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Spot Trigger #2

The original Trigger in which scene?

                                TRIGGER #2

                       BILLY THE KID RETURNS (1938)

Interesting points:

Good Music, and good talent from Smiley Burnett as "Frog" (if
Smiley really did play all those instruments that we see in one
of the scenes).

Mary Hart, (as Ellen) very pretty she was.

Trigger, splendid looks and one trick.

At the end: Roy and Mary Hart just about a kiss, Frog stops 'em
and then falls off the wagon.

First scenes - Roy as Billy the Kid. Neckerchief on the right
side. Flat type cowboy hat (similar to what Roy would design
years later and wear to the end of his life). 

TRIGGER - observations on TV with slow motion or stills:

First song - Trigger - walking scene. Roy, high domed cowboy hat
and neckerchief on the left.

First gallop - close up - Roy and Trigger.
Gallop to jump off saddle on to two riders - Trigger (Blaze over
left eye, sock on left hind foot).

Close up standing scene - Trigger - Roy asks what Trigger thinks
of these Mexico bad men - Trigger puckers up his lips and neighs.

Next scene - Roy meets cowboys (Frog etc.) - Trigger.
Roy meets young lady (Ellen) - Trigger.
Roy rides off on Trigger.

Song around campfire - Roy mounts and runs off - Not Trigger?
Blaze does not cover right nostril and mane not heavy and tick.

Gallop off - Trigger (blaze over left eye, mane full and thick)
Gallop close up - Trigger - blaze clear - mane thick.

Horse jumps fence - Not Trigger - distinctive blaze does not
Horse galloping away - could be Trigger, nice long thick tail.

Roy shooting from horse - Trigger? Blaze over left eye is
questionable - very good double if not Trigger.

Roy runs off with money - could be Trigger (it's a far off shot).

Gallop scene - Trigger (blaze and left hind sock is clear).
Gallop close up - Roy on Trigger
Full horse shot at gallop - Trigger - blaze over right nostril,
right side shot, full mane and tail.

Top of hill over lake - Trigger (close up head shot - blaze over
right nostril).
Roy looks down - Trigger (close up - blaze clearly scene).
Horse jumping off into water - height cannot be determined -
probably short height - probably did not use Trigger.
Horse swimming out - not Trigger (blaze clearly does not cover
top of left eye).

Song at night - Roy unsaddles Trigger - left hind sock is clear,
beautiful mane and tail.

Man chopping wood - Roy rides up on Trigger (blaze clearly seen).
Galloping away - Trigger - blaze seen.
Roy on Trigger in the trees - right side shot - blaze and mane
clearly seen.
Roy on Trigger in trees - frontal shot - blaze and mane clear to
Roy on Trigger walking up to sheriff.
Roy on Trigger at horse pen (blaze can be seen).
Roy galloping off - turns around - could be Trigger - blaze is
not clear in frame by frame.

Galloping by frontal left side - could well be Trigger.
Galloping towards and turning in front of camera - Trigger -
blaze over nostril clear to see).

Full right side close up of Roy and Trigger riding by - blaze
over nostril clear to see.
Trigger rears up - right side close up
Roy waves on Trigger to army horsemen - right side shot.
Left side view Roy on Trigger - turns left and moves across
camera - clearly it is Trigger.

Roy rides up on Trigger to sheriff and army horsemen - blaze over
left eye seen.


                            THE TRIGGER SCENES


THE Trigger in all "still" and "walking" scenes. Some great side
profiles.  Trigger shows his "spin on a dime and give you 9 cents
change" a few times. In the "galloping" scene, hard to make out
if it's Trigger or a "look-a-like." 

Roy did say that when he started in movies the "vet" told him he
could not use Trigger in all the running scenes as that would be
too much work for him, and would lead to an early death.

Some very nice variety of music in this movie.


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