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RE-establishment of Jewish Sanhedrin ?

Will History Repeat Itself ?

                      RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE JEWISH 


     Many who are part of the Messianic Jewish congregations 
and/or The Jewish Roots groups, do not believe the "Jewish
Perpetual" calendar that 95% of Jews (secular and religious) have
used for centuries, as well as the Jewish State of Israel as
their national calendar.
     Some of, it not all, people who hold that the Jewish
Perpetual Calculated calendar should not be the calendar used by
God's people, are all excited about the new move over in Israel
to RE-establish the "Sanhedrin" - of course the teaching by them
is that the Sanhedrin came to a stop in Tiberias around about the
5th century A.D. If you have studied the previous studies I've
presented on this issue of the calendar, then you will already
know that such a teaching is not upheld by many Jewish scholars,
of the past or present. But for the sake of the argument we shall
say that it is true, the Jewish Sanhedrin came to disappear at
Tiberias over 1500 years ago.

     Take a few hours (if you are still in doubts as to God
leading the Jewish Sanhedrin to formulate a calculated calendar
for all the children of the Almighty to use, around the world) to
go on the Internet under "Jewish Sanhedrin." On that page you
will find (if it is still there) the Website of "The
Re-establishment of the Sanhedrin."
     If you read closely the articles it contains you will
discover this is not the first time by any means that some Jewish
people have tried to re-establish the Sanhedrin (those who
believe the Sanhedrin came to a stop in Tiberias centuries ago).
You will also see that the Website admits the Sanhedrin had
control over the calendar and that in Tiberias they made the
change from observation/calculation of the new moon/month to
calculation only, and hence the formation of the Jewish calendar
based on calculation only as it evolved over the centuries to
where it is today, as used by 95% of secular and religious Jews
around the world. 

     The Jewish Sanhedrin is by God the only body of Israel
elders that has the authority over the governance of the rules of
the calendar, as proved under the studies I have presented on
this topic. No individual man or other body of men have this
authority. Until that body of the Sanhedrin decided (if they ever
do) to change the calendar calculations to some other governance
than what it is today (which was decided upon at Tiberias 1500
centuries ago) then I submit to you, the calendar sanctification
of the new months (hence the yearly calendar itself) is governed
by calculations only, as ruled by the Sanhedrin at Tiberias.

     It is a very small sect of Jews who want to try and form "their" 
Sanhedrin and call it the "New Sanhedrin" for all Jews all over the world.
The main body of secular and religious and orthodox Jews, are quite
happy to continue as they have done for centuries in governing the
calendar. People deceptively hook on to small sects and cults that have 
their ideas they want the majority to obey, and make out that this small
cult is soon to dominate the vast whole of Jewish life. Nothing could
be further from the truth of the matter. It is like people who hook on
to and proclaim loudly that the religious Jews want a physical Temple 
and animal sacrifices once more; they will not tell you it is only a very
tiny sect among the Jews that desire this, and they will not tell you
that the Orthodox Jews teach ONLY the MESSIAH can build the next 
physical Temple in Jerusalem. Deceivers latch on to any small thing
that will further their erroneous teaching.

Keith Hunt

Entered on this Website January 2007

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