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A Look at Past and the Present


by Brooks Alden

     Normally I don't think of myself as a nostalgic person, but
somehow at this time of year, as I reflect on July 1st(Canada's
Birthday) and July 4th (America's Declaration for Independence),
I find myself humming a few bars from an old western tune, "it
seems like years and a million tears since I left my old home
town." As I hum, I'm thinking about my country, and I'm thinking
about America, not as they are today, but how we used to be
fifty/sixty years ago. It may sound corny but I miss Canada and
America of those days. We were truly something special, lands
overflowing with "milk and honey," so to speak, and the pride of
our citizens was just not seen in flagwaving ceremonies, it was a
part of our daily lives. Even our corporations and governments
were, for the most part anyway, caught up in a more responsible
attitude toward patriotism and the interests of the nations'
peoples. Amidst all of this was our anchor, the Almighty God,
Jesus Christ, standing prominently in the centre of all that made
us truly great. It really was a wonderful era.

     It would be silly, of course, to say that times were not
already then changing for the worse. Yet, the transition to what
we have become today was not discernible to most of us, it took
many more years, but the regrettable change came clearly into
focus by the time Canada celebrated its 100th, birthday in 1967
and even more so by the time the United States marked the
occasion of its 200th anniversary of its Declaration of
Independence in 1976. It's hard to believe that 41 and 32 years
respectively have elapsed since those celebrations but there is
no mistaking the way our lands have been reshaped. Much of the
change, particularly technological, has been of enormous benefit,
yet on the other hand, it was these very same advances that
helped in the modification of our society.

     Well, here we are at the mid-point in this very precarious
year of 2008. The societies we knew those many years ago are now
totally changed, they are dead, buried and for gotten. We didn't
even hold a memorial. Imagine if we were to place a commemorative
plaque in each of our countries today. Would it include our
lament over just some of our losses?

* Like chasing our God from schools, government offices, public
places, etc. Or the denigration of Jesus Christ. Or the new
picture of "Christ" that has evolved in our churches. Would we
dismay over our being led like sheep into a new reality of
religion? And would we feel "sheepish" about our lack of courage
to stand up for Christ.

* Would we bemoan the economic bondage we are in as a nation and
as individuals, despite the perceived prosperity? Would we care
to admit we are in debt three to four times historical levels and
that the inevitable upward move in interest rates is going to
devastate the individual and the nation, as taxes and prices
accelerate. How will we describe the fact that our dollars'
purchasing power is a fraction of what it was? Or describe where
once in our major cities it would take 1.5 to 2 times a person's
salary to get into housing, it now takes many times salary? Why
both spouses must work to make ends meet, which has led to
smaller families and reasons for abortion. And how in heaven's
name could we ever describe our weakness in permitting the
corporate world to export millions of our jobs to non-Israelite
countries where people will work for slave wages? Will the plaque
speak of the total corporate power over the nations and how this
power led to our decline.

* What of abortion? Will we record with some shame that more
children by far have been aborted in our two countries than the
total population of Canada? And that this is not counting the
offspring a huge proportion of these aborted children would have
had. Will there be any sign of embarrassment for sacrificing our
children to Molech?

* Or the tragedy of wars where we have become aggressor nations.
And the loss of thousands of our able young men with many more
thousands maimed for the balance of their lives.

* How would any plaque reflect the change in family values over
the decades? Or shocking divorce statistics, addiction of family
members on pleasure, sex, sports, drugs, and so on? Would our
embarrassment show when we record the different dress code, the
tattoo craze, the filth in our music, movies, television and
print, even on the internet?

* Will the plaque touch on immigration of peoples to take the
place of the aborted? Or why our nations broke God's Law by
allowing the stranger in our lands who does not follow our
customs and our God? Why we have paid homage to these strangers,
most of whom are likely good people, by watering down
Christianity and abandoning its foundation of the Divinity of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

* Will the plaque record our regret for the politics of power and
money adopted by our governments in both domestic and foreign
affairs? Will there be any sign of lament over the cost of war,
in human, image and financial terms? And would we have the
courage to analyze and record the true reasons for our
belligerence, particularly over the past decade.

     Imagine if we had the values of those many years ago, the
discoveries and advances of the past decades and the aborted
children, both of yesteryear and today, in our midst? What a
powerful society we would be on the world scene. America and
Canada would be two of the inspirational lights of the world and
truly a blessing to all nations as God promised Abraham.

     Strangers would not be in control of our destinies. We would
not be in financial bondage and we would not be hated throughout
the world. In short, we would still be nations under God.

     Alas, it's not so! And the Bible tells us so. One passage is
particularly relevant to the times. The prophet Daniel, in the
prophetic end time Chapter 12, made a critical statement in verse
7, a state of affairs from which there is no escape for True
Israel. The Ferrar Fenton translation interprets it thusly, "and
when they have completely broken to pieces the Power of the Holy
People, all these would  be accomplished. "  You know, for most
Israelites in America and Canada, it is difficult to comprehend
this "breaking the power of the Holy people" primarily because
Mystery Babylon still provides us with basic comforts. Still, it
has happened and all the above have been the result. So, perhaps
our plaque should also record, "Who did this to us?"

     Nevertheless, there is good news on the horizon. To borrow
words from a J.H.W. Guselle 50's article. "the material breaking
or scattering of the power has picked up tempo in the past few
decades" and particularly since 911, as freedom upon freedom is
compromised in the name of security. One wonders how close we are
to the end. Still, the underpinning of Mystery Babylon is
economic and there is little doubt this evil system is drunkenly
weaving back and forth. When it goes, there will be no false
comfort, no more pretending that all is well. 
     Yet, there will be a silver lining. As Guselle wrote,
"Material eclipse [or economic collapse], is but a prelude to
spiritual awakening when the veil is finally lifted from the
hearts and minds of Celto-Anglo-Saxondom. " We are rapidly
reaching  that point where our nations will be brought back to
God, as the final moments of this age are played out exactly
according to His script.

     In the meantime, Happy Birthday Canada! Happy Anniversary
America! We really love you and look forward to your getting


Taken from "Thy Kingdom Come" (July 2008) - a publication of The
Association of the Covenant People, Burnaby, B.C. Canada


Truly Canada and the USA have sunk deeper and deeper into sin and
careless pleasure. Truly corruption is thicker in all forms of
our societies from politics to sports. Another great sin not
mentioned by Mr.Alden is that Canada has legalized same sex
marriages and the USA is not far behind doing the same, some
States have done so already. And we have some religious groups
who allow homosexual and lesbian ministers.

You need to study the studies on this Website of Isaiah and the
other prophets of old to see in full detail what the Eternal God
has to say to our nations and many other nations of the world.
God has spoken through the prophets of what things must come to
pass before the age to come arrives. 

Keith Hunt  

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