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Spot Trigger!

What scenes in the Movies

                          TRIGGER - CHRONOLOGY #1

                        UNDER WESTERN STARS (1938)

I will start you off (with 3 early movies) and maybe you would
like to continue to determine in what scenes the original Trigger
took part, in the Roy Rogers movies you have.


Roy was told by the Vet. that using Trigger in all galloping
scenes would be too hard in him, and would cause early death. So
it was decided some doubles would be used for Trigger in some
galloping scenes.

Roy's FIRST staring role

Gene Autry was to be the star, but Gene went on strike over
contract problems. Republic put out they were looking for a new
singing cowboy. Roy managed to get in by walking in with a crowd
of extras. He was spotted but given a try out and screen test.
Roy thinks he remembered singing for them "Hadie Brown" - he does
a fine job of yodelling in that song on one of his now many CDs
that are available. 

Song - Pioneer Mother of Mine - Roy's neckerchief on the right
(nearly always had it in the left).


First gallop scene (within first minute) - Trigger (blaze can be
seen above left eye).
Starting down the hill - Trigger (blaze above eye seen).
Down the hill and passed the camera - (blaze above the eye not
Galloping on - (distinctive blaze not seen).

Running jump on to Trigger - Trigger.
Gallop on - Trigger and Roy clear to see in close up.

Next gallop - Trigger double (blaze comes down over left nostril
- Trigger's blaze came down over right nostril, unless they could
somehow do a reverse play).

Fighting dismount - could be Trigger.

Song (Send my Mail) walking on Trigger.

Next gallop scene (chasing Roy's pal and stage coach) - Trigger
(blaze over left eye and Roy are clearly seen).

Next gallop scene (previous Trigger double or a somehow reversed

Jumping from horse on to Stage Coach - maybe Trigger - maybe
Trigger's double (blaze above eye not clear).

Roy practicing his argument - to Trigger.
Roy mounting Trigger - Trigger.
Roy mounting Trigger at the Fox Hunt - Trigger.
Roy loping through water at the Fox Hunt - Trigger.
Gallop rescue at Fox Hunt - could or could not be Trigger.
Still scene after the rescue - Trigger.
Walking along - Trigger.
Riding in the desert - Trigger.
Galloping in the desert - Trigger (blaze above eye and one right
hind sock in one frame).

Arriving at the cabin in cloud of dust - Trigger.

Fast gallop scene leaving cabin, close up shot - Trigger (blaze
clear to see).
Next gallop close up shot - Trigger (blaze clear to see).
Next gallop close up shot-  side view - Trigger double or reverse
shot (blaze covers left nostril and looks like two white hind

Next take of fast gallop scene - close up - Trigger (blaze clear
to see).
Next take of gallop scene - as done already - either double horse
or reverse shot.
Next take of gallop scene - Trigger (blaze can be seen).

(It seems it was not uncommon for movie makers back then to use
three or four of the same one or two shots to make a long gallop

Galloping down the hill to stop runaway wagon - the scene is too
distant and close ups too blurred (at least on my TV) to know for
sure if it was Trigger being used or a double.

Too blurred in slow motion or stills to see if Roy did that stunt
of jumping from the horse onto the wagon. I've personally never
heard Roy or anyone say that it was Roy who did that stunt. 




There I've started, you may like to continue with the movies you
have of Roy Rogers and Trigger.

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