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Jacob's PILLAR #4

Third Overturn - to London!

                             JACOB'S PILLAR #4


     The third "overturn" of Jacob's Bethel Stone was realized
when Edward I of England (1296 A.D.) carried off the Stone to
Westminster Abbey. There it became the crowning stone of the
successors to the English throne. The common belief that the
Stone of Scone was taken as spoil of war by Edward I, seems to be
an error. The end of the 13th century saw the Scottish throne
disputed by so many claimants that the Scots asked Edward I,
noted for his wisdom, to arbitrate. He did so, on his terms that
the Scots recognize him as "overlord". It is said that Edward
noted the Scot's reverence for the "Stone of Scone". He was aware
of the tradition inspired by the ancient inscription of King
Kenneth II that wherever the Stone should be, a king of Gaelic
blood would reign. Seeking to defeat this tradition, he had the
Stone transferred to Westminster Abbey, where, ever since, it has
been reverently cherished.

     Not only was the Stone offered to Edward for safe-keeping
but also the golden scepter, the crown of Scotland and some crown
jewels. To show his respect for the Stone of Scone, Edward had
built a beautiful chair of hardwood, six feet, seven inches high,
in which to hold the Stone. Known as "Saint Edward's Chair" or
the "Coronation Chair", it has ever since been kept in the Chapel
named for him.

     It was later claimed by the Scots, in connection with the
Treaty of Northhampton, in 1328, that Edward II promised to
restore the Stone to Robert the Bruce. The crown, scepter,
emeralds, pearls, and rubies were returned. But the Stone was
held in such respect by the people of London that they would not
allow it to be removed. In spite of its location today, the
ancient tradition that wherever the Stone should be, "a king of
Gaelic blood would reign" has not failed. King James VI of
Scotland was crowned on the Stone in Westminster Abbey when he
became James I of England; and, today Britain's lovely Queen is

Megahart's "Pillars of Hercules" gives the following Scottish
account of the  Coronation Stone removal to England:

"In Westminster Abbey there is a stone on which the kings of
England are crowned. It was carried from Scone, where the kings
of Scotland had been crowned upon it, and had been placed there
by Kenneth, son of Alpen, after his victory over the Picts (in
843 A.D.). To Scone it had been transported from Dunstaffnage,
where the successors of Fergus had been crowned upon it. To
Dunstaffnage it had been brought via Iona, from Tara, where the
Scottish kings of Ireland had been crowned upon it, and Ireland
had been named from it Innis Fail. To Tara it had been brought
from Spain and to Spain, it was said, from the Holy Land - The
importance attached to it was such as to make its removal to
England to be considered, in the time of Edward I, a necessary
step towards the subjugation of the Scottish Kingdom. They call
it 'The Stone of Fortune', and the 'Stone of Destiny' (Lia


     The British Coronation Chair built around Jacob's stone
which the Bible refers to as the Throne of God [i.e. set up by

     John Harding, the English rhyming chronicler who wrote
before A.D.1465, says of Edward's removal of the Stone:

"And as he came home by Skoon away, The regal there of Scotland
than he brought, And sent it forthe to Westmynstre for ay, To ben
ther ynne a chayer clenly wrought, For masse prestes to sitte yn
whan hem ought, Whiche yit it there stondyng beside the shryne,
In a chaier of olde tyme made ful fyne".

     Hollingshed's Chronicles gives this account: "When our king
(Edward I) went forth to see the mountains, and understanding
that all was a peace and quiet, he turned to the Abbey of Scone
which was of chanons regular, where he took the stone, called the
Regal of Scotland, upon which the kings of that nation were wont
to sit at the time of their coronation for a throne, and sent it
to the Abbey of Westminster. The Scots claim that this was the
stone whereon Jacob slept when he fled into Mesopotamia".

     From the time of King Edward I onward, all the Monarchs of
England have been crowned on the "Stone of Destiny" and the
Coronation Chair with the exception of Mary I (known as Bloody
Mary). The present Queen Elizabeth II was crowned upon the Stone
in 1953, in fulfillment of God's Covenant with David: 

"My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone
out of my lips. Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not
lie unto David, his seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as
the sun before me. It shall be established for ever as the moon,
and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah" (Psalm 89:34-37).

     Comparatively few Bible scholars are aware of the fact that
the Monarchy of Britain as well as most of the other monarchies
of Europe are descendant from Judah (recipient of the Sceptre
promise - Gen.49:10). In the Scottish National Library there is a
Gaelic manuscript (by Dugald the Scot, son of McPhail, in A.D.
1467) containing the complete genealogies of the Scottish Kings,
showing their descent through the Irish Kings by way of Judah,
Jacob and Isaac back to Abraham. In Windsor Castle there is also
a genealogical table showing the descent of the British kings
from David through the Irish and Scottish lines. Thus the
Monarchy existed long before there was a British Nation.

     Whatever may be said of the story of Jacob's Pillar, as we
have traced it, all will agree that it hangs together. While
evidence for some links may not be strong, others are quite
clear. God said plainly that He would "overturn, overturn,
overturn" - "until He (Shiloh, the Messiah) come whose right it
is; and I will give it Him" (Ezek.21:27). The Throne was
"overturned" three times - from Jerusalem to Ireland; from
Ireland to Scotland, and then from Scotland to England. This
completed the three "overturnings." God's commission to the
prophet Jeremiah "to pull down" the Throne of David and "to
replant" it was accomplished.


To be continued

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