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The Spirit "in" Man?

We have one- Given by God!

                         THERE IS A SPIRIT IN MAN


                                Keith Hunt

     We have proved to you on this Website, with many studies,
that mankind was created with no immortal soul. We have shown you
from the Bible that when a person dies they are dead all over,
they do NOT continue to live, they do not go to heaven or hell,
they are in the grave, they are asleep in death UNTIL the
resurrection day. 

     Yet the Bible does talk about "the spirit in man" - "But
there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty
gives them understanding" (Job 32:8).

     Modern 21st century science can take the human brain and see
it, dissect it, investigate all its compartments, do tests of all
kinds to understand the human brain, how it works together, what
part does what. We can understand the complexity of the human
brain. We can understand the workings of any animal brain, any
creature in fact. Modern science was shocked to discover that the
human has only about 30 thousand genes, not much more that a fly.
We can discover, and have so discovered, the workings of DNA. We
now have the technology to discover the workings of DNA in any
creature. Yet with all the space-age science today, we still find
a HUGE GAP between humans and any other creature. To be sure some
creatures have great inborn abilities. The dolphin, the bat, the
money, the elephant, the horse, and we all know about the budgies
and parrots that can mimic our speech. But incredible as some
creatures are none of them, even given a billion years, can write
the Encyclopedia Britannica, or any of the famous large fiction
books or the movies that have been made from such books.

     There is obviously something in man that sets him apart from
all other physical creatures.

     And that something is "the spirit in man" as Job called it.
The Lord gives man a something that is invisible but gives
mankind the ability to "understand" as Job 32:8 tells us.

     The apostle Paul also talked about this "spirit" that
mankind has and which enables him to understand the things of
man, a special understanding that no other creature has. "For
what man knoweth the things of man, save the spirit of man which
is in him. Even so the things of God knoweth no man but the
Spirit of God" (1 Cor.2:11).

     It is the SAME Greek word here for both the spirit of man
and the Spirit of God. As the Spirit of God in the invisible mind
of God, so here the spirit of man is the invisible part of the
mind of man. The brain is the physical part but there must be
also an invisible spirit part of the brain to make the human mind
work as it does. It is something special added to the human
brain. Various animals have some kind of spirit also to help
function their brain, so the dolphin does what the dolphin does,
the dog does what the dog does, and there can be variations
within a "kind" - not all dogs are the same or can be trained the
same. So it is in the horse world that I am very familiar with,
being a horseman. Various breeds of horses have various
"intelligence" for certain skills that that breed can be taught. But a
horse still is a horse and thinks as a horse, a dolphin is still
a dolphin and thinks as a dolphin, and on it goes.

     We know there is a spirit in man and also a spirit in
animals because we are told so in Ecclesiastes 3:21. 

     Then we are told that the spirit of man does go back to God
at death in Ecc.12:7, "Then shall the dust return to the earth as
it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."

     The word "spirit" in the Old Testament can have various
meanings within a context, and yes it can mean "breath" - wind,
air. When God made man of the dust of the ground He breathed into
his nostrils the breath of life, which was simply the wind or
air. We need air mixed with blood to live, without air in our
body we would die as all humans know. But mankind is much more
than just flesh, bone, blood, and air. There is a spirit in man
that is not any of the former. It is an invisible something that
is given to unite with our brain and so both working together
give man "understanding" that is unique to mankind. Whatever the
spirit is that works with the animal kind it is not or does not
produce the same understanding as in human kind.

     The Bible does not go into any detail about the nitty-gritty
of the "spirit" in man. It just states the fact for us, that
there is a spirit in man, and that spirit working with our brain
gives us the understanding of mankind, which is way above any
other creature. Mankind was created unique from all other
physical life form. You cannot have an intelligent conversation
with any animal, bird, or fish. Man has the ability to think and
reason and "find out" the matter of things WAY ABOVE, FAR ABOVE,
any animal.

     It is this "spirit" in man that allows him to do this
reasoning and thinking and researching and inventing. 

