That doesn't mean that ALL homosexuals have a choice.  There's even one individual who killed himself because he tried hard not to be homosexual but couldn't not be.  He prayed, tried dating girls, and he may have gone to psychiatrists as well, but nothing worked.  Why didn't God deliver him?


Oh let's back up, you may not being getting the whole picture.

To have homosexual/lesbian feelings is one thing, but to PRACTICE it is quite another.

It is PRACTICING that is the major sin per se. Yes to have thoughts on it and dwell on it, lusting after someone of the same sex is sin. But the mind does not have to DWELL on sin, so making it sin.

Okay heterosexual example. A man is married. But he can still look at another woman who may be extremely pretty, and if he dwells on her, can lust after her in his heart, so yes he can still sin. The natural mind of man, who with normal hormones, can see a woman is beautiful to look at other than his wife..... that's all still there. One reason under the Old Testament with not having the "Spirit" of God united with our spirit, God ALLOWED polygamy. THIS tendency of the male mind, does not vanish when the male marries. Some men have it more powerfully than others. But it is still there and has to be controlled in the mind, not dwelling upon someone of the opposite sex, sexually. The man/woman does NOT have to PRACTICE adultery or fornication.

So with those who have leanings to the SAME sex. 

FIRST with God's help they can control the mind to not dwell on lusting after someone of the same sex. SECONDLY, they can control (especially with they help of God's Spirit) going forward and PRACTICING the act.

The thought of the same sex [or people with opposite sex] may be something you have to "put down" all your life, as I said about heterosexuals above. It is the truth of James 1:13-15.  The thought of the same sex may be something one person has all their life [as "straight" people have towards another of the opposite sex], and they have to control their mind. That does not of itself put you out of God's Kingdom. As Paul said, "bringing our thought unto captivity to Christ." It is something we continually strive for, often we may fail, so we repent, ask forgiveness of the Father through Christ. Jesus is now our high priest interceding for us in heaven. 

But PRACTICING in the physical act of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-gender, is another matter all together. People can do things to DISTANCE themselves from falling into the physical act:  don't be around homosexuals, lesbians, trans-gender people; don't be in close contact with someone a straight person may be tempted to practice the physical act with. Don't put yourself in a position where the physical act could come about.

With God's help whatever is your weakness to sin, can be controlled. People in the New Testament had all kinds of weaknesses to sin, that is why Paul had to encourage people to resist, put down, do not practice..... all  kinds  of  sins,  for  one person  it  is  this  for  another  person  it  is  that.  You may be tempted to steal from the till, the thought may pop into your head, you are able to push the thought out. You may dwell upon the thought, hence in thought sin, you may do the act of stealing, give it back, repent of it and never do it again. Or you may constantly habitually  steal  from  the  till  once  a  week.  The  latter  if  not  repented  of  will  keep  you  out  of  God's Kingdom.

Hope you now get the overall point.