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Temple, in Jerusalem before Jesus returns?

Will the Jews in Jerusalem yet build a Temple and offer animal sacrifices?

                         Keith Hunt

    Time to try to show you, but in a brief way, how all can be
literally fulfilled without any physical temple building and
animal sacrifices ever coming to be done in Jerusalem (as some
have been and still are teaching) until after the Messiah has

    You can start by studying Daniel 9 from the Bible
Commentaries by Adam Clarke, Matthew Henry and Albert Barnes. You
may want to obtain Ralph Woodrow's (Box 124, Riverside, Ca 92502)
booklet on the subject also. This will put to rest the ideas by
some sects of fundamental Protestantism about a 7 year treaty
with the Jews by an Antichirst, a temple and sacrifices, the
rapture of the church and all that they teach. All the above will
prove their ideas about Daniel 9 are incorrect.

    Now, take some time to look up all the places where the
Hebrew words, numbers 1964 and 4720 (in Strong s Con.) are used
in the OT. These words are given as "temple"  and  "sanctuary" 
dozen of time in the KJV translation of the OT.
    The physical structure in Israel that God often dwelt in was
either called a temple or sanctuary. 

    But now read the following verses: Ex. 15:17 (number 4720 is
used); Ps.78:54,55; Dan.9: 16-19(in this section of Daniel,
number 4720 is used).

    The city of Jerusalem is the  holy city  -   the holy
mountain.  It is the area of land that God has chosen, so it is
known as the  holy city  or to put it another way  holy place. 

    The land of Palestine is also God's  sanctuary  that He
brought the people of Israel into as we have also seen from the
above verses. Palestine is the  holy land.  God brought Israel to
His  sanctuary  - to the holy land of Palestine. At that time
Jerusalem was not even chosen by God, but Palestine was, and was
termed His sanctuary, or in  other words His temple.

    So BOTH the holy land of Palestine and the holy city of
Jerusalem are the temple and/or sanctuary of God. They are the
physical place or holy place that God has chosen on this earth to
call His very own, where He will one day literally dwell, and
establish His Kingdom on and over all other kingdoms of the whole
    Prophecies that talk about the Messiah coming in glory to His

temple or sanctuary, must include the possibility that it means
no more than that He will come to the city of Jerusalem and the
land of Palestine - His  temple or sanctuary,  which many        

other prophecies also proclaim over and over again.              


    When Paul talks about a man sitting in the  temple  (shrine,
sanctuary, temple) of God in the last days claiming he is God (2
Thes.2) it may well simply refer to the prophecies that Paul knew
about from the OT, and from Daniel. Daniel 11:40 to the end of
chapter 12 is for the last days, the time of the end. The king of
the north is to plant his seat, his tabernacle, his self, between
the seas in the glorious holy mountain.  This is obviously in the
holy land, the holy place, the holy city of Jerusalem, the temple
and sanctuary of God. Then the Great Tribulation will take place
and finally the resurrection (chapter 12 of Daniel).

    Jesus spoke about an abomination that makes desolate standing
in the holy place (Mat.24: 15). The Greek words for  "holy place"

you can look up in Strong's Concordance, and see where else they
are used throughout the NT. The words have nothing specifically
within themselves to do with a physical building. When God was in
the land that Moses stood on and was told to remove his shoes, it
was a holy place. God has chosen the city of Jerusalem and the
land of Palestine for Himself, it is then Holy, and it is a
place, it is a  holy place.  But we also have the Bible
interpreting for us what Mat.24:15 means, no guess work needed.
The plain interpretation is given to us in Luke's account. See
Luke 21:20. The holy city place of Jerusalem will be taken by the
king of the north(Daniel 11:40 etc.) and will be desolated,
destroyed. The Jews will have to flee, all in that city will have
to flee to the mountains (Mat.24: 16; Luke 20:21-24). The
abomination that makes desolate will have arrived in the holy
land and in the holy place of Jerusalem, in the sanctuary of God,
in the temple of God, and he will sit there and act and be as God
(2 Thes.2).

    As for the Temple in Revelation 11. You would do well to read
what Albert Barnes says in his Bible Commentary about it all.
That section is symbolic not talking about a literal physical
building at all.

    As to the idea that the Scriptures teach physical animal
sacrifices will again be done in Jerusalem by the Jews. This is
taken from the book of Daniel. Please take the time to look up
all the verses that people use to teach this. Then look them up
in the Hebrew. You will see that the word  sacrifice  DOES NOT
appear in the Hebrew, it is just NOT there. Oh, something  daily 
is taken away alright by the end time Beast power, but the word 
sacrifice  is not there. Sure, it maybe was once fulfilled in
Jewish history that way, Jerusalem destroyed, the temple
desecrated, animal sacrifices stopped, but that was then. The
fact is that for the end time prophecies in Daniel the word 
sacrifice  is NOT there. The argument that prophecy is dual is no
argument at all. SOME prophecies ONLY are dual in nature. Some
are clearly not dual. And those that could be argued as dual will
not be exactly fulfilled the second time in precisely 100% the
same way as before. All this I could prove to you, but here is
not the time.

