Have you been reading all the books written by PhD science people to disprove evolution and prove a master designer? In reading those books that I have in the past and are doing today, all the main-stream arguments of atheists and evolutionists are given, and answered, and shown from modern science that the universe and creation all around on this planet could not have just come about by accident, even given billions of years. Putting just one thing forward: being very open; why did evolution create the "clitoris" in the woman's genitals? Why would evolution even think [which it does not] about evolving such, it has nothing to do with reproduction; it need not be there to reproduce. Why did evolution decide [which it does not] to put human eyes on the front? Horses have eyes on the side so they can see nearly 360 degrees, to run from attacking animals. If we were hunting gathers from ape type creatures, to survive against those who would eat us, why not have eyes on the side of our head, especially if evolution had decided [which it does not] that we would eventually be the dominant race of creatures on earth. Why did evolution decide [which it does not] that a man's testicles had to be outside his body and to create seed at a certain temperature? Why bother with such stuff, inside the body would give better protection and body temperature would have been easier to do. Why did evolution decide [which it does not] that we humans have to wipe our bottom after a bowel movement; all other creature do not? There are so many things about the human that blows away the silly ideas of evolution. Now I'll give you a billion bags of a thousand alphabets in each bag, and I'll let you drop them from 10 feet to the ground every 5 minutes. I will guarantee you that after they all drop, not one bag with produce a nice neat sentence such as, "Told you evolution was correct after all." Let alone produce the Encyclopedia Britannica. There are so many things in this physical world that blow evolution into a billion pieces. Now the Bible that you and now Tara have thrown on the trash pile says, "Only the FOOL has said in his heart there is NO GOD." My website has and will continue to prove the Bible is correct and inspired by a literal Godhead of this universe. And as you see the prophecies of the Bible come to pass, as I've also given you on my website, for the end of this age, then you will know for sure, whom God has sent to warn you of all that will come to pass at the end of this age. As they indeed say, "Time will tell."