Thanks for the long reply.  I know what you are saying, but I consider demonology to be an important subject.

"Of course Satan can know the context. When he's working with "mediums" to contact the "departed world" for people who want to talk to their departed loved one, he knows the context of what is going on - they are there to contact departed souls, for the benefit of those still on earth. He obviously knows why these people have come to the medium."

Well yeah, Satan can know the context of a situation.  That's not what the author was saying, though.  He was talking about Satan being able to read the mind in order to know when to insert thoughts.  Let me give you an example.

Let's say that a person is about to think, "I like sandwiches with mustard" and Satan wants to implant the thought, "Hate God."  If Satan can't read minds, the thought the person might have is: "I like sandwiches with hate God."  That sentence wouldn't make any sense, and thus, the author reasons that Satan must be able to read minds in order to properly insert thoughts into a person's head.  Do you think that this is a good enough reason to believe that Satan and his demons can read minds?  The Bible never says that they can, so the author reasons that they can in the way in which I just described to you.


Okay thanks for the deeper explanation this author was saying. I see what you are saying now.  

Yes , there is no Scripture that says Satan or the demons can "read minds" in the way that the author is saying. If it was true as the way the author is teaching, then somewhere in the NT we would surely find words to the effect "Now brethren, you know you have to be careful in your mind, for our adversary the Devil can read our minds and so take advantage of us."  There is no such statement in the NT, not even close to it. If Satan/demons could read minds as you explain the author is teaching, then it is inconceivable to think it would not have been written about in the NT. Being able to reads minds would be akin to the mind of God. I do not believe God ever created angels [the Devil and demons were once created angels before they became the Devil and demons] to have this demention of the God mind. Satan can only be in one place at a time; he does not have a "spirit" like the Holy Spirit of God, which can be everywhere at the same time. Satan has never had that God ability. God can sure read minds if and when He wants to; but I do not believe Satan was ever given such abilities. He can see a situation and take advantage of it [like he saw the situation when Jesus was "hungry" after 40 days in the wilderness] and can then step in to tempt a person. But I think that is it on an individual basis. He can read a situation and influence people to do a wrong and bad thing in that situation. A person is very hungry and has no or little money; they can get help from charity organizations, but Satan or a demon can step in and influence them to get a gun and hold up a store or bank, or a rich millionaire in his home, or kidnap someone for a ransom. To read minds is the power of the mind God has; the NT does not say Satan was ever given that power. If he had that power someone in the NT would have told us for sure. Hence Satan can not read minds as this author teaches; he can only see situations on a one to one basis and try to influence the situation for a wrong and bad result.