Thanks for your reply!  Now, I need to figure out how the sins are connected to thefts in Revelation 9:20-21.  I noticed that both here and in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, sexual sins are followed by thievery.  I have no idea how thievery is related to sexual sins.  I haven't found anywhere in the Bible where this is made explicit, such as with the connection between fornication and idolatry, which is spiritual fornication.  Do you have any ideas of how sexual sins and thievery are related, especially from Revelation and the context of the end time?


Ah  yes  I  have  something  to  share  with  you  as  to  how sexual  sins  and  thievery  can  be  related.

It is found in 1 Thes. 4:2-7.  In the context of sexual sins.....Paul is telling them to keep sexual pure.  Fornication is the Greek "pornaia" - ALL sexual sins. Paul says "That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel [body] in sanctification and honor....That no man go beyond and defraud [margin - overreach] his brother in matter [margin - in the matter]....."

Okay it's this way. 


God's desire, and commandment is, no sex before marriage. Then all females and males would be virgins.  


We'll take "fornication" as we English think of it - sex before marriage. As a single person has sex before marriage, hence "sleeping around" as we say, defrauds or overreaches then your brother or sister. So you have sex with a lady, she is no longer a virgin. The fellow who may eventually marry her, being a virgin himself, is now by your actions DEFRAUDED by you, overreached by you, against him, as he does not have a virgin for a bride. This of course can be taken both ways. Some woman has seduced a man to have sex, he is no longer a virgin. He marries a lady who is a virgin, but her husband to be, is not because a woman overreached and had seduced him to have sex with her.  

Then take in into marriage.  

A married man  seduces  a  virgin lady to have sex with him. She is no longer a virgin; she marries down the road and the man marrying her is a virgin but she is not because a married man committed adultery with her. He had robbed the man she marries of having a virgin for a wife. And of course it works the other way also, married woman seduces a virgin man to have sex with her....and etc. the same result. The lady he marries is a virgin but he is not because he was seduced to have sex with a married woman.....same end result.

ONE person has ROBBED [THIEVERY]  another person from marrying a virgin.  

So  bottom  line:  God say sex is for marriage only. Everyone obeying God is a virgin when marrying, male and female.

If a person [male or female] has sex before marriage, some one down the line is going to be robbed [thievery] of having a virgin for a marriage partner. God's intention and law say "no thievery" with sex; you do not take away from someone the joy and love of being a virgin; giving yourself to your mate as a virgin. Sex is a gift from God, and all should get the gift as a virgin. The gift is taken away in its full purity love form, when you do not keep your body [possess his vessel] in sanctification.

So  that  is  how  thievery  is  related  to  sexual  sins.  As  the world  draws  back  from  God  and  the  Bible,  sexual  sins today  and  tomorrow  will  become  more  and  more prevalent.  It  is  a  part  of  recorded  history  that  as  man sinks  away  from  God,  doing  there  own  thing,  wild sexuality  in  fornication  and  adultery  abounds.  We can see this in our own Western nations over the past  60  and  70 years.  Those  who  hold  to  no  sex  before  marriage  are looked  upon  as  "out  of  step"  "laughed at"  "somewhat strange"  -  it  is  just  so  common  today,  and  the  more  we become  secular  in  our  nations,  the  more  sexual  sins abound.  The  more troubles and horrible things happen, the more human nature needs and wants to find physical enjoyment somewhere and somehow. It was a fact that during the Second World war the movie industry was flying high, people went to the movies to get away from the pain of physical life under a world war. Sex is used the same way, get some physical good feeling with troubles all around. But today even without troubles of life, turning away from God and His word and commandment, and with modern birth control pills etc. sex before marriage has become pretty common.

Yes  thievery can have a sexual context, when applied to the laws of God.