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Going into the Past and into the Future?

                               TIME TRAVEL?

     I've been watching the set of DVDs from the History Channel,
about outer space, season one and season two. One section was
devoted to "time travel." The so-called science has all kinds of
theories, speculation, this equation and that equation, they have
whatever this scientist said, or whatever this dead scientist
left us. They can theorize about warping space, or travelling
faster than the speed of light. They theorize and throw this
algebra number around all they like, but time travel WILL NEVER
HAPPEN! You cannot go BACK in time, for the physical past is
SIMPLY NOT THERE, IT IS GONE! You cannot go FORWARD in time, for
what is forward is NOT THERE, it simply had not ARRIVED!

     To go back in time, you have to believe that everything that
DID exist, STILL DOES EXIST, albeit in some kind of unseen
invisibleness that is still there, but not seen until you go back
in time travel, then somehow you see it, and you are there in the
past of 1,2,3 or whatever millenniums ago.

     Then the other argument given was that a time machine can
only go back to the day it was started up. You start such a
machine now in 2009 and in 100 years, those living can go back to
2009, when the time machine was started.

     The fact still has to be, that all that is alive today, must
some how still be alive in some form in 2109.

     It's all based upon the "immortal soul" type doctrine, only
the time travellers would say everything has to be immortal in a
certain way, to go back to it.

     The truth of the matter is that there is no immortal
anything EXCEPT the GODHEAD.....God the Father and His Son Christ
Jesus. When things, people, animals, a flower, a plant, a tree,
you start up a time machine today, in 2009, the people who die
from this time onwards, are DEAD PERIOD! Someone in 3009 cannot
jump in the time machine and come back to talk and walk among the
people of 2009, or 2010, or 2050, because they are no longer
there in 2050 (presuming they died before 2109).
     What some scientists do not want to admit is that this
universe and us in it is ALL PHYSICAL, as God made the physical
universe out of nothing, He made what we call matter, and He made
that matter MORTAL!! He and Jesus are the ONLY GOD IMMORTAL, is
what the Bible teaches. Of course modern evolutionary scientists
do not want to acknowledge there is a God, so hence they will not
look into God's word the Bible to see what the Lord has revealed
to us. And that revelation is that we are MORTAL, all physical
things are mortal. And when they die they do not exist any more,
they are not still alive but invisible, they just do not exists
in that mortal form anymore. So it is utterly impossible for
anyone to go back in time and walk and talk and see the physical,
as it was when it was alive in the physical world of the past.

     Only through God working a miracle and bringing back to life
that which is now dead and gone, is that life ever going to LIVE

     And indeed that is one of the major themes of the Bible,
that God CAN and WILL bring back to life all the humans that have
ever lived on this planet, or that have even been conceived. The
Eternal Almighty is the ONLY ONE that can give back LIFE to that
which is dead.

     The truth of DEATH and RESURRECTION is expounded upon in
detail in many studies on this Website.

     Now to another point. Is time travel to the future ever
going to be possible? Some scientists would like to think so. Let
me ask you a question: "I'm sitting here in my apartment in
Calgary in the year 2009. Can you see me sitting in New York city
in 2010?"
     Further more can you go to me NOW in New York city in 2010?

     No, I think you can not! In fact I think you would laugh at
the idea, when you are with me right now in my apartment in
Calgary in 2009, I'm not in New York in 2010. For the true reality 
is I'm here in the present in Calgary and 2010 has not yet arrived. 
And further to that I'm not yet in New York city, and still further 
to all that, who is to say I will ever make it to New York city.
     Oh I can plan it, book the plane flight, book an apartment,
or hotel to stay at when I do get to New York, but as most of us
logical thinking people know, many things could happen, including
death, before 2010 arrives and my plan to be in New York city
never comes to reality.

