Ron  Dart  founded  "Christian Education Ministries" (CEM) in 1995.

Ron had been a member and minister of the Worldwide Church of God before I was a member, being 9 years older than me.

He left the WCG about 1979 when it was clear to him that Herbert Armstrong had gone off the straight and narrow pathway of Biblical truth.

He teamed up with Garner Ted Armstrong after Ted had been thrown out of the WCG. Ted Armstrong was the founder of the Church of God International.


Ron, next to Ted Armstrong, was the main minister and teacher of the CGI.

Ted Armstrong went off track and the CGI board had to disbar him from their organization.  Ron Dart decided to leave the CGI because of the misconduct of Ted Armstrong, and he then founded the CEM, in 1995.

Ron's health had not been good for a number of years, as he fought a number of health problems.

Ron was a pretty good teacher of God's word. And I had a good relationship with him over the last number of decades, though from a distance.

I'm sure his article studies, messages on CDs, and radio topics, will continue to help and guide people, to understand God's word. 

Keith Hunt