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Taught by Time

Use it Wisely

                              TAUGHT BY TIME

by Harvey D. Fischer

"Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so we may grow in
wisdom" (Psalm 90:12, NLT).

     Happiness and satisfaction in life are much influenced by
home and work. As families suffer in this culture, emphasis on
work becomes greater. Whether this stress on work is activated by
needs and wants of today's home, or whether work becomes an
escape from home life, is up for debate.
     Current economic concerns highlight the need for priorities.
The choice of how we spend the resource of time allotted to us
becomes more critical. How does one decide what's best for now,
with a good impact on the future?
     When my wife, Barbara, and I decided to spend the rest of
our lives together, we did not have a long-range plan with goals
and timelines. We simply knew we loved each other and agreed
that, whatever comes, we would find a way to work through it
together. We had committed our lives to the Lord and had a group
of friends we knew we could depend on, should we need it.

     These friendships took time and effort, but the dividends
were huge.

     It took time to realize that God's great gift to us was
time. We had the same allotment as everyone else; it was up to us
to use it wisely. We could spend it, invest it, or just use it.
Only later in life did we appreciate the difference. Time
invested in family, friendships, and value-building provided the
most substantial dividends. Time spent in careers and
finance-building were important but proved to be less dependable.

     Where have I learned how to become who I really am? What are
the values and standards that shape me, that I cling to, that
sustain me when the going gets tough? Where are these values
established, and how?

     We must learn to control our time rather than let it control
us and allow our schedules to make us victims.
     As we grow older and our schedules empty out, we can feel
more alone and isolated. Sometimes we want to talk to someone but
may not feel that we fit in anymore. Times change and so does the
way things are done. We find it necessary to identify new areas
of service where our skills are still needed. This is so much
easier when we are close to God. He knows our heart and paves a
pathway for service.

     Our upbringing and investment in values become more
important as we age, serving and sustaining us well. With fewer
distractions, our personal relationship with our Creator deepens.
We get to know God better as we learn to know ourselves better.
Our steps are more often on solid ground. On reflection, our
journey becomes valuable as we learn to appreciate the
experiences God allowed. At the time, we may have taken those for
granted. Now with gratitude in our hearts, we see the road map
God has chosen for us.

     Prayer time becomes more personal as well. We better
appreciate the blessing of quiet, a time to reflect and meditate
with fewer interruptions. It provides a time to be "real" with
God and continue in our growth and appreciation of God's goodness
to all.

Time: What a wonderful gift!

Harv and Barb Fischer enjoy retirement on their acreage near
Grass Valley, CA.

From "The Bible Advocate" - October/November 2009 - a publication
of the Church of God, Seventh Day, Denver, CO. USA.

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