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Reward of the Saved

Promise to Abraham


                                Keith Hunt

Gal. 3:29 If we are Christians we are looked upon by God as
Abraham's seed - and we are HEIRS - not yet inheritors of THE
Gal. 3:16 Because to Abraham and his seed - Christ - were the
promises made. We shall inherit the SAME promise that was given
and promised to Abraham - that's what your NEW TESTAMENT says.

Let's look to see what SPECIFIC promise Abraham was given. Gen
12:5-7. God promised the land of Palestine - Canaan. 
Gen. 13:14-15 God reaffirms the promise to Abraham. Gen. 17:8 the
LAND OF CANAAN - Palestine - was to be given to Abraham and his
seed for an EVERLASTING - ETERNAL possession.

Look, try to find, search, see if you can find the verse that
promised Abraham HEAVEN as his eternal possession or even for a
1000 years. You will not find it - there was no such promise ever

Did David believe what God said and promised Abraham and his
seed? Yes - see Ps. 105:8-11.

Did Abraham ever receive this promise?

Heb. 11:8-9; 11:13
Paul restates the promise given by God to Abraham.
Abraham died in faith - NOT having received the promise - eternal
life on THIS EARTH.

Acts 7:1-5     
Stephen also believed what God had promised Abraham - 
the land of Palestine - but Abraham has NOT INHERITED YET, nor
his seed.

Christ is Abraham's seed - if we be Christ's we are Abraham's
and heirs with Him of the SAME promise. Christ came as a mediator
of a better covenant(Heb.9:15;7:22), just as David knew - Ps.

Matthew 5:5      
Christ has promised us the ENTIRE earth - not just Palestine.
Abraham was never - not even for a day - promised he would go to
heaven where God the Father is. Christ never promised us heaven.
The word of God NOWHERE promises us heaven for ANY length of
time. But it does promise us THIS EARTH for a 1,000 years with
Christ in His kingdom ruling the nations. And then when Christ
has put down all authority and rule and all enemies are under his
feet, the last enemy to be destroyed being death (at the end of
the 1,000 years) Rev.21:14,15. He shall then deliver - hand over
the Kingdom to the Father. See I Cor. 15:23-26.

God the Father will descend together with the new Jerusalem to
this earth (Rev.22:1-2) and God shall come and dwell with them

Oh, the truth of God is available to those who live the truth -
to those who fear and tremble before the word of God.

Will you do as the Bereans did when Paul preached what seemed
"strange things" unto them (Acts 17:11)?
"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in
that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and
SEARCHED the SCRIPTURES daily, whether those things were so."


Written 1981

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