     We also know from physical life itself that the spirit in
man needs to have a normal brain to work and function in the
normal way God intended. If something happens to the brain, an
accident, a mal-function of some kind, the spirit does NOT
automatically take over. If from say an accident someone looses
the power to speak correctly, the spirit in man does not
automatically take over and produce correct speech. Now you can
think of MANY things along that line. If the brain becomes
injured the spirit in man does not take over and does not ignore
the malfunction of the physical brain.

     It takes the normal function of the brain and the spirit in
man to have a normal functioning human being.

     Your brain with the spirit in man that God gives is like the
working of the technical box of your DVD player/recorder. You
have the brains of the DVD player/recorder, but it is useless
without the DVD disc, and the DVD disc is useless without the DVD
player/recorder box of brains. BOTH are needed to function as one

     The DVD disc is the spirit in man. On this spirit disc is
recorded your "character" - the YOU that makes you the YOU who
you are! God is able to blot out the errors, the sins, the
mistakes, the scratches, of your character through the added
eraser blood of Christ Jesus. Hence when all is said and done,
the end product of the DVD disc, the YOU, is a perfect holy
sinless disc. All of the in-depth way the Eternal makes you
sinless and holy is explained in studies like "Saved by Grace" -
"Real Repentance" - "Saving Faith." At the END of your life, the
Christian's physical body with the physical brain returns to
dust, BUT the DVD disc now fully perfect and sinless, your
"spirit" goes BACK to God who first gave it, as we have seen in
Ecclesiastes 12:7.

     That perfect sinless spirit disc is preserved in heaven and
when the resurrection of the saints happens at the return of
Christ from heaven to this earth, that holy spirit disc is united
with a holy glorified spirit body, and YOU become YOU again, but

     When does God actually give a human the "spirit in man"? We
are not told in the Bible the exact second that this takes place.
We are told enough for what matters today, that we indeed do have it.
Remember Deuteronomy 29:29. Some things are kept secret, we look
through a glass darkly at some things, as Paul once stated. It is
enough for us to know at present that we are DIFFERENT from any
creature on earth, and that we have a spirit in man that gives us
the understanding of man, what man can come to understand is
truly mind-bending, as far as the physical universe. The modern
space-age technology of mankind is amazing. It still blows me
away to think so much can be put on and into a "chip" of
technology that can be smaller than a postage stamp, nay as small
as a pea or smaller.

     We have seen in Scripture that the spirit of the beast goes
to the ground, downward, while our spirit goes upward. It would
seem from this that there is no resurrection for animals. Not in
the way as for mankind. Is it possible that our loved animals
could be resurrected for us to enjoy for all eternity. Well of
course it is possible, nothing is impossible for the Lord, He
tells us that in His word. It is possible, yes, but we have not
been told in any specific way that it will be so. 
     Eternity will be heavenly, literally so to speak, and God
will want his children to be perfectly happy. God the Father has
many creatures in His world. Our planet and creatures (except the
seas - there are no seas or oceans in heaven) on it, are a type
of what God has. The Eternal loves color, creatures great and
small. He is not a God or drabness or lack of variety. One day
this earth is to be made new, and the heavenly Jerusalem is to
come down from God out of heaven to be on this earth. Even our
Father, God Almighty is going to come and dwell with His
children. It's all in the last chapters of the book of Revelation
and throughout other Scriptures of the Bible.

     We are RECORDED! Wonderfully through Christ's blood we are
being made PERFECT! At our death or if alive when Jesus returns,
our spirit in man, our DVD disc will be spotless, scratchless,
perfect and holy. We shall at the resurrection of the saints at
Christ's coming, have also a perfect holy body. Both our perfect
spirit disc and our perfect holy body will make us the VERY

     What an ETERNITY WAITS for the manifestation of the
SONS/DAUGHTERS of the Lord God!



Written July 2008


Many studies on this Website prove to you the truth of the matter
on God's plan of salvation, death, resurrection, judgment,
rewards of the saints and of the wicked, and the wonderful age to

Keith Hunt

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