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God's Law of Love

The Perfect Law of Liberty

GOD'S LAW OF LOVE - The Perfect Law of Liberty

This is the name of the latest book by Tara Chapman, a 
co-worker with me in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It's a book all about the wonderful and great TEN 
COMMANDMENTS of the Lord. Tara writes in an up-to-date
manner for the 21st century, and gives a full in-depth
study that expands and amplifies the law of God, for
indeed the Ten Commandments are an overall canopy for 
many other commandments of the Eternal. 

Tara is up-front, and candid at times, laying the cards
on the table as we might say, but also gives points of
wisdom in how to apply the commandments of the Lord.

Some other people have written books on the Ten 
Commandments in the last 100 years, but Tara's book is
in many ways different than all other books on this topic.

For the children of the Almighty who are trying to live by 
every word that proceeds from His mouth (Mat.4:4) this book
should be in your home library.

Here are the paragraphs on the back of the book:

Has God's Law, as defined by the Ten Commandments, been "done
away," as has been supposed by many? Does the new covenant allow
free picking and choosing? Does the fourth commandment not matter
anymore, or did God change the Sabbath to another day? Are
Christmas and Easter God's holy days? Does grace make the Law
unnecessary? Is it okay to erect a sun god statue and other
images in our nation to represent liberty? Is God okay with the
popular sexual lifestyles our nation's Christian-professing
people have? Should true Christians be pro-war? Is it okay to
live richly on credit when one is only able to pay the interest?
It is time for our nation to repent and turn back to our
liberty-giver, the true God of Israel. God's Law of Love is
needed for liberty to thrive. The Ten Commandments still apply
today. Find the thorough answers to the questions above and more
within the pages of this book.

Tara has intently studied the law of Moses, as given by the God
of Israel for nearly seven years, after having an above-average
knowledge of the Scriptures from childhood. She grew up as a
Protestant Baptist and was always confused about certain
doctrines, such as the trinity and ever-burning hell, but she
came to the knowledge of the truth at the age of twenty-one. She
was baptized by an elder into the Church of God, the Body of
Christ and has walked in the spirit ever since. Tara has had many
life experiences that have taught her that the Law of Love works.
The law of God is one of the two main evidences that the holy
scriptures are true, the other being the prophecies. Tara enjoys
learning and teaching about the scriptures.

She lives in the Ozark mountains with her husband, two sons, and
daughter. Her husband owns and runs an HVAC business, allowing
her to stay home to educate their children and keep their home.
Tara loves spending time outdoors with her family and reading.
Her favorite topics of study include biology, law, health, and
etymologies. She owns and participates in an online community for
Christian mothers, and she stays in contact with fellow
Christians from a few different nations worldwide, working with
them to spread the true gospel. Her websites are:, and

Tara's book can be purchased from
It is also available in eBook form.
You can contact Tara personally at email:

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