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The Revision Revised: A Refutation of Westcott and Hort's False Greek Text and Theory Paperback – Feb 4 2008

by Dean John William Burgon (Author)

The importance of this book cannot be underestimated. There is no one book that exposes Westcott and Hort's false Greek Text and false Greek theory behind that text any more thoroughly and convincingly than The Revision Revised. Dean Burgon defends the traditional text of the New Testament. He shows clearly the defects in both manuscript "B" (Vaticanus) and manuscript "Aleph" (Sinaiticus). It is very important to see the arguments contained in this historic volume because virtually the same Greek text of Westcott and Hort (1881) FORMS THE BASIS OF ALMOST ALL OF THE MODERN VERSIONS AND PERVERSIONS. 

ByJames L. Grayon June 22, 2004

Format: Paperback

This is not easy reading for the weak and lazy! This is a classic that will not go away because it has never been answered by his foes!! He was contemporary with the men and knew the materials. He was perhaps the most respected textual critic of his day along with F.H.A. Scrivener. You need to have this book and read it over and over again with your KJV Bible in hand, and also, if you have it, a Greek text. It is absolutely essential that the general Christian public get to know this man of integrity and wealth of knowledge given to him for not only his day but ours. He is far from some relic to sit on the shelf and ignore! He cannot be ignored!! Read him and anything he has written.

Mountains of Proof Masterly Argued

ByGabooraon November 26, 2014

Format: Paperback

Work on the Revised Standard Version was initiated on the premise, maybe pretence, that it would be an amendment: the King James Version genetically modified only slightly, if you will. But the end product looks like the handicapped child of the parent it was allegedly cloned from, in certain respects. These particulars are missed or carefully avoided by those who imagine or maintain that there is nothing but resemblance and equality between these two versions and between the KJV and the children of the Revised: the gamut of modern translations, with the possible exception of the NKJV. The Revision Revised is a revision of this runaway revision; not a verse by verse analysis, of course, but a review comprehensive enough to show that the Revised Version is a regression. Burgon demonstrates this with such a pile of proof and with such persuasion that any teachable saint, whether pupil or scholar, cannot fail to be humbled and corrected on multiple points. The satiric title intimates a witty author, precise in his choice of words, and not afraid to have a lot, by that title, to live up to. The Preface by itself is masterful, the best draw to the body of a book that I have ever read; which in turn, is a scholar’s most intelligent composition. Even the Dedication before the Preface exerts considerable influence. About the Scholars responsible for the Revised Version, he starts, “Their uncouth phraseology and their jerky sentences, their pedantic obscurity and their unidiomatic English….” (vi.) On the next page he warns, “I have sometimes hit my opponents rather hard.” Why? “When the words of Inspiration are seriously imperilled….” (viii.)

Three Articles make up the substance, evaluations of: The New Greek Text, The New English Version based upon it, and The New Textual Theory that underlies the Greek Text. Other good and more recent Criticisms exist. Some are splendid: The Identity of the New Testament Text by Wilbur N. Pickering; The Byzantine Text-Type and New Testament Textual Criticism by Harry A. Sturz; and Which Bible? This last one is an anthology of dissertations edited by David Otis Fuller. But the Dean, on whose broad shoulders these men stand, protested first and better. His Objection should be studied first.