My gratitude and heartfelt thanks is extended to the reviewers below for their support and kind comments which are truly appreciated.

"It appears to me that what you have done is the most thorough and comprehensive job on this subject that I have seen. I think it will be a valuable reference tool and I really appreciate your hard work" - John Ogwyn, prolific writer.

"Your book has a lot of valuable information." and "I feel you have a valuable contribution to make to understanding the history of the world" - Dr Terry Blodgett, PhD

"I have been spending time with your book ... I am most impressed with the thoroughness and sheer quantity of your research" - Dr Ralph Levy, PhD

"I should first say that the volume and scope of your work is overwhelming ... the size of the manuscript is impressive, it is also daunting ... I found sections 1-2 of Chapter 14 [on Assyria] the most interesting and enjoyable. You bring out numerous ties and connections which I have never seen before. Thank you for setting down the essence of your considerable research in this area so others can share" - Dr Rick Sherrod, PhD

'Thank you for letting me read your manuscript. It is very good' - Dr Herman L Hoeh, PhD (verbal comments)

"It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to finally meet you [via e-mail] ... years ago, when we still had the AC Library, I came across your manuscript on the Assyrians, entitled: The Assyrians in the Modern World ... I was sufficiently impressed to make a copy of it for my own library" - Emanuel Maidanos, MA

"I recently finished [reading] your book Who are the Germans? I have a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in History, and from a professional point of view, I was very impressed with your work. I was especially impressed with your documentation. As you know in a work of this type, it is crucial to document sources" - Calvin Lashway, MA

"Got your manuscript and have been reading through it. You've done a fantastic job ... Your synthesis is the best I have found. Even better than Custance's work. You make Noah's Three Sons look like an introduction ... your book is a goldmine of information ... you have been very thorough in your compilation ... your book is a book to be read over and over again" - Ross S Marshall, origin of nations researcher

"I thought [the book] was well done" and I would like to copy the sections dealing with Germany for my research' - Dr Doug Winnail, PhD

"This is a tremendous work of painstaking enquiry, obviously the product of time. The material is very absorbing and fills a particular gap of our knowledge by relating many separate strands of secular scholarship to biblical history. In this way this work is 'unique' ... The theme of this book is original and very valuable to the Bible student, in that it throws new light on the origins of the peoples and nations of the world. It is unique in tackling this task from the standpoint of the Biblical "Table of Nations" which is set out in Genesis 10.1 have enjoyed reading it, and I am very impressed with the depth of research involved and the insight given to the origins of races of the world and their roles in history. Such a book is necessary, and will be even more so when people begin to realize who and what we are. It is an exciting and very valuable work, of very profound research and biblical knowledge. All students of the Bible who believe that it is God's User Guide for mankind should own this book and use it to enhance their research and studies. - Ensign Trust reviewers