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Its CONNECTION with Ambassador College, in Texas

                     THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER magazine 

                     AND Big Sandy Ambassador College

by Keith Hunt

     Some of you will no doubt find this little bit of "history"
between me and Ambassador College Big Sandy, Texas, in the early
1990s as "interesting" and somewhat unusual (but then with the
changes going on in the Worldwide Church of God at the time,
maybe not unusual).

     It was in 1987 that I started a monthly (at times for
expense and time reasons it was only bi-monthly) magazine called
"THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER." It was not "classy" - no color, often
it was done on 8 x 14 paper. This was all before Computers were
out in any large way, and certainly before all the software and
Internet as we have it today. So it was a hands on, type in,
paste in this or that, and then run it through a copying machine,
a lot of work and time. I had only about 100 people worldwide on
my mailing list. I could not afford to develop a massive mailing
list, for the expense to do all this was out of my own pocket,
there was only a few, now and again, who would send me
contributions for this magazine.

     But I sure did cover a lot of topics floating around the
mainly Worldwide Church of God and other "offshoots" from the
WCG. So it was a magazine mainly for those people who were once
in the WCG or were now drifting around here and there, and
wanting answers on this or that latest teaching from the WCG and
other groups descended from the WCG. Sometimes I produced a large
issue in pages, I think some issues went as high as 40 pages.
Most of the important topics I wrote about back then are NOW ON
this Website.

     It was a theological magazine that had a relatively small
number of people it was going to, but the people it went to were
all around North America and some in other countries of the
world. It did have a larger INFLUENCE than I thought, and
obviously was known by people who would pass on studies to others
or tell others about my magazine. My name was mentioned a few
times in the old Ambassador Report of those years.

     It was in the early 1990s and I was living at the time in
south Florida. One day I get this letter from Ambassador College
in Big Sandy, Texas. They said they were aware of a magazine I
put out called THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER, and they would like to
have EVERY ISSUE I had done to the present, **FOR THEIR
LIBRARY!!** They went on to say **THEY WOULD PAY ME** whatever
for the expense of me sending them all the issues I had printed
so far. They would pay me UP-FRONT!

     Well, many of those issues were AGAINST what the WCG was
then teaching. I thought, okay, if you really want them so bad
for your Library, and you are willing to pay me, I will send them
to you. I figured it all out, the cost, and asked them for 200
dollars. Within about 10 days I received a check in the mail from
them for 200 dollars.

     I did send them all the issues of THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER,
for as they said, their LIBRARY!!

     I will give them credit for doing this, making all those
issues available to their students in AC at Big Sandy.

     I think it was within a few years that AC at Big Sandy was
FOLDED UP AND SOLD. I never did find out whatever happened to my
TRUTH OF THE MATTER magazines, maybe some individual kept them,
maybe they just got thrown out, maybe the new people buying the
property kept them. Who knows, it's all just a little bit of
interesting history in the life and times of the WCG Ambassador
College of Big Sandy, Texas, and a fellow by the name of Keith
Hunt, who for 7 years published a magazine called "The Truth of
the Matter."


Entered on this Website March 2008

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