Revelation 22:15....sorcery!!

Some use this verse to say contraception is wrong, evil, sin. Others to say drugs from the medical world is evil and sin.  

I give my answer:


First the Greek word has nothing to do with contraception per se. 

The Greek words used in the NT are #3095 - 3096 - 5331 - 5332 - 5333.  All related and given by Strong's Concordance as.... magic,  to practice magic, witchcraft, magic, the use of spells and potions of magic, often involving drugs, witchcraft, magician, one who practices magical arts, magician, sorcerers. 

Nothing to do with "birth control" or  contraceptions  in having sexual relations in a marriage setting.  People often build a case on a very false foundation.

So someone uses this to say using a contraception in marriage is sorcery. I guess they would also put it in the context of fornication and adultery ..... to them it's no contraception at all period.

This idea is false, for these reasons:

There are thousands of seeds of men that do not penetrate the egg, they then die. And if an egg is not put out by the ovary as sexual relations is done, the thousands of sperm seed die. Also with wet dreams [invented by God] men bring forth thousands of seeds that die. So also with men that have to learn not to ejaculate before penetrating. Yes it happens; it's in the sex books.

To use this verse to say contraception is evil and sin and not allowed, is grasping at straws to hold a false doctrine.

The "pull out" to ejaculate uses no drugs at all, but of course the no contraception people will give Genesis.....38:8-10.

We have worked that one to death [pun not intended] already.

Onan was killed by God for his wrong deceptive attitude, everyone thinking he was going to raise up children to his brother, but he only had a lustful desire for sex with his dead brother's wife. Onan was killed for his deceptive lustful mind, not because he spilt his seed on the ground.

In the context of "murder" Again this cannot be used to say contraception is murder, for thousands of seeds die even when having sex for reproduction, as I've stated above; and again "wet dreams" invented by God, thousands of seeds die.

The technical meaning of "sorcery" in the Greek has nothing to do with sex between humans.

The Greek is from where we get "pharmacy" - it is potions or the mixing of things to produce bad and evil the MISS use of physical things mixed or even by themselves to produce a deliberate bad result for the body and mind, though the people doing it think it's a "high" or great feeling. Many wizards, witches, and the like people, use potions in their witchcraft. 

And so also we have the wrong use of drugs in the immoral world of prostitution, with also, in that context, murder of prostitutes. Murder takes place in "gang drug" distributing also if we want to put it in the context of murder and whoremongers. 

The murder and miss use of physical things [we call under the one word "drugs"] is part of the 'immoral whore and murder' world of pimps, prostitution, and gang drug distribution. Such a world is part of every city of a decent size. So it is part of what must be destroyed around the world.  It can not be allowed under the Kingdom of God. 

Just in that ONE context [whore and murder] moves also into other contexts - fornication, adultery, child porn, live sex shows, and murder covers many contexts of killing - ethnic cleansing, suicide death killing, killing while committing another crimes and so forth.

It can not have anything to do with "contraceptions" in birth control, as stated, seeds are lost, die, if there is no egg to fertilize, and during "wet dreams" that men can have.

It therefore must be to do with the MISS-use of physical substances, and also to do with the sorcery world of witchcraft, spells and potions, and things like horoscopes, star gazing to set your life by, and all that wizardly and witchcraft and sorcery stuff, condemned under the laws of Moses for ancient Israel.

Some Church of God [Sabbath people etc.] have used this "sorcery" word to say we cannot have anything to do with the "medical" world of drugs. Again false;  they say about 50 percent of drugs are from natural ingredients.  And God made some things in nature to heal us....the Aloe plant has great healing qualities...... as a kid in England we had a "stinging nettle" plant, painful stinging if you touched it, or ran into it, kids then wore short pants till about age 12. But there seemed to always be another plant growing in the same area, that we kids would grab and rub it on the sting, and it nullified, eradicated the sting.....quite something.

It is the wrong use of putting physical things together to digest the substance, again for the wrong end result. And getting an addiction where you are out of control in mind and body. That is where "pharmacy" would be wrong. Certain physical things made by God are for the healing of the nations - Rev. 22:2.  They are beginning to see that marijuana has great healing abilities and certainly great to control pain. Certain things can be put together for MISS-use; even good things not in balance can become a miss-use.....alcohol, for one. Too much vitamin A can become toxic and etc.

It is the wrong use of physical things, in the context of witchcraft, wizards, sorcery; and often in the context of immorality and murder, as in prostitution and drug gangs, that must be put away to enter God's Kingdom.

Revelation shows that some of this evil culture is so set within some around the world, that even with all the world under great tribulation, even from God, to bring the nations to repentance, some sins will be very hard for some people to put away.

This should cover this verse in Revelation.