Dam, the fifth largest dam
on earth, is part of the $32 billion Southeastern Anatolia
Project, which was designed to produce electricity and to double
the irrigation to approximately 30,000 square miles of semi-arid
land. This series of dams is intended to allow Turkey to produce
ample food for the growing population of the Middle East. The
Ataturk Dam is estimated to provide irrigation to over four
million acres of land, enabling Turkish farmers to grow cotton,
tobacco, sugarbeets, and soybeans.

     What's most notable about the Ataturk Dam, one mile long and
600 feet high, is that it is capable of completely blocking the
headwaters of the Euphrates River for the first time in history.
The great Euphrates River can now be dried up exactly as
prophesied to allow an Asian army to march toward Israel across
the ancient battlefields of Mesopotamia, which have witnessed so
many historically decisive battles throughout history. This is
another example of a unique prophecy that can now be fulfilled in
our generation.

(It really means very little in the context of the modern space-
age world we have today. No army today is stopped by a river,
they can fly over it, even bringing with them tanks, missile
launchers and all fighting equipment. It is shocking that an
educated man like Jeffrey did not have the simple logic of the
mind to realize in today's world this drying up of the Euphrates
[which will be literal] has only a symbolic meaning for the most
part, and will also of course be a "time" of the end "time line"
so we will know this prophecy of Revelation 16 is coming to pass.
Certainly armies will be able to move across a dried up river,
but they sure would not be stopped if it was not dried up - Keith


To be continued

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