     Planning something in life is one thing, but going into,
being present in the future, with yourself and others living with
you today, or ones not yet born, and walking and talking to them,
is only for the illogical mind-set of some nutty scientists. It
can never happen for tomorrow has not yet arrived, the only
certainty is that of this very present second. 
     The past is gone, it is not here, it does not exists any
more, you cannot literally go into the physical past, for the
physical past does not exist, the physical past is dead, returned
to dust from whence it was created, and ONLY a miraculous
RESURRECTION from the dead by an IMMORTAL GOD who has the power
to resurrect death back to life, can bring anything in the past
back to the present. And likewise, you cannot go into the future
in a literal way, for the future does not exist, it is not here
yet. All we can know for certain is the very second of the
present. And the present we are told, for most of mankind is
"time and chance happeneth to them all" (Ecc.9:11). And so wise
king Solomon said just the verse before, "Whatsoever thy hand
findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor
device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither you go"
(verse 10). Further, unexpected things could happen, which you
have no control over, and so put an end to your "plans" for next
year, nay, next month, nay even next week, or the next day.
Solomon went on to say, "For man also knoweth not his time: as
the fishes that are taken in an evil net (to them, for them it is
evil, it spoils their plans so to speak), and as the birds that
are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil
time, when it falls suddenly upon them" (verse 11).

     Most of the time for most of us, we do not know what
tomorrow brings. It is only the very very few that God in advance
tells them the work He has for them to do for Him. In all the
Bible we have only FOUR examples of peoples lives that were
before ordained to accomplish a work; in order as they appear in
the Bible they were; Cyrus (Isaiah 47), Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5),
John the Baptist (Luke 1), and Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:18-20).
Certainly God is able to make sure that those lives were
protected, guided, and that they did the work of the Lord that
they were before birth ordained to do.

     For the rest of us, unless an angel has come to you, or God
has spoken to you in a dream or vision, we do not know in advance
what work the Lord has for us, if He has any specific work for us
at all (other than being called to His salvation and walking in
His will and righteousness). We do our thing, we live our lives,
we grow up (God willing) to adulthood, we go about our life, move
into our education or skills or talents, to be a part of the
daily living of our societies and nations where we live. Time and
chance of this sort or that sort come our way. God looks down on
a comparatively very few and calls them to His salvation and
Kingdom. Still fewer He calls to do some specific work in His
teaching and proclaiming the Gospel to a town, a nation, or
nations of the world.

     As shocking as it is to some, there is no teaching in the
Bible that God is planning every minute of every persons life on
earth. If that was so, then the Eternal would have to plan and
bring about every act of fornication, incest, rape, adultery, and
all the myriad of sins, evil, wickedness, that people have done
to each other from the beginning. It is the wildness and craziest
idea of theology to ever imagine God planned the life of Aldolf
Hitler and his right hand men to perpetrate the bastardly evil
that they unfolded on millions of innocent men, women, and
children, as well as to start a world war. Oh, to be sure, from
the knowledge of human history God may well know the result that
comes from mankind throwing the Bible out the window, and from
the evil that Satan and the demons can do in their influence on
mankind, and certainly God does ALLOW sin and evil and
unrighteousness to exist and to manifest itself in horrible ways.
But ALLOWING all that, knowing that evil will come from the wrong
way of living, is FAR from the idea of some that God is
manipulating and planning every minute of the lives of all
people. It just is NOT SO!!
     Time and chance can happen to any one. God certainly has
personal interest in every one of His begotten children. Jesus
said that those who are His true disciples will have BOTH the
Father and Himself living WITHIN them via the Holy Sprit (John
14:15-24). God can intervene and answer prayers not only for His
begotten children, but also for others that are under deceptions
of whatever kind. He is a loving and kind God, and if He has not
chosen to remove the deception away from people, He certainly can
still then have mercy on them in many other ways as He chooses.

     Many mis-understand the teaching of "predestination" as it
is mentioned in the New Testament. You will find on this Website
a study fully expounding the truth of the matter on that subject.

     I have proved to you in other studies that God does take
note of, take record of, every human life that has come together
when egg and sperm unite to form human life, and that in His
time, according to His plan of salvation, ALL WILL BE GIVEN A

     There is no time travel. There is no need for time travel.
For God time in the present is ETERNAL. And when sin and death
are no more, the eternal PRESENT will be HOLY PERFECT
RIGHTEOUSNESS for us humans who were made to inherit the perfect
present for all eternity.

Keith Hunt (March 2009) 

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