    Okay, what could be the  daily  that is taken away when the
holy place of the city of Jerusalem is desolated and the man of
the king of the north Beast power sits in the holy land
temple/sanctuary of God? Mat.24 Jesus said that not one stone of
the then physical Temple would be left standing on another. This
has never yet completely taken place, as the Wailing Wall in
Jerusalem is part of that very Temple Jesus was looking at when
He spoke those words.
    It will come crashing down at the time of the end when the
king of the north beast power comes into the holy land, and
desolates the city of Jerusalem (Luke 21:20; Dan. 11:40 etc.).
Today, each day, the religious Jews stand before and pray before
that Wailing Wall. It is a daily religious event. It will one day
be stopped when the Beast power takes Jerusalem, when the Jews
and Christians(not part of the Beast power religion) will have to
flee the city, as Jesus said they would and should. All DAILY
worship by the Jews will come to an end at that time until the
Messiah comes in glory.
    Certainly this DAILY activity will stop. The Beast power,
king of the north, will stop the Jewish daily religious worship
in Jerusalem.

    Ah, now do you begin to see that all the prophecies you may
like to interpret as thinking a literal physical temple and
literal animal sacrifices will begin again BEFORE Jesus returns,
do not need to happen at all, in order to fulfil in a literal
way those very prophecies.

It is the teaching of the Evangelical Protestants that before
Jesus Christ returns to this earth, a Beast power will enter into
a peace treaty with the Jews in Palestine. 
The Jews will build a TEMPLE and re-institute the Levitical
Priesthood with ANIMAL sacrifices. After three and one half years
the Anti-christ leader of this Beast power will enter the Temple,
so desecrating it, and destroy the Jews in warfare. The Saints
will be raptured away to heaven for three and one half years,
while on the earth there is great tribulation. Jesus returns with
the saints at the end of the three and a half years,to set up His

This has been a very popular teaching of the Fundamental
Protestants for many decades. I realize that the Protestants do
have some truths of God s word. But when it comes to
understanding the PROPHECIES of the word of God, I have GRAVE AND
SERIOUS DOUBTS that they understand much of those scriptures.

The word of God says,  "The fear of the Eternal is the beginning
of wisdom, a GOOD UNDERSTANDING have all they that DO HIS
COMMANDMENTS..."  PS.111:10. As the Catholic and Protestant
Churches REFUSE to do the commandments of God (certainly the 4th
ABOUT A TEMPLE AND ANIMAL SACRIFICES to be re-instituted again by
the Jews in Jerusalem before Jesus returns.

I have written at some length in a special PROPHECY PAPER
concerning how the word of God can be fulfilled WITHOUT THE NEED

Upon more meditation I would like to present yet another thought
to add more weight to my previous investigation on this subject.

The message and truths of Matthew 24 - were they given by Jesus
to the unconverted world or Jew or to His disciples?

Notice verse 3.  "And as He sat upon the mount of Olives, the
disciples came unto Him PRIVATELY, saying, Tell US, when shall
these things be? and what shall be the sign of your coming, and
of the end of the world?"  Now notice verse 4,  "And Jesus
answered and said unto THEM."   

The famous "Olivet Prophecy" was NOT spoken to the general
populace at large, but to Jesus'  disciples in PRIVATE! This
prophecy was not given to the Jews en mass. 

The signs are for His private followers - for those who are
watching and understanding world events.

Speaking about the  abomination of desolation  in verse 15, Jesus
said,  "When YOU therefore shall see...."  When the DISCIPLES -
when Jesus'  followers would see. Not the Jews in Palestine, not
the world at large, but when Christ's disciples would see... 
......then they were to flee for their lives - verses 16-21.
Now, ask yourself this question: In the way that Jesus spoke,
does it sound like the abomination of desolation  would come
somewhat quickly and unexpectedly - that if not watching closely
you may be caught off guard as to when it comes? I think from 
the context of what Jesus says about not coming down off your
house roof to pack your bags before running, it would be safe to
assume that this  abomination of desolation  comes suddenly -
without very much warning at all.

Now let s suppose the  abomination of desolation  is to do with a
REBUILT TEMPLE in Jerusalem, a temple that the Jews have built
and are now performing animal sacrifices in it, when a false
religious leader of a great Beast power marches into Jerusalem
and into the Temple to STOP the Jews from performing their rites.

