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Jesus - the SPIRIT!

After the Resurrection

                            JESUS - THE SPIRIT!


                                Keith   Hunt

     Some want to claim that the NT does NOT speak of Jesus,
after His resurrection as a "spirit being" - somehow, and for
some strange reason to me anyway, they just detest the thought
that Jesus is a "spirit being" now in His glorification. 
     They do not seem to be able to see that in eternity, in
immortality, spirit and matter as the same BUT only in different

     Maybe they can see that water, and the atoms that form
water, can be in two other different form. They can be in VAPOR
and also in SOLID, as well as water itself, which is in LIQUID
form.  They can admit this no doubt for it is a part of our life,
our dimension, here on earth as physical creatures. 

     But trying to get these people to see that Jesus' physical
body was resurrected to eternal immortality form and that, that
form can be in two forms - invisible (to the human eye) spirit
form (still having form and shape) and also if willed, be flesh
and bone, so human kind can see and touch and handle that
form.....well to try and get them to see this truth, as clearly
demonstrated by Jesus AFTER His resurrection, in being able to
vanish and disappear, and appear in front of people behind closed
doors (needing no door to be opened to walk through), as is
recorded in the last chapter or so of each Gospel, is pretty well
impossible. They just do not admit what the clear words of the
Gospel writers said on the subject.

     And it seems they will not BELIEVE what Jesus said about God
Himself in John 4: 24, "God is A SPIRIT!" 

     It is clear from Jesus (then a lot of what Jesus said people
simply do NOT believe, and certainly they do not PRACTICE much of
what Jesus said to practice) that God is MAINLY in the FORM of
SPIRIT. God has a body, He has passions, He has a mind. All of
this I've proved in-depth in other studies. But God lives MAINLY
in a DIFFERENT DIMENSION from us physical humans. He lives in a
SPIRIT dimension. A world of creatures and "things" (such as a
heavenly Jerusalem, rivers, trees, etc.) that are made of eternal

     God CAN if He wills it, transform His "spirit" material (I
use the word material for lack of a better word to convey the
thought I'm expressing to our human minds) INTO PHYSICAL MATTER.
He can make Himself FLESH AND BONE, and appear to mankind, as
such, letting mankind touch Him. He can eat meals with people, as
Jesus did after His resurrection, and as God did in the OT days
with various people.

     God can take whatever it is that is called "spirit" in the
Bible and again for lack of better words, take those spirit atoms
and transform them into physical atoms and make Himself flesh and
bone as we know those physical atoms. But again the flesh and
bones atoms that God then is, are immortal atoms, not subject to
decay or corruption, or pain, or physical hurt, as our physical
atoms in mortal mankind are.

     In spite of all this, some just will not admit that God (and
Jesus is God, the NT calls Him that, if you want to look it up in
a Concordance, such as Strong's) is SPIRIT, that is when not
appearing to humans as flesh and bone, He is made of SPIRIT. He
is a SPIRIT BEING if you want to put it in plain clear words.
But some, as I've said, just seem to HATE God being called by
anyone, a Spirit Being. They try to tell you that the NT never
describes God (and we include Jesus for He is also God) as SPIRIT
or as a Spirit Being.

     We show them 1 Cor. 15 and verses 42 to 45. They maybe have
a way to get around such plain easy to understand words from the
inspired Paul. Maybe they have a fancy way to get around that
Jesus, the second Adam was made A QUICKENING SPIRIT!   But I
maintain the words mean what they say and say what they mean.
Paul was saying what he meant and meant what he was saying, and
why not, for Jesus had said already that God was A SPIRIT!

     Well I want you to mark in bold yellow the verses I'm going
to show you. Turn to Romans chapter 8. Read verse 26. Ah, don't
be too quick to think this is the Holy Spirit that Paul is
talking about by using the words "THE SPIRIT." 

Notice the last part of the verse. The SPIRIT makes INTERCESSION
language).Then, before you jump off thinking this is the Holy
Spirit, notice verse 27. HE, the SPIRIT, makes INTERCESSION for
the saints!!!

     Now, let the Bible interpret the Bible. Let Paul interpret
Paul. Turn to 2 Timothy chapter two and read verse FIVE! 
There is according to Paul ONLY ONE INTERCESSOR for the saints, 
between mankind and God....ONLY JESUS is the intercessor!

     Then if you want CONTEXT proof, turn back to Romans 8 and
read verse 34. It is CHRIST that makes INTERCESSION FOR US!!

     In verse 26 and 27, Christ, the intercessor for the called.....THE SPIRIT!!

     And of course why not? Why should it seem practically like
blasphemy to SOME (who hold a strange one eyed, cockeyed,
theology about what Jesus was AFTER His resurrection), to think
or BELIEVE that Christ was SPIRIT after His resurrection, that
His physical body took on a CHANGE ( 1 Cor. 15 again) from mortal
to immortal, from human to divine, and that He once more became
GOD, as He was before, when WITH God (John chapter one).

     Why should it be a strange thing to some to believe Jesus
was back into BEING Spirit once more, like God, for Jesus had
said that God was A SPIRIT! That is God is SPIRIT when NOT
willing Himself to be flesh and bone and to walk and talk, eat
meals with, and even let mantouch Him.

     Strange indeed is the working of the human mind that will
not read and believe ALL the Scripture. Then again, it is as
Jesus said, only those who are God's that will hear and believe
His words. 


Written February 2003

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