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Touched By An ANGEL!

The truth remains ... God Loves YOU!

                             TOUCH BY AN ANGEL

This was the name of the TV series that ran for 9 years (1994 to
2003) on CBS. I remember watching most of them. Some are now
available on DVD. So I'm in the process of watching many of them

Most of the episodes were taken from real life stories, and the
others ... well they are happening somewhere on this earth.

For you who have studied the truth about death (which is on this
Website) you will need to put that to one side, and simply
concentrate on the basic truth of the stories and the lessons
that Touched By An Angel wanted to stamp on your mind.

So with some "theology" put to one side, I still highly recommend
the series called Touch By An Angel.

You and your whole family can greatly benefit from MOST of that
TV series.

If you have not done so, obtain some of the DVD series. The basic
truth still remains .... GOD DOES LOVE YOU!!

Keith Hunt

(January 2009)

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