Suppose this is the sign Jesus was giving so His followers in
Jerusalem could flee. If this be so - a Temple built that is
desolated by the false prophet of the beast power - why would
Jesus  followers WAIT TO FLEE from Jerusalem? Why would they wait
until the false prophet walks into the temple or even the city of
Jerusalem for that matter?

If this warning of Christ's is centered around a physical Temple
in the city of Jerusalem, or some kind of building or altar, from
which the unconverted Jews perform animal sacrifices or religious
rites, then it will take TIME to lay the first stone, and them
another, and then another, in order to LITERALLY BUILD such a
building or altar. Such an undertaking will be first of all
debated by the city officials, and most probably by the Israeli
Government. Understanding the fact that MOST of the members of
the Government and population of Israel are NOT RELIGIOUS people,
it (the literal building of a Temple or altar) would certainly
not come about easily or without much debate and Newspaper

But let's argue that such an undertaking was granted by the city
officials of Jerusalem - a Temple or Altar was to be built for a
Jewish Priesthood. And remember those that teach such a doctrine,
also say such a Temple can ONLY be built where the Dome of the
Rock now stands. They teach that a Temple cannot be built in just
ANY place in the city of Jerusalem.  But supposing this was done,
would not THIS ALONE be the sign that the Evangelical Protestant
teaching was correct in how to understand the meaning of  the
abomination of desolation  AND WOULD NOT THE FOLLOWERS OF

Why wait around until the Temple was desecrated by some false
prophet individual from the beast power coming into it? The
followers of Christ in Jerusalem would know that the desolation
was not far off, so why stay around? They could have ample time 
to sell their homes, and furniture - pack their cases, catch the
wagon train and move on out.

Someone could argue that they would stay around to continue to
preach the Christian gospel and warn against the coming Beast
power. But that makes little sense when you consider the truth
they would know about the TWO WITNESSES of Revelation 11.
Jerusalem will have God's truth thundered to it during the last
three and a half years, by the two witnesses dwelling in the very
city of Jerusalem.

No, the followers of Christ would have a number of weeks or
months to leave Jerusalem in the wake of a Temple or Altar being
constructed in that city.

Now, let us look at the other side of the coin. I have stated in
my previous writing that the Bible definition of the phrase 
"abomination of desolation"  is interpreted for us in Luke 21:20.
It is Jerusalem being compassed about with armies and then being 
desolated by those armies.

Let's imagine the Mid-East in turmoil - nothing new to that
scenario - with many nations and peoples fighting over this or
that. Jerusalem is in the midst of all this conflict - armies
from this nation and that nation all over the place. There arises
a union of Arab nations and a political leader the Bible calls 
the king of the south. At the same time Europe has united to form
the beast power, or as Daniel calls it  the king of the north. As
stated by Daniel, the king of the south pushes at the king of the
north, and the king of the north comes against him like a whirl
wind. The king of the south is defeated in battle.

This adds a little more unrest to the whole Middle East, but what
s a little more to an already war-torn zone.

God's people - the followers of Christ - are still living in
Jerusalem - they are watching to see if the Beast power will
enter the Holy Land or not. They wonder if this is the 
fulfilment of Dan. 11:40-45.

There are many armies - much fighting - going on around them.
Then one DAY (that's all it would take for the beast power to
send its armies in to surround Jerusalem, because its armies are
already down in Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia) Jesus'  disciples 
wake up, or see from their house tops, or hear on the radio in
their fields or shopping malls, that the European Armies are
around the city of Jerusalem, nobody knowing quite why or what is
going to transpire, although Europe and the Jews have been 
having their differences lately, and that is also nothing new.

Now Jesus'  followers know for sure Daniel 11:40-45 has come to
pass.  The beast power will enter and desolate Jerusalem and
Palestine - the HOLY PLACE and SANCTUARY of God Almighty. The
Jews are about to be defeated in battle, by a sudden and somewhat
unexpected source. They are taken by complete surprise. The 
secret commando of the European army has infiltrated the Jewish
defenses and made them inoperable.

So begins the start of THE GREAT TRIBULATION. Very quickly and
suddenly. Just days from the time the European beast power came
against the king of the south, to entering Palestine and
desolating Jerusalem. So little time wise, that Christ's
disciples in Jerusalem would have no long-drawn-out sign (like
the building of a Temple) to prepare them to flee. Just a here it
is - and a there be gone - flee for your life.

The Jews would not expect it - they do not read the Bible, most
of them in Palestine are not religious. The religious Jew would
not look for it - they do not accept Jesus and the New Testament.

Only those followers of Jesus who read, and understand, and
watch, will escape the destruction to befall Jerusalem and the


Written in 1991

All articles and studies by Keith Hunt may be copied, published,
e-mailed, and distributed as led by the Spirit. Keith Hunt trusts
nothing will be changed (except for spelling and punctuation
errors) without his consent.

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